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AV Equipment Hire Bringing Quality To Your Event

AV Equipment Hire is an essential component of professional event management. Without this, any production can be quickly handicapped in terms of quality and production values. Therefore, it would be best if you considered hiring one when planning the next event production. This is because audio-video equipment hires provide you the right gear and allow you to capture pertinent and important information in the most transparent way possible. In addition, AV equipment hire enables you to enhance the value of your next event production by giving you top-notch quality without breaking your budget.

Audiovisual equipment for corporate events such as trade shows, conventions, meetings, presentations, conventions seminars, training courses, conferences, and lectures are designed to meet the requirements of these kinds of events. These are created through state-of-the-art technology and are engineered to meet specific design goals and specifications. Therefore, there are many features that you must look for when hiring such equipment. The list includes superior audiovisual quality, long-lasting durability, compatibility, and easy installation. All of these factors contribute to the success of your production. With audio-video equipment hire, you will be able to come up with the most successful corporate events that you have ever been to.

The Audio Visual Company offers a broad range of lighting solutions and lighting designers so that you can choose the perfect lighting system for your specific event production. As a result, you can enjoy state-of-the-art lighting and sound systems for all types of multimedia productions, providing a smooth experience of delivering your message. They offer an extensive range of lighting products, including LED lights, halogen lights, fixtures, chandeliers, and lights. In addition, they also offer a wide range of audio equipment and audiovisual products such as headphones/headphone transmitters, speakers, amplifiers, and monitors. These products are designed to meet the clients’ requirements and provide the best experience delivering your specialized content.

Audio Video Hire services are some of the leading suppliers of electronic goods, providing their clients with top-of-the-line technology and a vast array of high-quality products. These providers have many years of experience delivering these products and are proud to be associated with all of their clients.

Another important aspect is their display panels, including LED screens, plasma screens, DLP projectors, LCD screens, VCRs, and DVD players. These displays are used for advertising at events such as trade shows and presentations. There are also full-service services of installations and technical support that Audio Video Hire provides.

Stage Lighting Hire Ideas To Incorporate In Your Next Tauranga Event

Regardless of the event you are hosting, the way you light the stage can complement or ruin the entire event. A good stage lighting hire Tauranga attendees will love takes more than just installing a couple of stage lights. The lighting you choose must be balanced. For instance, if you use stage lights that are too bright, then the whole event may appear cold and stark. On the flip side, your guests may end up missing important parts of the event if you use lights that are too dark.

Below are more smart stage lighting ideas that you should incorporate in your upcoming Tauranga event.

Opt For Stage Lights That Will Have A Longer-Lasting Effect

The stage lighting you opt for should be capable of providing longer-lasting lighting effect (or more hours) on the stage. For example, you can choose LEDs since they are more efficient in comparison to their tungsten counterparts. Again, the stage lights you choose should provide a consistent level of brightness without emitting too much heat.

Choose lighting that will enhance all the elements of the stage

To underscore the importance of the event, a good stage lighting should aim at highlighting critical elements of that event. Decide on the main areas of focus on the stage and ensure it is properly lit up. Again, decide on the elements to highlight and choose stage lights that can properly highlight these elements. For instance, you can try pin lighting to highlight certain elements on the stage. You can also use spotlights to create dramatic effects on the stage during your event.

Try wash lighting

Wash lighting is basically using lighting fixtures to spread light evenly on the stage. It is perfect for filling the stage with both light and color. It can be particularly effective when used on stage for lighting up space. Moreover, wash lighting can be used to highlight certain areas of the stage during the event, such as where the MC will be standing or where an artist will be performing. Wash lighting can either utilize plain white light or colored lights depending on the event.


Using ground-based lights (or uplighters) can help light certain features on the stage. Uplighting can be effective when different color combinations are used. Choose battery-powered uplighters to eliminate any worries concerning trip or wiring hazard issues.


When it comes to lighting the stage during your event, you can experiment with as many lighting hire Tauranga options as you want. However, ensure the state is lit properly according to the type of event you are hosting.