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4 Tips for Moving to a New Country with Your Family

Moving across the state is hard enough. Consider moving across the world and you have an all new set of fears and concerns. While it can be a trying time to move to a new country, it can also be an adventure if you let it. Use these 4 tips for making moving to a new country with your family just a little bit easier for all of you…


You will not be able to get everything you need to furnish your new home in a carry on bag. Likewise, buying all new things in another country will be much more costly than sending your favorite things over by freight. For example, even freight forwarding Australia to Canada can be very affordable when you choose the right company. It will save you a lot of money in the long run from trying to start over from scratch.


While you may know a little about the main language in the country you are moving too… you probably are not fluent yet. A language barrier can be the scariest part of a move for many people. This is especially true if you have kids and end up having an emergency. You will want to be able to communicate to the doctor. Likewise, if you need to get somewhere fast, you will need to be able to communicate with a cab driver. A translating app can help you to say what you need to say so that someone can read it in their native language. Likewise, they can type in what they need to say so that you can read it in yours.


If you are moving for work, you may be feeling like you got the short end of the stick already. You will likely be leaving behind family and this can be really hard… especially when it is close family. Make time to connect via video chat with grandparents, aunts and uncles are often as possible. It can even be helpful to video chat with them as you walk into your new home. This can be a comforting anchor for you as a parent and it can also make the area feel familiar to your child.


Thanks to our modern world, you will always be able to watch your favorite shows online or by subscription. While it may seem trivial, bringing along your favorite shows and movies can make an unfamiliar space feel more welcoming. It can also be a great way to connect with your family in a distant land.

While it won’t seem like it at first, this new place will feel like home soon… and soon it will be just another page in your family’s story. Don’t worry. It’s going to be a great chapter!

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