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Choosing Boutique Hotels In Wales

Travellers today are developing a more sophisticated taste when it comes to their accommodations. Simply having a bed in a small room is not enough. Many are looking for a different kind of hotel experience where even their home away from home can be a source of inspiration and adventure. The industry has responded to the clamour by developing boutique hotels that offer unique designs and a cosier vibe. These are typically upscale although more affordable options exist. The good news for travellers is that when it comes to boutique hotels Wales has plenty to showcase. Choose among the many options with the following steps:

Prepare Your Budget

Just like any booking, you must be aware of just how much you can spend on your hotel room. These are upscale places, after all, so you might have to pay a little more than you are used to. It could certainly be worth every pound but you will still have to allocate the funds and make sure that you have enough left for your other needs. Go online and checkout the best boutique hotels in the area. The cheapest are a shade under £100 while the most high-end go for almost double the amount.

Pick a Theme

The great thing about these hotels are their playfulness with design and furnishings. They are not afraid to experiment and push the boundaries. While most big chains are starting to feel generic to appeal to the masses, these smaller players embrace their role in providing alternatives. They know that their clients want something different and memorable, so that is what they offer. Every place has its own theme ranging from futuristic to artsy to Victorian.

Study the History

A lot of these places have an interesting backstory as they were old buildings or residences turned into boutique hotels Wales. Some used to be pubs frequented by established poets and painters. Others were homes of notable families who have since moved elsewhere. There are places that used to be favourite hideaways by the royalty. Many continue to be pillars of their community, showcasing local arts, crafts, and produce.

Check the Amenities

It’s always nice to have a clean and beautifully designed room to stay in. However, that’s not all that you can get with these hotels. Some of them are nestled in the countryside so you can enjoy walking along gorgeous gardens while breathing fresh air. They might have their own Michelin rated restaurants and grow their own ingredients. Modern ones could have spas, gyms, and sports facilities.