Guide To Buying Rugby Uniforms

In Australia, rugby is the most popular sports with both men and women as well as the young and the old. Some people like playing touch rugby, 7-aside, 10-aside or 15-aside rugby, which is also the most popular. There are also those who just like to watch and experience the rugby culture. Rugby players are required to wear uniforms while playing competitively, both at the amateur and professional levels. A standard rugby uniform consists of a jersey and a pair of shorts. Players also wear shoulder pads and long socks. Below are key factors to think about when ordering rugby uniforms:

i) Size

Rugby is a highly specialized sport. In a 15-aside rugby team, players are divided into two – backs and forwards. The backs are usually taller and faster. Forwards, on the other hand, are heavily built, at times shorter, but much stronger. This means that forwards are much bigger than backs, but there are also well-built backs, particularly the center-half and wingers. As you can see, rugby players come in different sizes with the scrum half being the smallest in size. When ordering rugby uniforms, therefore, be sure to take the shoulder, chest and waist measurements of each player to ensure they get well-fitting uniforms for maximum comfort and functionality.

ii) Material Used

The material used to make the uniforms matter a lot. This is because uniforms usually get dirty quickly. After all, players are usually tackled to the ground. Racking the ball also requires the player to lie on the ground. Rugby jerseys also need to be strong because they can easily be torn. Before placing an order, for uniforms, therefore, you must check the material to ensure it is tough, comfortable, easy to wash and fade free.

iii) Sleeve Length

Rugby players usually run the risk of getting grass burns, so some of them normally prefer long sleeved jerseys to short sleeved jerseys. However, most players prefer short sleeved jerseys. Whatever, the case, you need to think about player preferences when ordering jerseys. You can order short sleeved jerseys for those who do not want long sleeves and vice versa.

iv) Price

There are many manufacturers of sports jerseys, so it may be a great idea to obtain quotes from a number of kit makers and compare them. When comparing the prices, however, be sure to check the quality of the jerseys to ensure you are comparing similar products. Obviously, firms that quote the lowest rates and are able to deliver on time should be given strong consideration. The quote should include the cost of printing the jerseys with player names, team logo and team name among other things.