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In order to compose a compelling story you will need to give yourself a very precise lineup, never to lose sight of. It is the one that in technical terms is called check-list and that represents the foundation of your event. In a nutshell, it represents a useful planning tool that allows you to give yourself a line to follow throughout the organization phase, to avoid getting lost between unexpected events, delays, references and all the tasks that can happen.

Michele organizes the checklist in points, some of which we’re going to deal with in the next few paragraphs. Human resources. If you believe that organizing an event is a solo thing, you’re wrong. There are so many things to check, the emails to send or to answer and the details to consider that you won’t be able to do everything by yourself. You must therefore build a team based on Top Business Books.

Choose people you can trust and know the qualities of. The ideal would be that you had already worked with them previously, otherwise select them based on experience and individual skills.

Corporate. That is an event that is aimed at the company’s internal public, its employees. This type of event is usually called a convention or convention. Why do you do it? Generally, to involve their staff in and make them even more involved in corporate life. The messages that a type of event of this kind must convey are many, for example: you are a family, you are united, you have fun, you share an idea or a new project, you get excited, you are all important. It therefore has a character as shown in Top Business Books.

Trade. It is addressed to the business partners of the company. Such an event must convey the strength, concreteness, power and reliability of your company. What you need to communicate to your audience is why (or why) they should go into business with your company or why they should continue to stay there. This type of event therefore has a commercial purpose (business to business).

Consumer. This type of event opens the doors of the company to the general public. This is usually an event or brand inauguration or product launch. To fascinate an audience of this kind, communication must be surprising, innovative and engaging. When it comes to making a brand or new product known, the event must be exciting to the fullest. The purpose is always commercial but in the consumer sense.

Wondering why it is therefore asking the type of event that you will organize. Not understanding this means making a wrong kind of gasoline and you know what happens when unleaded is poured instead of a diesel, right? Ouch, the car stops.