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Top Dos And Don’ts Of Cleaning And Caring Of Stainless Steel Benches

Stainless steel benches are a great investment to anyone who owns them as they are durable, elegant and easy to maintain. However, stainless steel benches may become a big nightmare if they are not cleaned well and can be costly in the long run. To avoid this, here is a list of the top dos and don’ts of stainless steel benches cleaning that can save you from unnecessary headaches.


1. Clean Using a Stainless Steel Bench Cleaner

Stainless steel is delicate and should be cleaned with a cleaner specifically meant for stainless steel to avoid corrosion. Incase there are no stainless steel cleaners, you can use warm water, vinegar and a bar soap.

2. Clean Regularly

Just like any other metal, stainless steel should be cleaned oftenly to reduce the amount of grime on the benches. This reduces the amount of germs and dirt that can be transferred to other objects and substances. While cleaning, move along the grain to reduce any marks left behind. You can also wipe the surface using olive oil for a sheen look.

3. Use a non-abrasive cleaning cloth

Stainless steel bench is easily scratched and the material used should be soft and smooth to avoid scratching it. Abrasive materials will scratch the grain of the metal, making it to lose its luster over time. Abrasive materials might help you clean the metal well but is damaging in the long run.


1. Do not overload the Benches

Despite stainless steel being a strong metal, every bench has a maximum amount of weight it can comfortably carry. Avoid overloading it as it will get dented and the dents may be the source of rust which eventually ruins the steel.

2. Do not scratch or Dent the Bench

Despite stainless steel being easy to clean, dents and scratch marks on it may make cleaning a harder. A rough bench can retain most of the dirt, grime and spills on it and to remove this, one should add more effort and more cleaning substances. Rusting and discoloration may also occur if water and other substances are left on it for too long.

3. Don’t Bleach

Whether used as a working counter or as a storage space, the stainless steel should not be bleached. Use of bleach over a period of time causes discoloration and the benches lose the appeal. For any stubborn stain or dirt, use cleaners meant for stainless steel only.

Stainless steel benches do not require a lot of effort to clean them and those without them should consider investing in one as they are easy to maintain. They can also be used for multiple purposes and you can use them both at home and at the work places. Hopefully, the above tips will help take god care of your stainless steel benches.

Hvide kommoder

Hvide kommoder er en nødvendig i langt de fleste hjem. Det hjælper dig med at holde orden, da du let kan
opbevare alt fra tøj, over vigtige papirer og smykker, til børnenes legetøj i dem.
En hvid kommode kan være smuk og klassisk at have stående i din gang. Pryd den med en vase med en
smuk buket blomster i. Kombinér det med et levende lys og måske en yndig kunstgenstand, og du vil kunne
byde dine gæster hjem med et smil. Det er en kombination, der vil skabe misundelige blikke, og som vil
være en god samtalestarter. Alle fra familiens medlemmer til dine venner vil føle sig velkomne og varmt
taget imod. I de hvide kommoder kan du fx gemme små velkomstgaver til dine gæster, hvilket kan være en
sjov gestus og idé til at få folk til at føle sig ekstra velkomne.

På børnenes værelse kan de skabe orden i et ofte stort kaos. Når alt ser hærget ud, kan legetøjet gemmes
væk i skufferne på de hvide kommoder, og med ét er der pænt og ryddeligt. Sæt et par hvide kommoder op
i jeres soveværelse og opbevarer jeres tøj i dem, det er lettere at stikke hånden ned i en kommode, end du
skal til at åbne et klædeskab. Du kan også gemme smykker og penge eller andet, I gerne vil have bort fra
nysgerrige blikke.

Hvide kommoder gør livet lidt lettere, og så fås de i forskellige designs og størrelser.
Når du skal vælge en hvid kommode, skal du først og fremmest se på hvor den skal bruges. Skal den fx stå i
gangen, må den ikke være for stor og tage for meget plads. Derimod skal den være yndig og mindre i
størrelsen, så den ikke får gangen til at virke mindre, end den rent faktisk er.
Omvendt skal de hvide kommoder, du har stående i soveværelser gerne have en vis størrelse, så der er
plads til undertøj, sokker, overdele og bukser. Her hjælper det ikke, hvis den hvide kommode er for lille, da
den så ikke vil kunne rumme alt det den skal.

Når du har fundet nogle forskellige størrelser, der passer ind på den plads i hjemmet, du skal bruge den på,
kan du herefter gå igennem de forskellige designs, og finde dig en hvid kommode, der passer lige netop til
din indretningsstil og din personlige smag. Køb hvide kommoder når du vil have lidt orden på hjemmet.

Caring For Stone Benchtops: The Don’ts And Dos

Most homeowners understand that no kitchen counter material beats stone benchtops. The surfaces make an average kitchen to look modern and tasty. The benchtops are also known to be durable. However, you have to embrace maintenance practices to use the materials for longer. The care practices also ensure that the benchtops stay attractive. Generally, you don’t need to do a lot to enjoy durable, clean, and appealing stone benchtops. Sometimes, you just need to know what cleaners to use and what to avoid. To be on a safer side, here is a quick overview of the Do’s and Don’ts.

The Don’ts

• Don’t sit, stand, or place heavy weights on the stone benchtop. Even though the stone surface is strong, the substrate or the under cabinets are not. Therefore, your painter and electrician should use a ladder and not the benchtop when reaching higher.

• Avoid placing very hot things on the countertop. The heat can crack or stain the surface. Instead, you should use felt pads below the hot objects.

• Don’t use the benchtop as the chopping board. If you chop on top of the benchtop consistently, visible dents will form.

• Avoid exposing the benchtop to direct sunlight as it may discolor.

• Don’t slide abrasive materials along the benchtop. Even though most stone benchtops are scratch-resistant, they are not scratch-proof. Thus, their physical appeal may be lost if scratched.

• Avoid using abrasive chemical cleaners in removing tough stains. The cleaners may damage the benchtop. In other words, you don’t things like Jif, pain strippers, scouring pads, metal scrubbers, or Ajax to clean your benchtop.

• Never leave metallic objects that can rust on your benchtop as rust rings may form and they are they hard to remove.

• Never buy bench tops from unverified stone suppliers in Sydney. For high quality products opt for reputed suppliers

The Dos

• Clean the stone benchtop (both the reconstructed and the natural type) with a damp cloth soaked in warm soapy water. After this, follow up with a polishing cloth to achieve a shiny benchtop.

• For the reconstructed benchtops, you can use methylated spirit or crème cleanser if the stones are too stubborn to be removed by soapy water.

• For the natural stone benchtops, you can use a rejuvenated cleanser in absence of methylated spirit to get rid of stubborn stains.

If you manage to give your benchtop the best care, you can be able to maintain their matte and attractive finish. With the above tips for maintaining a better-looking and durable stone benchtop, you can get the most from your kitchen countertop.

Consider A Resilient Garage Clock

The difference between Garage Clocks and regular clocks is that the former is sturdy enough to withstand conditions in an industrial environment. It might also have a relevant display on the clock face such as a car or mechanic tools. While any clock can show the time, a clock useful for a garage should be visible, low-maintenance, and durable.

Durability as in the ability to withstand impact is a negotiable quality since it is always possible to put a clock in a safe location. The real issue is the heat and possibly the dust in a garage. Any place with a lot of work and moving parts might see a considerable deal of dust in the air. Either the clock should have no working parts or gears that are well covered.

Visibility is important. Whether the time is in digital format or hour hands, it should be plain to anyone looking from across the garage. A round clock with hands and operating with batteries might be perfect because it does not require an external power supply. A good battery might only need to be changed every few years.

While clocks with hands have gears, often they are small and stashed within the battery box in the back of the clock. The clock usually sits on the wall and forms a seal against floating dust particles. The gears are further protected inside their container, and the gear hands are usually covered by a plastic barrier. A battery-powered clock should tick for many years.

For that matter, a decent clock does not go out of date unless it sports a logo that becomes undesired or unfashionable. The clock face is up to the owner. It could show pride in a sports team or be relevant to the type of work performed in the garage. Since the clock is a universal concept and needs no software updates, it can hang around for decades if the owner wishes.

The only disadvantage to having a logo on the face is that it might reduce visibility. Dark logos might force workers to strain their eyes at particular hours. A simple clock with a white face might be the most practical, although it is more plain and less attractive.

Very cheap Garage Clocks might be a bit too flimsy, as even well placed clocks will be knocked off eventually. It is best to buy a clock that is reliable but not overly expensive. With a little looking, the customer will find the perfect balance of form and function.

The Advantages Of Small Glass Coffee Cups

You have not enjoyed the aroma and richness of freshly brewed coffee until it is served in a glass cup. And for the lovers of cappuccino or espresso, having your favorite drink in small glass coffee cups is an experience you cannot forget.

Coffee is not just a drink, but it is a way of life. A lot of great conversations have been held around coffee. Business deals, new friendship, or romantic episodes have all happened in coffee shops. A good cup of coffee is nostalgic, especially when served in a glass coffee cup.

To help understand the value of small glass coffee cups, here is a quick overview of some of the benefits that you stand to gain by opting for these types of coffee cups.

1. Size

Though perceived to be tiny, small glass coffee cups actually come in different sizes. The tiniest glass cup can hold about 5 ounces of coffee while the largest can hold 16 ounces of coffee. The smaller glass coffee cups are perfect if you want to enjoy a shot of espresso. On the other hand, larger glass coffee cups have enough room to add some milk, coffee cream, or mousse.

2. Shape

Small glass coffee cups come in different shapes too. Some coffee cups have handles while others don’t. Those with handles have a European inspired design like the Dijon cup and Chantilly cup. Glass coffee cups without handles are usually double-walled to ensure the cup doesn’t burn your hand as you enjoy your coffee. An alternative to double-wall insulation is having the cup wrapped in a silicon holder like the Joco coffee cup.

3. See-through

This is the best part about small glass coffee cups online: the ability to see the rich color of the coffee as it gets poured into the glass. The coffee glass being see-through is merely for ostentation but coffee connoisseurs swear that it has therapeutic effects. The aesthetic color of the freshly brewed coffee does raise the desire to want to pick up the cup.

Another hidden advantage of see-through glass coffee cups is that you can measure your coffee accurately. You are able to know what level the espresso should reach and how much milk is needed to fill the other part. Make your small glass coffee cup look even interesting by adding cream and confectionery toppings.


The above highlighted are some of the reasons why small glass coffee cups are quickly replacing the traditional ceramic cups. They are durable, keep the beverage hot, and have unique designs coffee lovers would appreciate.

Why You Need Reusable Cups With Lids

We all need to drink a great deal of fluids every day to stay hydrated. Doctors recommend at least 8 glasses a day, scattered throughout the morning, afternoon, and night. Sometimes we have water, coffee, tea, juice, or whatever else we fancy. Offices and commercial establishments will often provide us with plastic or paper-based reusable cups for this purpose. While this is a convenient system, it is not the best way to go about our daily needs. There are certainly better strategies that we can use including the acquisition of reusable cups with lids. Doing so will provide us with the following benefits:

Reduce Waste and Help the Environment

The world’s resources are finite. We cannot keep using them up as if they are infinite. They will soon run out with this kind of mentality. Forests keep shrinking because of our hunger for paper-based products including the disposable cups that we use for drinking. It may seem like a small act but the effects quickly snowball when thousands or even millions are doing it. The conversion of most establishments from plastic cups to paper cups may be a welcome development in terms of reducing non-biodegradable waste, but we can do much better with reusable cups as there will be no waste at all.

Have a Consistently Reliable Experience

This will also be better for those who value the quality of their drinking experience. There may be times when paper cups in the office will suddenly run out. Then you may have to skip the coffee or be forced to find alternative means of getting your fix. If you have a reusable cup on standby, then this will not be a problem at all. In fact, you will probably want to use this container almost every time because it will give you a consistent and reliable experience. You can find one with just the right size for your needs. You can also look for features like thermal insulation and microwaveability.

Prevent Spills and Other Accidents

It would be prudent to choose a cup that has a built-in lid for a perfect fit. With the top closed, you will not have to worry about spills no matter where you are. Go ahead and put that cup on your desk for easy reach while you are working. It will not mess up your papers or spill on your keyboard. Place it in the cup-holder of your car while you’re driving. Take a leisurely walk around a park with the cup in your hands. The lid will keep the liquid in despite sudden movements.

4 Ways To Bring The Sea Inside Your Home

The sea is a place where all your worries wash away and you get to spend a few short days with the people who mean the most to you. This year, instead of taking that seaside vacation, why not renovate your home to bring the sea home to your loved ones? When your home feels beachy, you won’t even need to hop aboard a cruise ship to feel like you have gotten away from it all…

Create a sea-worthy palette.

The beach’s color palette is one that anyone will recognize right away. You can create that same palette in your home. From varying shades of blue to represent the water and the tide to sandy taupe and bright, bold orange sunset hues, you can bring elements of the sea into every room in the house if you let nature do the work for you. For example, bold orange often works well in a dining room or breakfast nook setting. Meanwhile, neutral shades can make a living room feel more warm and inviting.

Recreate the scents and sights.

The beach has plenty of sunshine and open, breezy windows. Mimic this with transparent curtains, letting the sunshine shine in.

TO bring the scent of the beach to you, try south beach themed luxury candles that make the beach only a breath away. Favorite scents combine the scents of coconut, surf and sand.

Think bright.

Everything is just a little bit brighter at the ocean. Bring these bright hues into your home in unexpected ways and watch it transform with even the lowest of budgets. In place of a neutral backsplash in your kitchen, try a sunny orange, yellow or sea-inspired turquoise. Instead of drab brown mantles in the living room, use reclaimed wood in bright hues to create a driftwood hearth that makes you feel as though your home resides by the sea.

Rethink your dishes.

When you are on vacation, the dishes and glasses that you eat off of are typically bright and airy. Bring the feeling of eating at a seaside cafe home by investing in brightly colored glass goblets and eclectic plate settings. Then, search your local home store to find napkin rings in shapes of seashells or with sea stones embedded to complete the look.

You do not have to get away to the ocean to feel like you are at the shore. With just a small budget and a little hard work, you can bring all the colorful whimsy of the ocean to your home sweet home… making it a place that you can escape to anytime at all.

The Best In Designer Homewares Australia Offers

If you’re looking for the best in designer homewares Australia offers, you must look at the bigger picture. The more a store offers, the greater the chance of you finding exactly what you’re looking for. Decorating a home is more than just finding one item–it’s more about making that piece fit in with the overall design scheme in any given room. There is an attention to detail that plays a key role in a design scheme to make it look like it was professionally decorated, rather than just a bunch of things placed together in a space.

One mistake people make when decorating their homes is that they don’t have an overall scheme created with detail in mind. Another error is often related to budget. One may think that it’s far easier to design a room with an unlimited budget, but that’s clearly not the case. Many with large budgets make grave errors that lead the room to feel unwelcoming or uncomfortable. It’s vital to create a room with a vision and pay close attention to those all-important details that will make all the difference in the outcome. Do it like the professionals, and you’ll have professional results that will draw you and your guests into the room, and keep you there.

There is a lot to consider when choosing an item–any item. For instance, you have to consider scale. Scale is the size of a piece in conjunction with others in the space, as well as the size of the space. An excellent example is a coffee table, which is a significant piece of furniture in a living room. If your furniture is bulky, but the coffee table you’ve chosen is too dainty and small, it won’t suit the rest of the furniture, and it will make the room look odd. Another example would be a tall and narrow lamp in the corner of a large room, which would simply lack significance.

Balance is another consideration. This comes with furniture placement, for one. Too much stuff on one side of the room will cause it to look off-balance like it’s leaning. Visual weight is crucial in any space. Having said that, it’s not necessary to have a symmetrical room where one half of the space is mirrored in the other. Instead, a large plant on one side of the dining room can balance out a sideboard on the opposite side of the room. With the impressive designer homewares Australia offers, along with professionally designed inspiration rooms, you can successfully design your home to suit your needs and those of your family.

Why Marketing Your Brand With Custom Travel Mugs Makes Sense

When it comes to enhancing one’s popularity, nothing beats free stuff, especially if it’s unique or novel. This is why businesses of all kinds include unique promotional items in their marketing strategies. If you’re considering using this technique to enhance your brand’s popularity, there are some good reasons why you might pick custom travel mugs as your promotional item of choice.

You’re Spoiled for Choice

Depending on your needs and your budget, you may pick one or several mug styles. From custom glass travel mugs to hot cups, there’s a huge variety of options, each of which could work excellently in showcasing your brand. All these come in different sizes, shapes and colors, not to mention the availability of accessories like safety sleeves and cup caddies.

To say the least, you have unlimited branding possibilities with custom travel mugs. What really matters is to ensure you use high-quality printing processes to imprint your logo and catchphrase on the mugs. From there, you could hand them to your employees and customers alike, besides taking advantage of events to hand out giveaways to prospects.

They’re Versatile

With the majority of people worldwide drinking hot beverages every day, custom cups and mugs are arguably the best way to promote your brand. Unlike business cards that stay concealed within someone’s wallet or purse, mugs stay highly visible, since they’re usually held by hand. Besides, they can also be used to hold small items on one’s desk, which means they’re much more practical when compared to business cards.

Mugs Leave a Lasting Impression

Although many brands use business cards to promote themselves, very few of them do the same with custom coffee mugs. And while much can be said about the challenges of printing an elaborate business logo on a mug, there’s a good reason why you should do so nevertheless. You see, people are more likely to remember you when you give them a coffee mug instead of a business card. So if you’re trying to set your brand apart from the competition, just ensure your customers will be greeted by a nice mug with your logo the next time they reach for their cup of coffee.

Just because your marketing budget isn’t as big as you’d want it to be doesn’t mean you can’t showcase your brand. No matter how much you have in the way of resources, there are a few clever ways to promote your business without breaking the bank. With printed coffee mugs, you have a versatile advertising medium that’s both highly visible and cost-effective as well.