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3 Tips To Successfully Spy On Your Shopify Competition

One key aspect of successful digital marketing is the ability to keep tabs on your competition. You cannot afford to operate as if your business is the only one in the industry. The truth is that there are hundreds of other firms on Shopify selling the same products as you. You need to keep tabs on them so that you can know what they are doing and what strategies they are using. This way, you will be able to tweak your Shopify platform and marketing strategies so that you can remain on top of your competitors.

1. Invest in the Right Spy Tools

The first step is to invest in Shopify spy software. You cannot know what’s happening in the digital space if you don’t have software with this capability. Invest in a few types of Shopify spy software that will help you achieve the following:

• Find out who your competition is

• Know how other businesses use their own Shopify sites to power the platform’s design and functionality

• Find out how much your competitors are selling

• Know what analytics tools the competition is using to monitor customer behavior

• Know the tools the competitors are using to monetize their Shopify sites

• Know how the other business are hosting their sites

• Know which payment gateways they are using, especially for global shopping

The information you gather with these spy tools can give you insight into what you need to do to optimize your Shopify site, improve your marketing strategies, and improve customer experience.

2. Use Google Alerts

Google alerts are useful if you want to spy on your Shopify store competition. They help you monitor the times when your competition is mentioned on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter and websites, blogs, review sites, and many more. With Google alerts, you can monitor your competition through their name or by using keywords in your industry. By tracking the mentions, you can know what topics are creating buzz around the competitor’s products and use such for your online business to draw traffic as well.

3. Use a Grading Tool

The ultimate goal of spying on your competition is using the information you find to improve your Shopify store and outperform your competitors. You can only do this if you have a grading tool that helps you compare your performance to that of other businesses on Shopify. Such tools will access your Shopify site and that of other firms in several areas such as SEO, lead generation, social media, blogging, and mobile among others. The tool will help you see how your competition is performing against how your business is doing. You can use this information to tweak your strategies to ensure that you remain ahead of other companies.

Spying is a necessary evil in the ecommerce space. Your business will only rise above the competition if you can keep tabs on competitors and ensure that you are a step ahead at all times. Use these simple tips to spy on your Shopify store competitors and use the information gathered to improve your site and store to draw more clients.

Guide To Company Career Websites

Responsive WordPress themes have helped create a new approach to web design. Company career websites can easily be built to offer optimal viewing experience on a variety of devices, including desktop computers and smartphones, allowing owners to tap into recent advances in mobile communications and Internet traffic trends. Designers can follow these techniques to achieve remarkably responsive results.

Setting breakpoints according to content embraces the principles of responsive design in terms of adaptability, fluidity, and flexibility. The practice of catering to each new resolution through specific breakpoints does not always provide the best solution. It’s highly beneficial to adjust designs when everything fits properly, thus eliminating the need to retrofit media queries for new devices.

Using image manipulation programs like Illustrator, CorelDraw, or Photoshop allows you preview the layout as it appears on a variety of device platforms. You can clean up any imperfections by exporting the layout to Edge Reflow CC. The CSS can then be transferred to a program like Dreamweaver that allows you to make the final touches.

Fluid layouts play an important role in the design of good responsive layouts. The easiest way to make websites adapt to varying screen resolutions involves the use of a fluid layout with widths defined in percent rather than pixels.

Site elements

The manner in which responsive WordPress layouts adapt to the size of their parent container is a crucial aspect that demands special attention. This can be achieved by setting a maximum width of 100%, thus the images will remain narrower than the parent container.

Well-designed navigation systems ensure optimal user experience regardless of the device used to access company career websites. This area is particularly important for mobile devices because there is a need to prioritize core content, thus eliminating non-essential elements.

Starting with mobile-centric features allow you to take a progressive approach that not only covers all bases, but also helps iron out typical mobile design constraints. Mobile platforms are served using an advanced layout, and the needs of desktop platforms are dealt with thereafter

Incorporating a well-formulated content strategy into the responsive design process makes content more accessible and readable. You can either employ graceful degradation or progressive enhancement as a means to ensure the content addresses the needs of users. Framework and structure should be influenced by research on user trends.

Sketching enables you to analyze and refine raw ideas before laying foundations on which to build prototypes. This approach helps generate evolutionary and iterative layouts in a timely fashion as opposed to undertaking long-winded mock-ups.

Making use of file compression programs optimizes page resources, which in turn improves transmission across networks. The content becomes easier to access for different devices on which bandwidth varies.

ABCs Of A Trade Credit Account

Day trading is the practice of buying and selling financial products during a trading session with the hope that throughout the day the price will continue to rise or fall. Fluctuations in the share price allow profits or fast losses. The products that are most traded include stocks, options, futures and currencies. These operations can be very profitable but they still pose a significant risk.

Scalping is a form of day trading. Speculations are of very short duration. A scalper makes dozens and sometimes hundreds of transactions per day. This method is not well seen by brokerages because they do not have time to process all the orders created through scalping and therefore lose money.

To date, there are only few brokerages that accept scalpers. The main advantage of this technique is the large amount of profits on a small change in interest rates. For example, a long trade reported earnings of X, in which case X is: Change in rate (multiplied by) amount of money generated by diverse unit.

In scalping, the change will be minimal, but the benefits will be even greater. In fact, X is, in this case, equal to: Change rate (multiplied by) the number of open positions (multiplied by) the amount of money generated by diverse unit. In a second, a scalping can earn what a classic operator takes several hours or even days to win.

Day trading describes the speculative short-term trading in securities. Here, positions are opened within the same trading day and closed again, already, with the aim to benefit from low price volatility. In general, it is with the objects of speculation about stocks, forex or futures or derivatives thereon.

Stock market trading days are the days on which trading takes place. In general, all banking days are trading days, there is also trading on other days. They are determined by the stock exchange itself, if they are not regulated by law. The representation of the stock market and non-trading day for a full year is listed in the trading calendar.

In addition to the trading and the settlement date are defined by the exchange. These are the days when a securities settlement must be made based on a Trade Credit Account.

If the days are public holidays or bank holidays, they are known as holiday trade. The turnover on the stock exchanges during the holiday trade are significantly lower than on working days. This reduced liquidity leads to the risk of higher price fluctuations.

Finding The Best Shopfitters In Sydney

When you are planning to start a small business, it is imperative you hire a professional shopfitter to help you work on the interior and exterior of the building. You want the shop to look professional and attractive. You also want it to be fully functional. Therefore, you must hire the best shopfitters in Sydney to help you out.

Why Hire a Shopfitter?

There is a lot of competition in the industry regardless of the industry you want to venture into. This mean that it’s the little tings that can give you an edge over the competition. There are many firms out there that are already offering great quality products and services, so why should consumers leave those establishments and come to you? Well, a professionally-fitted shop can help you attract and retain clients, so you have to include the cost of shopfitting services in your budget. Since there are many shopfitters in Sydney, you have to compare them based on the following factors:

i) Experience

The most experienced shopfitters should always be given strong consideration. This is because they have handled many similar projects in the past. Therefore, they are in a position to meet your needs and expectations. Be sure to check both the years of experience and number of shops fitted when comparing shopfitters.

ii) Quality of Service

You need to take a look at the portfolios of the shopfitters you find. This will help you to identify firms that can offer the highest quality of services. By going through the portfolios, you will be able to assess the types of shopfitting jobs handled by a firm as well as the quality of service they have been offering. Only firms that have handled many similar jobs and have previously offered high quality services that meet your expectations should be considered.

iii) Licensing

Only licensed shopfitters should be considered. You should ignore any firm that does not have a suitable license that allows them to handle these jobs. After all, you do not want to hire a quack to offer the services you need. The validity of the license as well as the issuing authority must all be checked before a decision can be made.

iv) Cost of Service

Before hiring any shopfitter, it is recommended you obtain quotes from all the firms that remain on your list and compare them. This will help you to make an informed decision regarding the affordability of services offered by different firms. Since you want to hire the most affordable contractor, be sure to give priority consideration to firms that quote the lowest rates.

The Role Of Sell Business Brokers

A significant number of entrepreneurs fail to recognize the importance of formulating a proper exit plan for their commercial ventures. Experts recommend developing the plan in the startup phase. This enables business ventures to remain viable by constantly aligning the overall strategy with long-term goals. Business exit planning also provides contingency measures.

On other hand, it is important to note that exit plans change over time in tandem with the business operations. For this reason, you should make an effort to update your plan regularly based on the operational status of the venture.

Business exit planning is a fairly new discipline aimed at addressing specific requirements. Professionals in various fields have different definitions and applications of the practice. The professionals include accountants, estate attorneys, wealth managers, consultants and sell business brokers. They help clients make key financial decisions.

Some of the decisions involve inheritance, selling the business, dissolution or acquisition by a larger organization. In all cases, you need to handle a variety of matters, such as risk management, legal obligations and tax. These issues require specific skills and expertise.

Preparing for an exit

To formulate an effective exit plan, you need to outline a number of options. These include:

– Liquidation
– Liquidation over time
– Keep your business in the family
– Sell to employees
– Sell on the open market
– And more

As an entrepreneur, you will consider the best option that provides maximum profit or benefit. A good business exit plan gives you an opportunity to reach your goals. Some of the key considerations include the desired level of income and the preferred successor.

Expert support

You should take an inventory of your personal assets and conduct a business valuation. Enlist the help of at least advisers, including a financial adviser, a public accountant and an estate attorney. This makes it easier to achieve the desired objectives. The attorney performs due diligence and can assist you compose the required legal agreements.

Meanwhile, a certified public accountant handles due diligence relating to tax and accounting matters. A financial adviser provides expert advice on matters concerning retirement goals, insurance contracts and investment.


Opting for liquidation as an exit strategy is one of the viable options, which boosts simplicity. This option is often the only practical choice for small businesses that dependent on the performance of one employee. To sell such a business requires retooling with the aim to allow the new owners to run the venture successfully.

Role Of A Sydney Business Coach

Top contractors stick to the best business practices and take advantage of the expertise provided by a Sydney business coach, which helps them work more efficiently and grow their business. Using digital tools can improve the accounting, programming and billing processes and the management of each employee’s tasks.

Evaluating an internal organization – Contractors should ask themselves if their business is financially stable, if they receive repeat sales, if they have customer referrals, what their employee turnover rate is, and how people rate their business. In this way, it is possible to know if the company’s work is being carried out correctly and what are the elements that must be improved in order to promote the company’s growth.

Clients always want to be heard, so face-to-face communication and close relationships are essential to conduct business and build loyalty to your service company. It is important to partner with more people in the industry.

This allows contractors to create networks and find out how the market is and where the industry is going. It can also help you develop essential business skills ranging from how much you charge for customers to how to write a contract. They also recommend what products to use for each type of job and where to find sub-jobs.

Marketing campaigns are very effective to make your company known and attract new customers. Now all people connect through social networks or other digital media such as web pages or blogs. Therefore, it is necessary for your company to start positioning itself in these spaces to attract more people and distribute your contact information.

Many contractors do not have the cashflow required to carry out certain projects stipulated by the client or to pay the employees. Given this, it is necessary to access lines of credit and loans to ensure the execution of the contract.

If you want to attract funds, keep detailed and organized records and do your research on the best type of loan for your business based on your current needs.

As a contractor, it is good to specialize in a type of work, but it is also essential to have an open mind towards new business opportunities that allow you to earn more money and have greater profitability.

This person will help you solve your problems and can teach you a lot about money management and the clients. At the same time you can present more investors or sellers. Hiring the right people for each job allows you to have confidence that the employees will perform the task in the best possible way. This gives you more time to concentrate on the growth of your contractor company.

Boosting Your Chances Of Getting Business Loans For Your Forex Trading Business In Belize

Every small business owner is always looking for ways to expand their businesses and live the entrepreneur’s dream. However, growth requires capital, and that may mean securing a small business loan. Well, there are lenders out there who can give you the amount that you need, but to boost your chances of success, you need to figure out how to show potential lenders that your business is robust. For inspiration, here are the top tips for boosting your chances of getting small business loans for Forex buisness:

1. Begin early

Strive to apply for a business loan early before your operations stall. SBA loans often take 45 to 60 days to be approved. Accordingly, if you wait until you have a rough time, it will be too late. Although it may seem to be counterintuitive, many experts recommend applying for a loan when your business is thriving.

2. Prepare a great business plan

Irrespective of how great you business idea may sound, you still need to convince the lenders that you can carry it off. Your business plan need to comprehensively highlight what you business does, how it plans to make money, and why customers will favor your products. Additionally, highlight your market opportunities as well as your competitive landscape—and why your business has an advantage. The process of obtaining Belize Forex license is known to be tedious. And if you have a license already, you need to let your lender know this important progress. Don’t forget to include your business’ profit and loss statements, cash flows, and balance sheets. Put simply, include everything that you deem will make your business plan shine.

3. Time when your credit score has improved

Credit unions, online lenders, and banks often set their criteria for approving small business loans. However, all of them often focus on one key question: what are the risks of doing business with you? Accordingly, expect every lender to check your business and personal credit records. If your credit scores are on the lower side, raise them a bit by settling any liens against your business or by paying down personal credit cards.

4. Get all the necessary documents Ready

Your lenders will want to check your articles of incorporation, history of tax returns, and your debt-to-equity ratios among other documents. So, be ready and truthful.


Although there are several options available for small businesses looking to raise capital, there aren’t easy options. Each lender will require essential information and will be looking for a number of factors to reassure them that you can repay the loan given to you. However, if you do your homework well and implement the above highlighted factors, there is nothing to stop you from getting the financing that your Forex business needs to grow.

Turn Your Computer Into A Money-Minting Machine

The advent of the computer is one of the greatest milestones in the world of technology. While it has received its fair share of misgivings, there is no doubt that it has made a lot of work much easier. The introduction of automated trading system is proof that there is a much brighter side of computer technology than performing tasks previously reserved for humans. Today, your computer can handle your trading for you and turn in profits in a blink of an eye—something that you or anyone else cannot achieve even with years of experience.

Here is a quick overview why you should turn your computer into money-minting machine:

1. Speed and Accuracy

Technical analysis is a vital part of trading. It is basically a way of studying indicators and then making decisions based on the received signals. This means that you will have to note the trades that come with more profits for you. Like it seems, this is a tedious process that will consume much of your time. With automated trading systems, you just need to program your computer to do the work for you. It will enter the trades that are most profitable to you—fast, accurate and automatic.

2. More than a Math Genius

Technical analysts determine the conditions of the market through the use of indicators gained from watching price patterns. While indicators are simply mathematical functions involving the volume and price of a certain asset, patterns are price arrangements within a particular period of time. In other words, technical analysis is mainly a combination of math problems and numerical analysis. No one can solve math problems faster and more accurately than a computer.

3. An Obedient Servant

The computer does exactly what it is told to. You only need to identify a favorable set-up, make a decision on your next step and feed the necessary commands into your computer. Put in another way, your computer will easily take action on your positions (whether opening or closing a trade) more accurately and at a much faster rate.

Final Verdict

Like any other technology out there, it is true that the computer is not devoid of limits. However, the trading world has a lot to thank it for. Never before has online trading been easier, faster and more accurate. Most important of all, automated trading systems can allow you to make more money than you could ever think possible. You just need to ensure you give your computer the right commands and it will do it without the emotions that are a great hindrance to human decision-making.

The Benefits Of Fedex Audits

Large businesses may send out packages in massive volumes on a regular basis. These could be products, documents, and other forms of cargo. They generally use the biggest logistics companies like Fedex to ensure reliability. However, this does not guarantee that there will be no slip-ups. No system is perfect and that include those of the most popular names in the industry. Packages may be lost, delayed, or destroyed despite best efforts. All of these can have undesirable consequences for the business. Fedex audits can be performed to keep track of all the packages and check what happened to each one. It is a tough job that is usually outsourced to specialists. The benefits include:

Reduced Cost

Shipping and handling costs are not trivial. This can be especially high if the packages are large and heavy. Given the limited capacity of delivery trucks, senders have to pay a premium for occupying significant volume. Imagine paying so much for the service and then finding out that the items did not arrive or were hopelessly delayed. In these cases, businesses can invoke breach of contract and ask for a refund. If there are tens of thousands of packages sent out in a year, then tracking the outliers will be worthwhile as the refunds can accrue to a substantial amount — effectively reducing the operational cost.

Better Service

The refunds are not the only victory to be celebrated. After all, the business was prepared to part with the money as long as the shipments were fulfilled as they should have been. Finding the lapses puts pressure on the logistics company, in this case Fedex, to improve its system and prevent recurrence so that it does not lose money on refunds. Everyone benefits with better service moving forward. The company is bound to analyze what happened in each case and come up with plans to address the challenges. This could be employee re-training, system tweaks, policy changes, and so forth.

Improved Satisfaction

The end goal for all of this is improved customer satisfaction. Like it or not, the delivery affects customer perceptions of the product and the seller. Businesses may not have done anything wrong but they will still be blamed in part for the shipping problem. The affected individuals may not make another purchase. They may even leave reviews to dissuade others. Fedex audits ensures that these problems shrink with each passing year so that customers become happier and their loyalty gets stronger. Everything is automated so results can be been faster and solutions can be deployed right away.

Guide To The Home Buyers In Denver

Home buyers in Denver have to consider several things before buying their dream home. You do not want to make any mistake with such an important investment decision.

Are You Ready to Own a Home?

It is always better to own your home and avoid paying rent every month. However, you have to think many things before diving. Is it the right time to buy your home? Should you wait a little more? Sometimes it can prove costly to wait longer. Buy your house when it is a buyer’s market. At this time, you will find low mortgage rates, a wide variety of affordable houses for sales, and real estate market conditions favorable to the house buyers. Home ownership comes with several responsibilities. You have to abide by many local laws, rules and regulations. You should be ready to settle down in the area for at least next five years. Buy a house when you are financially ready and equipped to deal with the mortgage obligations.

How Will You Buy Your Home?

This is the most important thing to check. You do not want to buy a house unless you are sure you can repay your mortgage on time. Do not take the mortgage lightly. You need a steady job, a good credit record, and a sizable amount of money to make the down payment. You have to research and find the right lender most suitable for your borrowing needs and preferences. You should be financially ready for such a big investment decision or it will affect your life negatively.

Research to Find the Right Home

Start shopping for a home early. It is a long process that requires taking time off from your job and daily works. You have to go house hunting to find the home that meets the expectations of not only you but your family members as well. It is a good idea to prepare a home buying checklist so you do not forget anything when inspecting the houses. Take into account the distance of the house from your workplace, local marketplaces, and educational institutions. Check the crime record and security situation of the area.

Learn to Negotiate and Close the Deal

It can be a bad deal if you do not know how to negotiate the price and close the deal. You will be paying a large sum of money from your lifetime savings. It is possible to get the house price lowered if you have good negotiation skills. Sellers are ready to negotiate if they think you are genuinely interested in buying their house. Some houses go through the bidding process. Learn how to win the bidding war. There is a process involved in closing which is the final step in home buying. Learn about all these things before you go house hunting.

Take help of professionals like real estate agents and mortgage consultants to find your dream home. They offer expert advice to home buyers in Denver.