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Multi Picture Frame Mounts

Just about any space around the home or workplace can benefit from the infusion of warmth and style that come with a gallery display of pictures. This could include using multi picture frame mounts to display your favorite photographs. These frames provide the opportunity to display pictures in individual frames of varying sizes and shapes and displaying them in your desired design to suit your décor. However, there are a few general guidelines that you should follow to help you in creating a particularly gorgeous wall. These include:

• Hanging your frames at eye level (slightly higher than 5 feet from the ground). If your ceilings are high, the frames can be hung a bit higher.

• Using similar photo styles such as matte color, black and white or similar frames bring the display together. You could also try contrasting. For instance, if all the pictures are black and white, use frames of varying textures and sizes to add some flair.

• Considering the use of a hanging kit as this could assist you in easily and efficiently designing your display wall.

• In smaller spaces, multi picture frame mounts or photo collages could be the most favorable option. These frames enable the artful display of several photos in small spaces. Many options are available in this category in both tabletop and hanging designs.

• Some fascinating yet simple arrangements include diamond, rectangular or square shapes. Choose one that can be added to easily until an overall shape that works for you is formed.

Creating Your Desired Picture Wall

• Determine the desired look you want for your wall; this could include whimsical, sleek, artsy or homey.

• Pick the images you want featured on the wall. Start with more photographs than you need and narrow down according to fit, space or mood.
• Before nailing into the wall, lay the frames out on the floor and move things around in different arrangements to see how each looks. Start from the center and go outwards. If you would like a rectangular design, pick the wall and put 3 three matching frame sizes in the center as a focal point. Move on to creating rows, grouping the pictures approximately 1 to 2 inches apart, to create a rectangle. When you find a desired shape, it can be placed on the wall frame by frame.

A great idea for this project is working with a decorating buddy. He or she can assist in providing valuable feedback and making sure that everything is level as the pattern takes form.