A Comprehensive Gear List For Scuba Diving In Palawan

So you have chosen Palawan to be your next diving destination. But you are not sure what to pack for an amazing experience. Check out this packing list for scuba diving Palawan.

Essential Dive Gear

Make plans in advance regarding what gear you want to bring to a dive site. Make sure your itinerary specialist is aware of this so they can deduct from the overall cost of the package. You must thoroughly check the dive equipment and have it serviced. The most fundamental gear is as follows:

• Fins, dive mask, and breathing tube/snorkel
• Dive computer
• Mask defog
• Safety sausage
• Gear bag
• Underwater slate and pencil
• Pony bottle
• Dry bag
• Dive socks and boots
• Cutting tool
• Wetsuit
• Backup light
• Dive console, octopus, and regulator
• Rash guard
• Weight belt


Because space could be limited when you get onboard, you need a soft backpack to carry clothes. You don’t want to deal with the weight of the suitcase wheels. The climate in Palawan is usually warm and humid. Start packing basic items like light clothing and make sure they are breathable. They should cover you up and keep off mosquitoes. Linen tees and cotton tank tops go a long way. Get some sleeveless shirts in light colors that repel insects. Summer skirts, dresses, and shorts are recommended. Find a good windbreaker, a raincoat, or poncho for protection during light showers. As for the pants, they should be loose and do not forget pajamas and underwear. Swimsuits and trunks are perfect when relaxing on the beach. Remember to pack flip flops or breathable slip-ons. Because you will be walking around, you might need to carry comfortable sneakers or sandals. Lastly, have a quick-dry towel, sunglasses, and a stylish hat.

Health Items

Of course, you will be vaccinated for various diseases before taking a flight. You still need to keep your health a top priority while diving. So you will need:

• Eyedrops
• Hand sanitizer
• Antibacterial wipes
• Motion sickness pills
• Bug spray
• Sunscreen
• Thermometer
• Pain relievers
• Antimicrobial ointment
• Allergy drugs
• First aid kit with gauze, moleskin, bandages, etc.
• Throat lozenges

Personal Hygiene Basics

Your toiletry bag should be as light as possible. The pastes, gels, creams, and gels inside your carry-on bag must not exceed 100ml. Put them in transparent plastic bags. Pack the following:

• Toilet paper, tissue packets and facial tissues
• Face cream
• Comb and hairbrush
• Skin conditioner and moisturizer
• Deodorant and Cologne
• Pocket mirror
• Shampoo
• Toothbrush and toothpaste
• Hair pins and ties
• Antibacterial soap

Planning the perfect diving vacation should not be a stressful adventure. Make the most of the trip with the above list and consult a local itinerary expert. It goes without saying that you need a passport or visa when travelling to the Philippines. Make sure the passport is valid beyond the planned vacation period.

Scuba diving Palawan requires you to pack the essentials beforehand. While the many sites may have all you need to dive, from gourmet meals to dive equipment, you must show your readiness for a staggering encounter. It goes a long way to travel with the right diving gear and travel essentials for a psyched-up game plan.

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