Top 10 Lake Okeechobee Motorhome Parks You Should Visit

If you are looking for the best place to go on vacation, you should consider visiting Lake Okeechobee. Located in Florida, the Lake Okeechobee is the biggest freshwater lake in the southeastern United States offering plenty of shoreline and resting places ideal for a vacation. The shoreline has a number of private and public campgrounds. The private Lake Okeechobee Motorhome Parks offer more amenities such as recreational rooms, wireless internet, and fitness centers while the public campgrounds put you closer to the lake and the natural areas that surround the lake. Some of the top 10 Lake Okeechobee Motorhome Parks that you should make sure that you visit during your vacation include:

1. Topsail Hill Preserve State Park: Situated in the Santa Rosa Beach, the Topsail Hill Preserve State Park lets you enjoy hiking trails that showcase two ultra-rare coastal dune lakes, the Morris and Campbell lakes. You can also take a tram down to the beach from the Gregory E. Moore RV Resort that is in the park.

2. Fort Pickens Campground: The world is fast moving but as you drive on Fort Pickens Road in the Gulf Islands National Seashore, you will feel going back in time to the lost times. The location also hosts about 200 sites, which makes the Fort Pickens Campground in Pensacola an attractive vacation place for beach activities and hiking.

3. Florida Caverns State Park: If you love the natural wonders, the place to go on your vacation is the Florida Caverns State Park in Marianna. At the park, you will enjoy colorful stalactites, stalagmites, and other formations as you take a cave tour. You can also enjoy kayaking on the Chipola River, equestrian camping, biking and hiking at the park.

4. Anastasia State Park: Despite being only 10 minutes away from the St. Augustine downtown, the Anastasia State Park is an amazing place to relax with a lot of options.

5. Juniper Springs National Recreation Area: Canoeing or kayaking down the seven-mile Juniper Run offers you one of the most breathtaking paddling trips in the country. Furthermore, a vacation in Florida is never complete without visiting the crystal clear freshwater spring.

6. St. George Island State Park: Situated on the forgotten coast of Florida, camping at St. George Island is nothing but memorable. The park hosts the third best-ranked beach in the US, the Dr. Beach, which is one of the best RV parks.

7. Fort De Soto Park: This St. Petersburg’s park has everything you would want to explore during your vacation from great beaches to tons of history and excellent wildlife viewing, which makes it one of the best Lake Okeechobee motorhome parks.

8. Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort in Orlando

9. Bahia Honda State Park in the Florida Keys

10. Lion Country Safari KOA in Loxahatchee


Visiting Lake Okeechobee Motorhome parks will leave you with a lot to do, enjoy, and explore.

Get Custom Soccer Jerseys For Your Team And Transform Your Community

Sports is a great uniting force and subsequently an effective community builder for people of all ages and groupings of all types. Soccer is chief among them. Having local soccer competitions is a great way to build community spirit in your neighbourhood, and having custom soccer jerseys will help take it up a notch.

Below, we look at some ways customised jerseys for your neighbourhood soccer league can help take your community to higher heights.

Two Major Benefits of Having Custom Soccer Jerseys

1. Identify each team uniquely

Of course, there is always the option of shirts versus skins or bibs versus no bibs when matching one team against another in a community setting. However, having customised jerseys for each team in your competition is even better. With custom jerseys, each team will be represented by a unique combination of colours and a unique design. Your competition will automatically appear more organised and is likely to be better supported.

2. Cultivate a feeling of belonging

By having their own colours and designs the players on each team will have their own sense of belonging to something that is perhaps bigger than themselves. They will feel like an important part of a whole and will have a more fulfilling experience of your soccer competition.

Reviving Dormant Creativity

Creative talents are often latent, as many of us leave them dormant in exchange for jobs that pay the bills and are deemed more responsible. After all, we all must ‘grow up’ at some point. Thankfully, competitions like local soccer leagues allow us to rediscover such talents and with custom jerseys these creative talents can come to the fore. One way to get even more creative with customised soccer jerseys is to have the names of the players written on the back like they are in professional leagues.

It’s All You

At the end of the day, whatever design features and elements you choose for your soccer jerseys, customisation will make them all yours. Personalisation gives the jerseys personality and makes them just as unique as the individual players that will use them. Additionally, if you are hosting a children’s soccer league, for example, having options for parents (i.e. having a special “fan” design of the team jersey for the parents to wear) is a good idea. General fan options can even be a source of revenue for your teams and the league. Give us a call today and learn more about how using customised soccer jerseys can benefit you and your community building initiatives. A friendly and knowledgeable member of our team is happily waiting to assist you.