3 Yoga Instructor Career Myths You Should Be Aware Of

Globally, more people are becoming interested in careers that can allow them to share their interests and passion for health and fitness with others. If you are a fitness aficionado, you’ve also probably thought of becoming a yoga instructor.

Like any other career, there are a lot of myths about working as a yoga instructor. If you’ve dreamt of turning your fitness passion into a full-time career, it is important to be aware of some of these myths:

1. There is a lot of money to be made in the yoga training arena

Well, it is possible to earn a six-figure salary as a yoga instructor. However, it requires working in certain markets and a great investment in education to give you the ability to charge higher rates. Whether you are going to specialize in yoga for physical fitness or yoga for healing purposes training, you are responsible for growing your business and making more money. The smarter and harder you work, the more money you will earn.

2. Yoga instructors have leaner bodies and can earn extra cash as models

Most yoga for fitness instructors love to exercise and value proper nutrition. Consequently, they may have well toned bodies with low levels of fat. However, they don’t need to rip or shred their bodies to give effective fitness advices.

Yes, yoga fitness trainers are people too, and some of them even struggle to spare some time for their own workouts because they tend to hustle from one yoga studio to another. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense for a personal trainer to model healthy behaviors such as healthy nutritional choices and regular exercises as well as helping other people improve their health than to have particular type of body.

3. Yoga instructors interact with and have glamorous celebrities as their clients

The term “celebrity yoga instructor” is often used as marketing strategy by many yoga instructors globally. Most celebrities make a living off their appearance, which simply means that hiring a yoga instructor is one cost of doing business. While there are yoga instructors who may have occasional clients who are working in the public domain, the reality is that yoga instructors earn a living helping average people live healthy lives.


There are a plethora of awesome reasons to become a yoga instructor, but don’t let unnecessary myths derail you. If you are interested in becoming a yoga instructor, enrolling for yoga instructor courses is a great way of arming yourself with the right certification and most accurate information about the industry.

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