How To Become A Firefighter

With the advent of all the “HERO” movies, TV shows and documentaries on television and the silver screen, there is no wonder there has bee a big rush for applicants and articles on How to Become a Firefighter, and not just in the states but almost every country worldwide.

I will admit being one of those who always wanted to one but not due to what I saw on TV or the silver screen but since the day I visited my local fire departments and sat down with the fire chief and he gave me a break down of it all.

From the glamour, the extreme training, the camaraderie, the studying the feeling of utter joy when you save someones life in an accident to bringing out someone alive out of a building but also the bad things like losing your first patient, your first partner or colleague getting too late to save an animal or even crying your heart out when you watch a family member staring at a burn tent where a family member hangs on for dear life and losing the battle.

This is all you have to consider before you want to consider this calling in life, and I was willing, but unfortunately, because of my health and eyesight, I never qualified.

How to Become a Firefighter one the most important thing to remember is, like nursing, police officers, traffic officers, soldiers, and paramedics, it is not a job, IT IS VOCATION, A CALLING.

If one of your first questions is, “HOW MUCH DOES IT PAY, or, WHAT IS MY HOURS AND LEAVE AVAILABLE” then don’t even drop your bag.

Take your bag there and there, turn around and go home, this is not for you.

Going beyond the call of duty, or as they say that extra mile, must not even be in your vocabulary, it must be you without even thinking it.

You must be able to work hard, continuously.

You must always obey orders, not learn, but it must be part of you, ALWAYS.

You must keep striving to be the best, physically and mentally.

You mustn’t be afraid to speak about your emotions if you lose someone, but on your own time and not while on duty, as others might still need you.

You must be in peak fitness and strive to be even better.

You must be a team player and have your teams back as they will have yours, as that is the difference between life and death.

You must learn, study, practice, exercise and repeat even off duty.

And this is only the beginning!!!!!!!