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Find The Best Scuba Mask Straps

For dive exercises, it is useful to have the Best Scuba Mask Straps and briefly recall the actions that must be verified and then explain how they should be performed correctly.

Finally, space must be given for any clarifications requested by the divers. The briefing should not be improvised because the risk of being confused or not being able to give all the necessary answers would be high. It is the duty of the tour leader to prepare himself before collecting all the necessary information possibly agreeing with the boatman or asking for information and clarifications to local sailors or fishermen.

In each group there must always be at least one diver able to bring assistance to another diver in difficulty or rescue to a damaged diver. The composition of the immersion groups must be implemented satisfying this requirement.

The alarm

You must have the telephone numbers or radio frequencies at hand to alert you to a specialized rescue (harbor master, helicopter rescue, DAN) and the tools to do so (telephone, mobile phone, radio transceiver). Today it is particularly simple and effective to get in touch with the Divers Alert Network, able to provide immediate advice, organize recovery and alert the nearest hyperbaric chamber. DAN is able to intervene directly in many locations around the world: the emergency number for country’s is 1678/31050.


It must be as quick as possible. Better to request a helicopter or rescue plane than to venture into car journeys of uncertain duration. Eventually the first transport can be done to a local first aid center where the victim can be handed over to health personnel.

First aid

At least one qualified person must always be present to provide first aid with the necessary equipment. The first aid kit must be set up according to the type of accident that is easiest to take place in a given context, bearing in mind also those not related to pressure variations (a cut wound on rocks or coral is less striking but is much more likely than a decompression accident).

The rescue equipment and the Best Scuba Mask Straps must be complete and in perfect condition. For this purpose it must always be checked in time before leaving for a dive site.

How to treat underwater injuries

On land, when someone cuts or receives a bite from an insect, it is necessary to disinfect them as soon as possible in order to prevent complications that are sometimes simply annoying, to the more serious and long-term ones. The best known remedies range from the simple patch to the use of different disinfection systems: alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, sometimes even just hot water.