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Jump Start Service In Singapore

It is important to keep the battery charged at 100%, recharging it every 2/3 weeks if you do not use your car frequently. Check the electrolyte level monthly when possible (unsealed batteries), and check the electrolyte density level to make sure that everything is alright. Otherwise, you can rely on the Jump Start Service in Singapore.

Clean the cover and the container if dirty and when doing this, check the clamps and grease them in case is necessary. If it is present, then, check any discharges of the battery case. In the case, during the tests recommended previously, you realize that the battery is apparently damaged, before replacing it you can try to recover it with a specific procedure even if the success is not always guaranteed.

When the battery does not seem to want to recharge, then it could be a start of sulfation then visit the nearest

24-hour car battery service. In this case, try to recharge it at very low current for 20-40 hours. The current must be about 1/50 of the battery rating. This procedure, in fact, could succeed in reestablishing the circulation of the current between the plates and solving the problem.


In case the battery seems to give less tension than necessary, even after a long charge, it may be useful to top up the electrolyte with pure acid instead of distilled water. The important thing is not to overdo the quantity and check the result with the densimeter.

As long as the car is running with sufficient engine time to balance the discharge and battery charge, no problems occur; otherwise if you listen to the radio with the car parked when the engine is off (waiting for you to free the level crossing), with the ventilation switched on to prevent the windshield from falling out, you soon run out of battery power no longer in efficiency.

Pay attention therefore to the indiscriminate use of devices with the engine switched off and always keep the battery under control. The batteries, therefore, require only a minimum of maintenance to remain in perfect condition for a long time.

Ideal, but not always feasible, is subjecting the battery to a slow pre-emptive charge before assembly. In cases where the car is equipped with accessories that need more energy, consider the possibility of measuring, with the help of a specialized technician of a workshop, their absorption and therefore the compatibility of the battery used with the increased need to be met.

Except in cases where the car is equipped with sophisticated amplified audio systems that involve the use of secondary batteries, the only battery supplied to the car is a sufficient reserve of energy capable of supplying all the electrical and electronic systems in use during driving, from the headlights, to the radio, to the rear window defroster device.

Warning Signs That Show You Have A Failing Car Battery

Having battery issues is a common situation among automobile owners/users. Fortunately, car cells show signs before they die, so it is easier for you to get Singapore car battery replacements before you get marooned and inconvenienced.

Here are five signs to keep an eye on before your car gives you a devastating day.

1. Peculiar Smell

When a car cell becomes subject to overcharging, freezing, or an internal shot, it tends to vent gas from its cases. The venting produces a smell like that of rotten eggs. So, when you open the hood of your car and spot funny, rotten eggs smell, it may be time to get that battery inspection soon because not only will the sulfuric acid produced eat away other significant car parts, but it may also lead to corrosion, which is something to avoid at all costs.

2. A Bloated Battery Case

Exposing a car to too much cold or heat causes the battery case to bloat and swell on its flat sides. For example,there is a high probability that your car won’t start after leaving it in the garage during winter without driving it. The cold will discharge the battery and freeze it, which will lead to an electrically dead car cell that necessitates for a replacement.

3. Electric Issues

Power sustained elements like seats, windows and the radio all rely on the battery for power. So when you notice that either of the above features isn’t operating accordingly or that the interior lights are dim, it could be a warning sign for a power supply shortage. Most of the times, such symptoms are as a result of a battery fail, which means that you could need Singapore car battery replacements immediately.

4. Challenges while Starting the Vehicle

A slow or sluggish engine start may call for a car battery replacement. The battery powers the car’s engine to ignite. When the battery fails, you will soon start experiencing challenges while starting the vehicle. The best thing to do when you see such a problem is to buy a battery charger, but if the car’s cell doesn’t improve, contacting a professional auto mechanic is the way to go next.

5. Dim Headlights

Dashboard and headlights will undoubtedly alert you when the battery loses charge below the required level. Factors like listening to music for hours end on the car’s radio or leaving headlights/interior lights on are significant contributors to battery failure. The best way to avoid such a situation is by upholding better driving habits. It will help lessen the battery drain speed and allow it to last for long.


A dying battery never seems like a problem, until it’s completely dead. Thus, it is recommendable to get a battery inspection whenever you notice ominous signs on your vehicle. Alternatively, getting a battery replacement is the next reliable option when your car cell completely fails.

Jump Start Service In Singapore

To keep the battery in a good condition, it is important to clean the battery compartment from any leaves, oxide or dirt. Arrange the new battery (with the same characteristics as the previous one and suitably charged, or even slightly higher) in its housing. Secure it to the car with previously disassembled docking systems. Clean the ends of the car’s terminals from any oxide residues with a cloth wet with water and dry carefully.

Grease the clamps with vaseline grease, connect in reverse way to the disassembly, first the positive pole and then the negative one screwing the clamps until they are blocked and without exaggeration with an excessive tightening that could damage the parts of the battery involved.

Reassemble the protective plastic covers (if any). Some recent cars provide special procedures for changing the battery, read the car use and maintenance manual first. Sometimes it is necessary to connect the diagnostic PC to the car before or after replacing the battery to proceed to some settings of the body-computer or accessories.

To avoid damaging it, you must avoid completely unloading it, as it happens – for example – when you forget to switch off the headlights or the interior light. Even the intense cold can cause premature depletion of your car’s battery. In any case, the average life, depending on the type of accumulator and the use you make of your vehicle, is about 4/5 years.

To change the car battery you can turn to a Jump Start Service in Singapore, an obligatory choice if your car is equipped with special battery management systems. In this regard, consult the use and maintenance manual for your vehicle. For all other cases, you can do it alone.

How to change the car battery

Changing the car battery is not difficult, but you must follow some simple instructions to avoid damage to the electronics of your car, which is very delicate. A power surge is enough to burn a unit costing hundreds of Singapore dollars.

If you have decided to have car battery replacement, the first step is to choose a new one. I advise you to consult the use and maintenance booklet to check the useful characteristics. The car batteries all have a voltage of 12 volts but different amperage.

The amperage measures the power of the battery: the bigger the displacement of your engine, the more power will be required. Therefore, respect the manufacturer’s instructions and – if necessary – choose one with higher amperage but never lower. When replacing the battery, the electrical system remains disconnected.

Exporting Used Cars To Kenya: Costs You Must Meet

How much does it really cost to export used cars to Kenya? If you are planning to export second-hand cars from Japan, UK or USA, you need to consider the cost of the whole import process. Cost is a key factor because most Kenyans want nice but affordable used cars.

Below are some costs you must incur when exporting a used car to Kenya:

1. CFS or Port Charges

A Container Freight Station (CFS) is a facility or a warehouse where transportation cargo is consolidated or de-consolidated. They are typically located near to the ocean or airport and charge different prices depending on the size and yard of the shipments. You will get an invoice from the port indicating the amount you need to pay.

In Kenya, the cost of unloading or discharging a vessel from the port will depend on your type of car. For instance, the cost of a 4-wheel drive car such as a Prado will range from $300 to $350. A van like Toyota HiAce costs from $260 to $300 while a Saloon car Toyota Corolla costs from $185 to $220.

2. Shipping charges

This is the cost incurred in transporting cargo from one country to another. The cost of delivery or shipping in Kenya is about $100 (without value added tax). This fee is payable to the company or agents who shipped your cargo. The mode of shipping will also determine how much you pay. For instance, RoRO (which is more like a floating underground car park) may cost less than dedicated or shared containerized shipping or air freights, which are considerably safer shipping options.

3. Clearance charges

This is the fee you pay to a clearing house for completing a transaction and clearing securities trades using its facilities. This fee normally depends on the agreement between you and the clearing house agents. On most occasions, the cost ranges from $150 to $300.

4. Custom Duty

This is the tax levied by customs authorities on imports as well as exports (at times) to protect the domestic industry and raise revenue. Custom duty depends on your car model, class, make, month and year of manufacture, engine capacity fuel type and engine transmission type. All this information is crucial since it affects the Current Retail Selling Price (CRSP) of your car.


Whenever you want to export used cars to Kenya, ensure you are aware of all the costs that you will meet. Read the fine print, comply with the laws and procedures and also attend to the paperwork personally. This will help you avoid hefty fines and loses.

24 Hour Tyre Repair: Benefits, Costs & More

You never know when you’ll need a 24 Hour tyre repair service. In fact, there are many situations in which you might need to use a company in Singapore that offers it. If you want to know what those situations are, the benefits of this service and the costs associated with it, then continue to read on.

The Benefits

One of the key benefits is that the services are offered 24/7. It doesn’t matter the day of the week or time, you can use a service that offers tyre repairs around the clock. They will go to your location in Singapore and fix your tyres on the spot or bring it to their shop.

Another benefit is your tyres will be repaired quickly. A professional will inspect your tyres to determine what the problem is and then they will fix it fast. You’ll be back on the road before you know it.

A third benefit is the service comes in handy for emergencies. Let’s face it, tyres can blowout, go flat or become damaged from out of nowhere. The last thing you want is to be left to panic and stuck somewhere. When you have a tyre repair service’s number on hand, you won’t have to worry too much.

Situations In Which You Need The Service

There are many situations, such as your vehicle pops a flat as you’re driving or you drove over some debris that slowly leads to your tyre going flat. Another situation is if you’re at the grocery store and you come out to a tyre that has been flattened, slashed or damaged. It doesn’t matter if your tyre has failed at work, while doing errands or at home, a professional can go to your location and repair it on the spot.


There are various factors that will determine how much you’ll pay for a tyre repair service that provides 24/7 services. The company you hire, the nature of the repairs and where in Singapore you’re located will all factor into price. Remember, rates are typically worth paying because of the convenience of the service. You get peace of mind knowing that if you’re in a jam, then you will receive help in no time.

It doesn’t matter what part of Singapore you’re in, eventually you will need to have your tyres repaired. Often, this will happen at the most inconvenient time, but thankfully there are services offered around the clock. With that said, the next time you need your tyres repaired, then hire a company that offers tyre repair services around the clock.

Why You Should Purchase A Certified Pre-Owned Truck

The United State’s Federal Highway Administration (FHA) stated that in 2014, 13.7 million trucks were registered for use. Out of this, 12. 2 million were class 3-8 trucks. Since 2014, truck registration rate has picked up even more pace.

Buying a new truck is one of the greatest achievements of any enterprise but when the budget is tight, purchasing a pre-owned truck may be the best option. You can go for traditional used cars or twist your budget a little and drive away with a certified pre-owned (CPO) truck instead. Just from the name, the latter obviously has more advantages than the former.

1. Warranty

Granted, most trucks come with warranty coverage but the deal is even sweeter with CPO trucks since they feature extended warranty periods. These goes for all warranties including power train coverage and bumper-bumper coverage. For example, if you purchased a CPO Ford Fusion model with 25,000 miles odometer manufactured in 2010, you can enjoy 7 years/100,000 miles power train coverage. A traditional used model may not go beyond 5years/60,000 miles.

2. Extra assistance

This is not always the case with all CPO truck companies but a majority of them go the extra mile. This includes roadside assistance such as vehicle replacements free towing amongst other attractive benefits. This often happens during the warranty period only but it is nonetheless something comforting to any truck buyer.’

3. Excellent trucks

Because of the rather long warranty periods, car dealers go out of their way to ensure the cars they certify are actually in a perfect condition. This calls for a thorough inspection to ascertain that the vehicle doesn’t have major defects and other issues. Essentially, the vehicles should be accident-free and also have relatively new brakes and tires. This reduces the likelihood of the truck being returned for servicing and costing the dealer more money.


Although the above highlighted benefits will come with extra costs in terms of higher pricing points, they are worthwhile considering that CPO trucks cost less compared to equivalent new vehicles. In other words, by opting for CPO trucks, you will line your wallet with huge savings without compromising other aspects such as vehicle condition, performance, or warranty. Imagine how you can invest such savings so that it appreciates or spend the money on other meaningful endeavors such as family vacation.

To get a good CPO truck, look out for Ryder truck sales Canada. Ryder has a good reputation in matters to do with fleet management, transportation and supply chain. Check out their selection of used trucks and begin the smooth journey to truck ownership.

5 Household Solutions For Cleaning Your Truck’s Metallic Underbody Toolbox

An underbody toolbox is a necessary feature that all Penrith truck owners need. It enables you to perform simple mechanical tasks such as repairs conveniently. Poor weather conditions like heavy rains can make the underbody toolboxes for trucks to look really messy. Mud usually stick and hide in corners and unless you use the right cleaning solution, you may not wipe it off. Commercial polishes stocked by Penrith car service stores are usually effective in cleaning the toolboxes but they don’t come cheap. Fortunately, there are alternatives. You can use household solutions and still achieve the results that the commercial agents guarantee.

Here are 5 effective home solutions that you should try out:

1. Liquid Soap

This is the cheapest home cleaning solution that you can find. You’ll need to put it in hot water to remove stubborn mud from your toolbox. You can either use a piece of cloth or a soft brush to scrub off the dirt once you start to clean the toolbox.

2. Olive Oil

This kitchen ingredient has amazing cleansing qualities. You can use it to remove mud from stainless steel underbody toolboxes. You’ll need to moisten a piece of cloth with the oil before you can wipe off dirt from your truck’s toolbox.

3. Vinegar

You can use either cider vinegar or white vinegar. They are both effective in metal toolboxes. To apply, you’ll need to put vinegar in a spray can and spray directly to the toolbox. Then, you can scrub the mud with a soft brush before washing the deposits off with water.

4. Club Soda

What’s important here is the carbonation. It’s powerful in loosening the dirt from the toolbox. You’ll need to apply it the same way you apply olive oil. If you decide to use Coca-Cola, you’ll have to wash off the sugar deposits with water and soap.

5. Phosphoric Acid

This is also what any good Penrith car service will use for aluminum underbody toolboxes. However, you’ll need to wear rubber gloves and protective eyewear before you can apply the acid. You’ll also need to wash off the deposits with water.

Generally, cleaning your truck’s underbody toolbox shouldn’t be an expensive or an involving undertaking. Using the above household remedies, you should be able to do it regularly. You just need to identify a home solution that works with you. More importantly, remember that a steel tool box will continue to oxidize, especially when it comes into contact with weather elements. A good home cleaning remedy should, therefore, slow down the oxidation process by leaving a bit of a protective film. Even though such a cleaning solution may not come cheap, it can benefit you in the long term. If you are not a DIY person, consider hiring a Penrith car service to help you out.

Tops Reasons To Choose Valet Pro Snow Foam

Everyone loves a vehicle that looks shiny and clean. When you drive to work, to a friend’s place, or to pick up a date, a car that gleams and looks cared for says a lot about its owner. Of course, keeping a car in great condition and looking sparkling clean is not an easy task. And, it is definitely not a task that you have the time and energy to deal with on a daily basis. Valet Pro Snow Foam is a luxury that both you and your car deserve. It cleans the grime off your car without the hours of hard work it would have otherwise taken you. So, you can say goodbye to traffic film, dirt and grime, with a single application of the foam, and without stripping away wax or affecting the paint surface.

What is the Valet Pro Snow Foam?

The Snow Foam by Valet Pro offers your car a professional cleaning without the associated costs. The pre wash produces snowy, thick foam that sticks to the surface it is applied on. This allows it to works its way through the dirt and grime, and helps the product clean your car more efficiently. Unlike the traditional way of preparing your car for a shampoo you do not have to remove all the grime manually, all you have to do is use this product. You simply foam the vehicle and let this Valet Pro product work its magic. The pH neutral formula makes it safe to use on any kind of paint surface or finish. In fact the foam was developed especially for well waxed surfaces, so you do not have to worry about accidentally stripping the wax.

How to Use the Snow Foam?

Using the Snow Foam by Valet Pro is as easy as diluting the product as directed on the packaging, foaming the vehicle, allowing it to sit for a short period of time, and then rinsing the vehicle off from bottom to top with a pressure washer. Do remember, the foam should not be allowed to dry on the surface.

Many car enthusiasts like to use the snow foam as a part of their pre-shampooing process. The product reduces the manual labour required and makes vehicle maintenance easier and quicker. The foam is available in one and five litre packaging. Keep in mind that the product dilutes up to 25:1 making it an excellent investment in care maintenance. Of course, you can also choose to dilute the foam or use it slightly more concentrated if your vehicle is quite dirty with traffic film and bugs. The Snow Foam makes cleaning your vehicle fun and easy.

5 Ways To Restore Your Car’s Paint For Under $20

Unless you keep your car covered every time it is parked outdoors, its paint will fade over time due to oxidation from UV rays as well as other extreme weather conditions such as hail, rain, high winds, and sometimes even animals. So, if you need to preserve the value of your car, you have a great reason why you should restore its paint. But you don’t have to spend a lot of money to ensure your vehicle remains in shape. With the right methods, car scratch repairs should cost you no more than $ 20.

Without further ado, here are 5 ways you can repair the scratches without breaking the bank.

1. Using Toothpaste

Grab a damp, soft cloth as well as a smear of toothpaste and use it if the scratches have not fully penetrated the car’s clear coat. The toothpaste will make even the scratched surface of your car’s glossy sheen and fill the gap. Ensure the area around the scratch is clean for maximum impact.

2. Wet Sanding

Use 3000 grit sandpaper and water to remove a layer of the paint’s clear coat so as to even out the scratch. Remember, this is a risky method if you don’t know how far you should peal the clear coat. Do it improperly, and you will expose the metal body. However, it’s the best and cheapest remedy for deep car scratches that have gone beyond the clear coat.

3. Car Scratch Repair Pens

Fill these applicators with clear coat resin and gently use it to cover the surface scratch. After that, ensure the repair is less visible by buffing the area. Remember, you must use a steady hand so as to cover the surface neatly.

4. Car Scratch Repair Kits

Car scratch repair kits are highly popular due to their ability to quickly and easily fix clear-coat scratches. These kits contain a rubbing compound that when applied correctly, perfectly hides the scratches. With this method, there’s no risk of further damage. As such, provided you can follow the instructions; it will deliver great results.

5. Scratch Car Removers

When the scratch is minor, use cheap scratch-removing liquids to remove the top layer of the paint only. Before you apply these liquids, ensure the area is spotlessly clean. Dirt can damage the paintwork.

Final Remarks

Doing car scratch repairs at home has become less challenging. You can use one of these methods to achieve the best results without necessarily hiring an expert or spending a lot of money. You only need to acquire the requisite skills.

Export Used Cars To Kenya

Exporting used cars from the UK to other parts of world is never easy. However, it can be incredibly profitable, especially if you move huge volumes. Knowing international shipping rules as well as local laws in the country you intend to export the vehicle to are crucial to your success. If you are planning to export used cars to Kenya, you will obviously need to have an exporter’s licence from the UK government. Secondly, you will need to find a reliable supply of used cars in the country. For instance, you may have your own used car dealership in the country in the UK. You can also open another dealership in Kenya, in a city like Mombasa or Nairobi, where the vehicles will be taken to after landing in the country.

Important Laws You Need to Know

i) Car Inspection

Before you can export any vehicle from the UK, it must be inspected and certified. This is to ensure that the vehicle is not stolen. After all, some people in the import-export business have been known to make some quick cash by offloading stolen cars from the UK to the African market. Therefore, each of the vehicles you sell must have a clean title, and must also be inspected before export. Once the vehicles are offloaded at the Port of Mombasa in Kenya, you will need to have them inspected and cleared. You will need to pay import duty, excise tax, VAT and registration fees among other types of fees before you can get a Kenyan number plate and log book. Fortunately, there are many agents that can help you with this.

ii) Insurance

Obviously, you will need to purchase insurance for the vehicle to ensure you do not incur any losses if the vehicle does not get to its destination. The insurance cover will depend on the value of the vehicle.

iii) Restrictions

In Kenya, nobody can import a used vehicle that is over 8 years old. This means that you cannot export any vehicle that has exceeded this age limit to Kenya. You will have better luck trying other African countries without this age restriction. In addition to that, you cannot export any left hand drive (LHD) vehicle to Kenya. If you have this type of vehicle in your inventory, therefore, you will not be able to export it to Kenya.

That said, European vehicles are incredibly popular in Kenya. With the ever growing middle class in the country, there is a huge demand for high-end European vehicles in Kenya, so you can make a lot of money if you learn all the related laws and procedures.