Aerial Hoop Dancing Classes In Caringbah Could Help You Lose Weight

Working out is not easy. There is so much routine to follow and lots of precautions to take with what you eat. However, you could easily make fitness fun by signing up for aerial hoop dancing classes Caringbah.

Fitness fads will tell you that working out should be dynamic. You need a combination of fitness routines and hitting of different muscles to realize tangible results.

For starters, aerial hoop involves performing moves and techniques on a suspended piece of silk fabric or hula hoops. It requires strength, balance, control, flexibility, and the grace to master the art. It involves acrobatic movements that target different muscles without you realizing it.

So instead of paying for multiple gym sessions that are likely to be painful, why not go for aerial hooping?

The basics

As fun and easy as it looks, aerial hooping can actually be tough for a beginner. It demands a lot of flexibility, balance, and strength. Most aerial hooping classes start with stretching lessons before moving to the hard stuff.

Be warned, the stretching sessions are rigorous and will leave you sweating. Nevertheless, they are designed to prepare your muscles and make the rest of the class easy. Some people may be required to sign up for specialized flexibility lessons to get their body more prepared.

Aerial Hooping

Beginners start with the low hanging hoops and work their way up. You will use a lot of your core, shoulders and arms. You begin to feel the intensity of the class when your muscles are left shaking at the end of each session. As your confidence in hooping grows, you start moving to higher hoops.

The more you spend time at aerial hoop classes, the more you realize it is more than just dancing and fun. You have to work on your stability and overcome your fear of heights if you have any. Also, the first days of suspending yourself on an aerial hoop may feel uncomfortable.

Your entire weight will be pulling on your hands, so you may develop sore palms on your first day of hooping. However, with time you will get used to it the feeling and grow to enjoy the lessons more.

Aerial hoop classes engage every muscle in your body and also work on your mental well-being. You learn to be more patient and enduring as you go through every class and emerge stronger.


Aerial hoop dancing classes Caringbah are designed for those people who want to have fun while working out their muscles. If you see no results on the treadmill, try suspending yourself on a hoop and watch all your muscles go to work.

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