3 Main Points On Software Bug Reporting Best Practices

Software bug reporting is an important aspect of software development. There are many different software bugs that can be encountered, but the key to software bug reports is making sure they are submitted in a timely manner and with as much detail as possible.

This blog post will cover 3 main points on software bug reporting best practices: (1) submit software bugs within one week of encountering them; (2) make sure you provide enough information to reproduce the error; and (3) include steps for how to recreate the error.

Submit software bugs within one week of encountering them:

It is important to submit bugs as soon as you encounter them. If they are not reported, then there can be an escalation of the problem and it will be more difficult for developers to track down what went wrong.

Make sure you provide enough information to reproduce the error:

When software bug reporting make sure that you include all necessary information so that others can recreate the bug. This includes providing specific details about your software version, devices used (if applicable), steps on how to replicate the issue, etc.

The more detail provided means a much shorter time spent reproducing errors from development teams which could mean getting any resolution done quickly too!

Include steps for how to recreate the error:

Include exact instructions or screenshots on how to recreate it.

All bugs are different and some may be easier than others, but we all know that we need to provide enough information for the development team so they can do their job of fixing the software bug effectively!

Include screenshots or videos:

If you’re able to include a screenshot on your software bug reporting best practices, this helps tremendously with getting help from developers quickly. They can identify what is going on much faster if it is in picture form rather than just text (which could mean more time resolving issues!).

You should also consider including video evidence of bugs too as these really give an even better insight into why certain things happen – which makes debugging easier! Include any error logs or software bug trackers:

Software Bug Trackers are extremely useful as they allow you to keep up with bugs. They also help the developer team understand what is going on and how much progress has been made in resolving it! It’s very important that any software issue is logged somewhere – this way, developers know what issues are being worked on at all times.

Include a description of each software bug type/category :

There are many different types of bugs out there that require their own individual solutions – some need quick resolutions due to time-sensitive deadlines, etc. You should include information about categories or sub-categories for your readers so they can easily identify the best course of action needed when dealing with software problems.

We hope this information on software bug reporting best practices was helpful.

Popular Contact Lenses Colors

Are you thinking about color contact lenses and are not sure which color to select. Contact lenses colors come in different shades; however, check for the following before selecting a color for your contact lens.

You Eye Color

Your coloring is important when it comes to contact lenses. Bright and bold colors like red, blue, and green work best for individuals with lighter eye colors such as grey or lighter browns. Lighter colors make the contacts look more vibrant on the eyes. On the other hand, individuals with dark brown or black eyes should go with darker colors like green or charcoal. These darker colors make the eyes stand out well against the strong colored contacts making them appear much brighter.

Color Contacts & Skin Tone

When looking into color lenses, check for your skin tone before choosing a color that works best for you. Yellow undertones in your skin will help enhance certain shades while making other shades duller by comparison; for example, blue contacts will have a brighter blue on yellow undertones, while green lenses will appear duller. People with pink undertones look great in warmer colors such as red, orange, and browns, while those with blue do better in cooler colors like blue, purple, and grey.

Eye Shape

In some cases, a contact lens can make your eyes appear smaller, thus changing the overall shape of the eye. Individuals who wear glasses would want to avoid colored contacts that make their eyes look smaller because it builds on the illusion that they need glasses by making them appear even smaller. On the other hand, individuals looking for a natural change may consider going for a darker color which makes narrower or almond-shaped eyes pop out.

Color Contact Lens Styles

Contact lenses colors do not only come in a certain color; they can also be patterned or shaded. Individuals looking for a change but still want to keep the natural look should consider going for patterned lenses. Those who want to go bolder should consider going for solid colored lenses as these give more of a dramatic effect than the patterned or shaded lens, which appears more subtle.

In conclusion, when looking into color contact lenses, there are a lot of things to consider. If you are looking for something bright and bold, go for red, green, or blue lenses. For a more subtle change, individuals can go for the patterned or shaded lens. In some cases, color contacts can make your eyes appear smaller, thus changing the overall shape of the eye.

C-suite Executives: 3 Thing You Need To Know

C-suite executives are the top people in a company. C-suite executives can be CEOs, COOs, CFOs, or other executives who hold C-level positions. If you’re an entrepreneur and you want to know what it takes to become a C-suite executive then this article is for you! We’ll give you 3 things that every C-suite executive should know about their business.


Know your numbers: It’s important for any C-suit exec to understand all aspects of their company including finances, revenue streams, and how much money they make/lose each month. This knowledge will help them make better decisions on where they put time and money into the future. C-level executives that know their numbers are the ones who will understand where to put time and effort in order to make a difference.


C-suite execs should always be aware of current industry trends. Understanding what’s going on around you is crucial when trying to create or maintain an advantage over your competition. This means keeping up with market fluctuations, understanding new digital marketing trends, staying updated on new technological advances, etc. You don’t want your business falling behind because these things could become game changers!


C-suit executives need to constantly network within their specific fields. These people often have many connections so they can get information faster than most other people would if they were just doing research online or talking to people. C-suit executives need to be aware of industry trends, developments, and the latest news as it relates to their field.

C-suit executives also have a lot on their plate so they often rely heavily on software programs or services that save them time. They can create more effective marketing campaigns with automated tools because these don’t require much work from C-suite executives after they’ve been set up correctly. C-suits are under pressure most of the time so workflow management is crucial for keeping stress levels down!

Our last point is very important: C-suits must not let themselves get too comfortable in one position because things change quickly in business today and if you’re stuck behind a desk day long then you won’t be able to keep up with the C-suit job.

C-suite executives have lots on their plate so they often rely heavily on software programs or services that save them time. They are under pressure most of the time so workflow management is crucial for keeping stress levels down.

In conclusion, C-suite executives are the heads of their respective departments and they have a lot on their plate. C-suits must not let themselves get too comfortable in one position because things change quickly in business today and if you’re stuck behind a desk day long then you won’t be able to keep up with the C-suit job.

Reasons To Eat At Sydney Cbd’s Best Steak Restaurant

Steak is a delicious and hearty meal that can be served at any time of the day. Sydney steak restaurants have been around for years, but many people have never eaten steak from one. This article will explore some reasons to eat steak in a steak restaurant Sydney Cbd, which should motivate you enough to go out and try it!

The first reason is steak is much cheaper when you eat steak in this type of restaurant. You can get the best cuts of meat that are delicious and very affordable, especially compared to other steak restaurants such as a beef bowl or harry’s cafe de wheels, where steak starts at $20.

The second reason is steak tastes so good! If you have never had great steak before then, it’s time that changes right now. There is no comparison between good quality steak and cheap grain-fed beef from your local supermarket because they don’t taste the same. Steakhouse steaks come from Australian grass-fed cattle meaning their flavor profile has been developed over many years through selective breeding for tenderness and marbling (which makes them melt in your mouth).

The third reason steak restaurant in Sydney CBD is excellent value for money. You can get a steak dinner at steakhouse CBD starting from $18, and most steaks are around the $20-25 mark, which sounds expensive, but when you think about it, other steak restaurants like harry’s cafe de wheels start their prices at $20 (for just steak), so you know where your money goes when eating here.

One main point to include should be dedicated to customer service/experience. This could tie into comparison against another competitor or previous experience with this location specifically etc.

Another thing that makes our customers happy is knowing they’re supporting local business by dining with us rather than buying imported meat shipped thousands of kilometers away across borders then sent back to Australia.

So, if steak is your thing and you’re in the Sydney CBD for whatever reason, head on over to our steak restaurant, Sydney Cbd location, where we serve only quality meats from local suppliers across NSW with a great range of steak cuts available too!

One final point is that they offer catering services, so don’t hesitate to ask about providing food options for significant events such as weddings or birthdays.

In conclusion, steak is steak when it’s done right, but if you’re looking to eat steak in Sydney CBD, then check out our steak restaurant Sydney Cbd.

Easy Ways To Customize Your Own Large Office Desk

Many large office desks come with a large price tag, and they can be challenging to customize. However, there are many simple and inexpensive ways to customize your large office desk without breaking the bank! This article will show you easy ways that even the most novice handyman can do themselves.

Easy Ways to Customize Your Office Desk

Desks are trendy in homes with large rooms because they take up a lot of space and can be challenging to move around. Many people will purchase these types of desks online or at department stores for anywhere between $500-$4000 depending on the size and design criteria, such as add-on features like additional shelving units, bookcases, drawers, etc.

  • Paint the desk a different color to match your style or decor. You can use some paint samples for this! Tape them on top of the large office desk, and you are done. No need to even sand down, prime, etc.; slap it on there!
  • Add knobs to desk drawers instead of handles if you prefer metal knobs over silver pulls. This easy upgrade will take minutes but make all the difference in appearance and function (knobs don’t break off!)
  • Swap out drawer hardware – If you want/need more than just knobs, consider swapping out drawer hardware altogether with something simpler like rope-handled baskets or hooks for keys which also double as great storage bags.
  • Use clips to hang a large piece of art for a simple, beautiful, and inexpensive way to spruce up your walls. You can also use desk clips with mirrors or even family photos!
  • If you love the idea behind using desk clips but don’t want anything permanent on your wall, then try this instead: Cut out some pretty paper that matches your color scheme (or stick with white if it works!) into squares that are large enough for you to grab onto at the top edge of each one. Next, take hinges from old picture frames which match in size and screw them into each corner on the backside where they meet halfway along their length – be sure not to screw too tightly so as not to break the paper. Then, attach large office desk clips to each corner of your picture frames and hang from nails or large screws on your wall!
  • Desk floor mats are a great way to keep your feet warm in the wintertime as well as protect those hardwood floors you work so hard for! These large office desk floor mats have an adhesive backside that can be placed anywhere but remember not everyone is going to want one – especially if they’re going into a co-worker’s home someday! You might also try adding a rug large enough for two people by their desks to help them stay warmer during the cold months while still looking professional.
    We hope this information has been helpful to you.

Why Would You Need A Computers Expert Witness & Software Consultant?

Computers expert witness & software consultants can consult businesses and law firms on how to develop, prepare and present cases with information technology involved.

In order to understand the role of a computer expert witness & software consultant, it is important to know what each term means and their scope and extent in the digital world which one might encounter as an expert witness:

Computer Expert Witness

A computer expert witness is a person who has knowledge of the field and can provide insight on technical matters. They can consult, answer questions during legal proceedings and testify as an expert witness.

Software Consultant

A software consultant provides advice to businesses about computer hardware, software, and other IT-related services. A good example would be a software consultant who helps clients choose between hosting an application on the cloud or their server and platform.

The Role of a Computer Expert Witness & Software Consultant:

Experts in this fieldwork with information technology provide insight on technical matters for legal proceedings, at times as an expert witness or as an independent consultant for lawyers and the court.

To understand this better, one might consider how a computer expert witness or software consultant could help in cases involving:

Computer Expert Witness & Software Consultant – The Scope of Practice:
The role of a computer expert witness & software consultant is not limited to these scenarios but are good examples of the range of services one might need help with.

In all cases, an expert is required to provide case insight and understand the specific matter. A computer expert witness & software consultant can help lawyers and clients develop a strategy to resolve a dispute through their expertise in this field.

As mentioned earlier, it is important that one understands the role of a computer expert witness & software consultant before hiring one. If you are looking to hire a professional for this role, consider the following questions:

1) How do you plan to add value by acting as an independent consultant outside of court?

2) What experience and education in technology could add value to your case?

3) How can you help clients with recommendations on handling cases involving information technology in the future?

4) What are your credentials in law and IT?

5) What value do you add in this role over others who might be available for a similar fee?

These questions would help determine if hiring a computer expert witness & software consultant would be the best strategy to pursue.

Complimentary Lens Colors For Your Eyes

What contact lenses colors are best for your eyes? There are a lot of different contact lenses colors, and it can be hard to choose the right one.

What should I know about this?

A contact is a thin plastic or glass disk placed in the front of your eye, just like glasses are used for vision correction with eyesight problems. Contacts can be worn by anyone who wants to alter their natural eye color without wearing a colored lens. There are many different types of contacts on the market today, including daily disposable contacts, extended-wear contacts, which you can leave in at night, and some even last up to three months!

Contact colors are the perfect way to alter your eye color and experiment with different contacts colors. If you have green eyes, contact colors best complement them include blue contact, grey contact, or hazel contact. These hues work well on lighter skin tones. They reflect light into the iris, which helps it stand out more without making your coloring appear unnatural. Darker-skinned individuals will find brown contact options like honey-contact for their green-eyed counterparts brings out rich shades of chocolate (or if you prefer silver contacts ), providing contrast against darker features while still looking natural in appearance.

Sometimes choosing between what looks good isn’t always easy when there are so many contrasting contact colors to choose from.
For contact wearers who want to add depth and definition to their green eyes without them appearing too dark, blue-green contact lenses are ideal. The hint of yellow in these contact lens tones helps brighten the overall hue while adding depth simultaneously, just like with brown-eyed individuals choosing gold contacts. When wearing light-colored eyes, you need contact lenses colors that will mimic this variation but still give off an overall light appearance.

Brown Eyes: These contacts work similarly to dark brown sunglasses as they help hide any redness in the whites of your eyes. They also make your natural brown look darker and richer.

Hazel Eyes: These contacts enhance hazel green or blue eyes by making them more vibrant and adding depth to them.

Blue Eyes: These contacts have a subtle tint that mimics light blue contact. These contact lenses can also be worn by green eyes to add a more natural depth and dimension to the eye color.

Green Eyes: People with lighter colored eyes should wear contact lens colors that enhance this hue while adding depth to them, making it easier for other people to see your eye color from a greater distance away. In nature, greens are found in varying shades, so you need contact lens colors that will mimic these variations but still give off an overall light appearance. A subtle hint of brown or gold is essential when choosing contact lenses colors for green-eyed individuals. It helps bring their eye color even further without being too dark or unnatural looking on lighter skin tones. Adding definition like this makes the difference between contact lenses colors that appear to enhance your eye color or contact lenses colors that negatively affect it.

We hope this information has been helpful to you.

Best Happy Hour Spot In Sydney CBD

Ready for lunch? It’s lunchtime after all, and you’re hungry. You’ve been searching for lunch places in Sydney CBD but are not sure where to go. Now you will find a lunch spot that will satisfy your hunger

Lunch Sydney CBD spots


This lunch spot is a must-go-to lunchtime destination! At lunch, you can get the lunch set menu for $25 and add on your choice of meat (chicken/pork) or fish (salmon/tuna). They also offer some great Greek wines which you should definitely try while eating here! The service is quick and efficient; they will even help dish up extra rice if needed! To top it off, Gazi offers beautiful views of Martin Placemaking this restaurant an ideal location to catch up with friends after work. Avoid going during peak hours since there’s usually a queue outside the door at that time. If you’re not into waiting then we recommend arriving early.

To start off, Gazi is located at Martin Place and offers lunch as well as dinner. The lunch menu includes appetizers such as olives (green/black), tzatziki, taramasalata, dolmades, and pita bread. It also has a great selection of mains including pork souvlaki, chicken souvlaki, or grilled halloumi with salad which you can all combine together for one meal! If you want to try something different then we recommend the lamb cutlets served on mashed potatoes – it’s amazing. They offer many entree options that are typically found in Greek cuisine so if this sounds like your kind of food then definitely check out Gazi!

For those who work in the CBD, lunch can be a bit of a hassle to get out and find somewhere that is convenient, tasty, has good prices and offers something different. For lunch, in Sydney, you have many options but if it’s Greek food then look no further than Gazi!
They offer lunch Monday to Saturday from 11 am-15 pm with menu items ranging between $11-$20 including entree/starter or main option. They also serve wine, beer, or soft drinks which are all reasonably priced! It’s located on George Street near Wynyard Station so it makes for a great pre/post-work drinks spot too! The restaurant itself is quite large inside – they even have outside seating when the weather permits. We definitely recommend checking them out because there really aren’t many Lunch Sydney CBD that are as good or reasonably priced!

We hope this information has been useful to you.

Stand Up At Work: What It Is And Why You Should Do It

What are office stand-up workstations? Office stand-up workstations are an office furniture option that allows office workers to alternate between sitting and standing while they’re at their desks.

This article will discuss the pros and cons of office stand-up workstations, how it can be difficult to find a balance in your day, and why you should consider investing in one for your office.

What are the pros and cons of these workstations? office stand-up workstations have a few advantages and disadvantages.

One of the biggest office stand-up desk benefits is that you can burn more calories while working than if you were to sit all day, which has been linked to reducing your risk for chronic diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Office workers who alternate between sitting and standing throughout their days also often experience less back pain since it allows them to move around periodically instead of staying in one position for hours at a time.

On the other hand, an office worker might not want or need to adjust their workplaces so drastically just because they’re already comfortable with how things are set up now – some people don’t mind being able to get away from their desks after an hour or two, even though it may not be the healthiest thing for them.

If you are someone who works in front of a computer desktop all day, it’s worth looking into office standing desks to see if they might help your body out in one way or another – even just switching between sitting and standing throughout the day can do wonders when it comes to office wellness.

There is also space on each side where you could put items like pens, paperclips, notebooks, etc., although most people will probably want something with more storage than that so they don’t have to keep getting back up every time they need something out of their desk drawers.

Are stand-up workstations expensive? Yes, office standing desk setups are not cheap. You can expect to pay about $350 for a basic design that has some adjustability features like height and tilt (meaning you could lean on it while working).

What do stand-up workstations look like? Stand-up office desks will typically have the same footprint as your current office desk, but they’re going to be much taller since there’s no chair or seat attached – this is also true of sit-stand chairs.

In conclusion, office stand up workstations can be a great investment if you’re concerned about your office health and ergonomics.

Contacts For Eyes Colors: 3 Things That Define The Best

Want to enhance the spark of your eyes? You ought to have heard about contacts for eyes colors. They are a convenient solution to correcting vision while adding some beauty to your eyes. But if your eyesight is perfect, you can as well use them for cosmetic purposes only. But what makes the best colored contacts?


Regardless of your purpose for wearing colored contacts, a prescription is highly recommended. Contact lenses are a medical device. It doesn’t matter if you have good vision or not; protect your cornea. Visit an eye care professional before making your purchase and obtain the right prescription for your contacts.
Don’t assume the prescription details the lenses power only. It also specifies the contacts size, material and brand needed for your eyes. Contact lenses are supposed to be placed inside the eye, which somewhat reduces oxygen supply into the cornea. So, wearing contact lenses that don’t fit well or are made of too dense material is not recommended.


Where you buy your colored contact lenses is as vital as obtaining the prescription. Many manufacturers are coming up and no stringent rules in the selling of contacts lenses. This opens a gap for many shortcuts, especially to vendors whose main focus is to make money over consumer safety.

Seek to get your contacts from a reputable eyewear supplier. Such is a vendor who will demand that you place your order along with a prescription. They’ll have rave reviews and an excellent record at the Better Business Bureau and won’t hesitate to provide you with reference details.


It’s important you choose a tint that best suits you. Experts recommend an opaque tint if your eyes are light or dark and you want non-transparent colored lenses. For natural eye color, they advocate for an enhancement tint as it emphasizes the color of your eyes. But if you don’t want anyone to recognize the lenses, a visibility tint comes in handy; it comes in pale green or blue shades.
Ideally, colored lenses are supposed to boost your eye spark and style. Find the best tint for you and manipulate your looks with makeup, jewelry and outfit.

There are multiple contacts for eyes colors as there are countless contact brands. So, consider the supplier’s ability to deliver to your optometrist’s prescription. Buy your colored contacts from a brand known to offer optimal quality and comfort without compromising the wearer’s vision.

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