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Why Self-defense Classes Are A Good Investment

Investments should not be limited to financial assets and real property. You should also invest on yourself. In fact, this is probably the best use of your money. Take classes that will enhance your abilities as a person and make you even more capable of tackling whatever life throws at you. Self-defense classes are a perfect example of this. It could be a general session on the topic to a full-blown study of your preferred martial art like Krav Maga. Enjoy the following benefits from this activity:

1. Improve Your Fitness

Nearly everyone needs a little more movement in their lives. If you are the type that cannot stick well to an exercise routine, then you may have to find an activity that you actually like and that serves a greater purpose. You will be more committed to finishing what you started. You will be excited to attend each session. You will not mind the body pain that comes along with hard training. Before long, you will find yourself getting stronger and losing weight. You can be fitter than you have ever been.

2. Develop Your Confidence

Low self-esteem can make a person’s life harder than it already is. It could make you withdraw from society and say no to various opportunities that come your way. There is a nagging fear of failure that prevents you from going out of your comfort zone. This is often caused by childhood experiences like bullying and parental abuse. Self-defense classes can make you feel empowered. You will be physically and mentally stronger. Gradually, you will develop confidence in your own abilities. This will spill over to other aspects of your life.

3. Sharpen Your Survival Instinct

When we get confronted with a threatening situation, we usually have to choose fight or flight to survive the situation. The better option will depend on the circumstances. If you are outnumbered or outgunned, then it would be smarter to run while you can. If you are trapped in a corner, then you may not have any choice but to fight. Of course, the level of resistance will depend on your abilities. Armed with self-defense techniques, there will be a greater likelihood of survival as well as better decision-making in different situations.

4. Enhance Your Reflexes

Blows can come fast. You need to have excellent awareness of your surroundings and quick reaction times to any form of stimulus. Only training can sharpen your skills and reflexes. Repetition of movements will provide the muscle memory you need to react in a flash with good precision. If you would like to get these benefits, then enroll in self defence training in Sydney right away. It could be the best decision you ever made.

6 Corporate Team Bonding Exercises That Your Team Will Enjoy

It is common knowledge that teams that bond together grow together. However, most individuals still feel uncomfortable to engage in corporate team bonding exercises. Some flush such activities as being childish while others are too busy with their office work. If you have faced such opposition in your firm, then worry no more. This guide provides 6 office team bonding ideas that your team will not raise eyebrows at.

Gender Swap

Nothing turns on the adrenaline like appearing before your colleagues dressed like the opposite sex. Borrow attires from your friends and come dressed from toe to head like the opposite sex. Gender swap can either be conducted at the field or in the office.

Office Trivia

Find out who knows more about your office through a trivia. Let each member draft 15 questions about the trivial things in your premises. How many people are namesakes in the company? What is the colour of the water dispenser? What movie is scheduled for the next company show? Members should abstain from asking too obvious or offensive questions. Office trivia is fun and helps to build observation skills at the same time.

Group Timeline

Write the dates that are most important to the company and pin them onto a board in the order of their occurrence. These could be the day the company was formed, the date of a merger or when a certain product was introduced. Also ask members to write dates that matter most to them such as join date, birthdays, graduation, or first born and pin them too. This sparks spirited conversations and builds baseline for discussing age differences.

Cooking Class

Honour the different cultures that form your workforce by cooking something traditional to a certain community. Let members who do not come from that community do the cooking under the guidance of members from the community. Alternatively, cook a foreign meal including French, Morocan, Thai, Indian or Chinese food.

Circus classes

Book a class for your team to learn trampolining, trapeze, acrobatics, juggling, or tight wire. It is enjoyable to learn these party tricks together since most of you are novices. No skills are required and a day is enough to add a few skills under your belt.

Go skydiving

This thrilling team bonding idea is for the brave. Consider a variant like bungee jumping if most team members are afraid of skydiving. Starting with the lesser intense activity is a great way to overcome fear as you look forward to skydiving. Alternatively, stimulate the experience with indoor sky diving as you recreate with your team.


There are so many ideas corporate team bonding exercises that can freshen up the office experience. Encourage a culture of team bonding for members to understand each other better and improve performance.

5 Survival Tips For Wild Camping

In the wild, the weather can be unpredictable. There is also the danger posed by wild animals. When going for wild camping, therefore, especially with kids, you have to take advance care so as to prevent harm from coming your way and be able to overcome the challenges that emerge. This is what survival is all about. Before you pack your camping gears, you should be aware of these 5 tips.

1. Carry a Local Map with You

When camping in the wilderness, it’s always important to know where exactly you are. The wilderness can be confusing and if you are not careful, you may lose your direction. The local map will help you avoid taking the wrong turns, more so those that direct you to wild animals. In the long run, your safety is assured during the camping period.

2. Stay Away from Rainwater

Rainwater can make you sick and should be avoided as much as possible. So, when going camping in Tasmania, you should:

• Carry a waterproof tent and ensure it’s in good condition—should be free from tear and rips.

• Build your tent where groundwater cannot flow towards.

• In case it looks like it will rain, dig a gulley above your tent to redirect the groundwater.

3. Observe the Fire Regulations of the Campsite

It’s important to only set up a campfire where it’s applicable. If open fires are not allowed, then you shouldn’t take the risk as this may endanger your lives. Instead:

• Carry several hot water bottles to help you keep warm when it’s cold.

• Carry a dependable source of lighting such as a headlamp or a solar lantern to supplement the moonlight.

4. A Handwashing Station

Hygiene is very important if you want to avoid infections at the campsite. You should set a specific station for washing hands. For example, you can carry several handwashing dishes, a disinfectant, and water and arrange them at the station.

5. Pack the Right Hunting and Camping Supplies

Lastly, you pack all the necessary Hunting and Camping Supplies that you need including hunting guns, sleeping bags, tents, outdoor cooking equipment, and navigation equipment. Don’t forget to carry a survival kit to help you handle emergencies such as cuts, burns, fractures, and sprains.

Wild camping adventures can be fun, but you have to prepare beforehand for the possible challenges. With the above tips, you can be able to survive the hitches and enjoy your camping experience. And when you return from camping, never pack your camping equipment away if they are wet because mildew can attack your valuable gear and destroy them. Ensure that you fully air them before storing.

4 Ideas For Outdoor Teambuilding Activities

It’s incredibly beneficial to participate in outdoor teambuilding activities. Not only are these activities fun, but they are also a cost-effective way of allowing co-workers to learn more about each other. Here are some fun ideas for outdoor team building activities.

1: Egg Drop

During this activity, each team is building a container that will keep an egg protected once it’s dropped from a pre-determined height of between five to eight feet. Materials could include straws, balloons, masking tape, and so on. Provide a specified amount of time for building the container and then perform the egg drop. Prizes can be awarded for those who do not have a cracked egg.

2: Hunting Blindfolded

Each teammate will need to trust each other to participate in this outdoor teambuilding activity. Begin by placing clues in between five or more outdoor locations. The object of this hunt is for each team to reach a final destination. If you have enough participants, organize your groups into three team members. There should be one person with a blindfold and two helpers. It’s the blindfolded individual’s responsibility to lead the rest of the team. The rest of the team must communicate to the blindfolded person when they must make a turn or stop. Begin the activity by giving them the first clue.

3: Cardboard Boat Building Challenge

The object of these outdoor building activities is to challenge teams to design, construct, and test boats that are made out of nothing except cardboard and tape. You’ll divide teams up, provide them with materials, and have them customize their boats. Each team will present their teams so they can be judged on not only their design but also how well they function. Finally, each time will get into their boats to see how well they float.

4: Derby Car Challenges

During this outdoor activity, you’re creating a large scale derby car that teams can ride. Each team is challenged to design, build, and race their derby cars. You’ll be dividing the teams up so they can customize their derby cars using the materials you provide them. Once they’re finished, these cars will be presented so they can be judged on their functionality and design. Once this is complete, teams will get into their derby cars to race through a small obstacle course.

Why is This Beneficial?

When you work on teambuilding activities with your employees, it helps strengthen existing bonds among co-workers and create new ones. You’ll also work toward making improvements regarding projects where teamwork is involved. Once employees work on teambuilding outdoor teambuilding activities together, they have a better understanding of their co-worker’s interests, strengths, and weaknesses.

Hunting As A Hobby

It is not possible to buy happiness. However, you can buy hunting & camping supplies and go on a hunting adventure, and that is the same as buying happiness.

One of the most enjoyable things that you can do is hunting. After a busy week at work, you can take some time off and do some hunting. You can hunt locally. You can even visit a foreign country and hunt. You should always make sure that you have the local hunting permits.

There are animals that you can hunt and those that you cannot. You must never hunt endangered animals such as elephants and rhinos.

A real man knows how to hunt. That does not mean that hunting is the preserve of men. Anybody can enjoy hunting irrespective of age or gender.

Hunting is a great hobby. It is an active hobby. It involves the mind and the body. Active hobbies are better than passive hobbies.

A hunting adventure will be a success if you have hunting & camping supplies. You need high-quality supplies that can withstand adverse conditions.

Hunting is an adventure best enjoyed with others. It is boring to hunt alone. You should hunt in the company of family members, friends, or work colleagues. You should plan for supplies that will be sufficient for everyone.

During a hunting trip, you can experience bad weather conditions. Thus, weather resistant supplies will come in handy. Some items need to be water resistant. If that is the case, they will easily survive a torrential downpour.

Waterproof matches are essential. With these, you can light a fire even when it is raining. One of the most important survival skills is lighting a fire without matches. After a kill, you might want to cook the animal.

A tent is necessary. A durable, portable, and compact tent will suffice. Such a tent will fold easily. It will fit in a bag. If you buy tents, you also require poles for mounting them. A tent will have a manual that will explain the tent mounting process.

You should not carry only one tent. You require spares just in case one tent becomes defective. You will need repair tools that you will use to repair your tent.

Food supplies are necessary. You cannot hunt on an empty stomach. You need the right nutrition so that to have the energy for hunting. There should be sufficient food for every member of the hunting expedition.

The Bottom-Line

Doing your free time, you can do some hunting. That will keep you busy and will entertain you. Hunting is more entertaining than watching a movie or drinking booze.

Types Of Team Building Activities That Are Appropriate For Teens In Australia

While many people associate team building with adults in the corporate environments, teens can also benefit from participating in team building activities. This is because team building skills such as problem solving, communication, and collaboration are often used in all areas of life. What’s more, they can have a lot of fun while at it.

There are tons if group activities that teens can participate in to encourage teamwork. In general, they can be broken down into different groups based on the type of activity and the skills that the participants are likely to develop:

1. Problem solving or logic activities

These are activities that involve collaboration to solve puzzles. Children are presented with challenges or scenarios that must overcome by working as a team. Some of the most common Australia team building activities that fit into this category include Survival Game or the Escape game.

2. Creative Activities

Team building activities with creative spins entail collaboration to achieve a definite end result. In most of them, each participant is expected to contribute something for the project—whether it is writing, painting or creating music. The goals of these activities is to create a project where every participant must first collaborate to find out the part of assignment that they want to take as well as how they can assist. In the end, they will learn the significance of communicating and providing constant updates on their respective projects.

3. Leadership

Team building activities that fall into this category are tailored to encourage participants to express or prove their leadership skills. There are not stringent requirements or expectations though; even if participants find out that they are not natural leaders, it is just okay. The most important thing is that they will learn that they thrive in environments where they can contribute but don’t have to make decisions.

4. Fun

Lastly, some team building activities for teens are simply for purposes of having fun. By carrying a few pleasant activities together, the participants are expected to have positive feelings about one another, which ultimately lead to creation of strong bonds. These can be simple activities like going to the movies together or going out for picnics together. Generally, the participants should be people who need activities to bond together and not necessarily friends.


If you are planning to host a team building activity for kids in Australia, the above categories will help you figure out the best activities or games that can make your participants effectively work together. Whether they are in the same class, at a summer camp, or football team, come up with activities that will provide them with valuable life skills.