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Principles Of IBS-Friendly Recipes

Irritable Bowel Syndrome, most commonly known as ‘IBS’, can post a number of challenges for those diagnosed with it. Irritable bowels do not always function properly and a whole host of foods or situations can trigger painful and embarrassing attacks. People who suffer from IBS often worry about leaving the house and where the nearest bathroom is. Eating at the homes of other people can be stressful as they don’t have full control over the meal and ingredients. When most people are first diagnosed with IBS, they are relieved; they finally understand the cause of their digestive woes. The next stage of adapting their lifestyle can be the most challenging, but there are numerous IBS friendly recipes sources that can help ease the transition.

Food Journal

One of the most effective things people with IBS can do for themselves is to keep a food journal of everything they put into their body. That way, when they have an attack, they can look back on what foods could be their most obvious triggers. Not all people diagnosed with IBS have their symptoms set off by the same foods. Stress also plays a role as well, as it does in many aspects of health and wellness. Once a food journal is kept for an adequate amount of time, people will start to see patterns forming and will be better able to avoid common IBS triggers.

IBS symptoms can involve gas, stomach cramps, diarrhoea, and constipation. IBS flare-ups can be embarrassing and lead sufferers to become more recluse as they want to avoid potentially embarrassing social situations.

-Friendly Recipes

IBS friendly recipes include recipes that are known to not make the gastrointestinal tract work too hard. These kinds of recipes usually include ingredients that are easier on the digestive system and are low in sugars. Sugars and high-carb recipes wreak havoc on those with IBS, so IBS-friendly recipes would be low-carb low-sugar recipes that are healthy and easy to digest. Low FODMAP recipes are all the rage with IBS-friendly recipes, and it stands for a diet low in fermentable,
oligosaccharides, disaccharides, polyols, and monosaccharides. Lean sources of healthy protein are ideal for those suffering from IBS, and many people find that spicy foods are the worst culprits for IBS symptoms.

If you have recently been diagnosed with IBS, take hope from the fact that you are not alone and there are numerous IBS friendly recipes resources at your disposal to make life easier. Minimizing flare-ups by knowing precisely which foods to avoid is the best approach as you can gain back feelings of control over your body.