Bamboo Weighted Blanket Cover

If you have tried camping before, then you might have used a sleeping bag. Those meant for winter use tend to be thick and bulky for greater insulation. Even then, they might not be enough. Some people use an additional sleeping bag liner for comfort and other benefits. A bamboo weighted blanket cover works a lot like the liner except that it covers both sides of the blanker instead of acting as an inner shell. Consider getting one to enjoy the following:

Protect the Blanket from Damage

Weighted blankets can be a substantial investment. Some of the most expensive ones can cost around $100 or more. You would want to make them last as long as possible to make the purchase worth your while. It is common for the fabrics to sustain damage over time from constant use and abuse. If you had a protective cover, then this cheaper shield can absorb the abuse so that the blanket itself remains pristine for a longer period.

Make Cleaning Much Easier

Weighted blankets are heavy by nature. That is part of their selling point, after all. They provide a nice reassuring feeling like you are being hugged from all sides. For many, this is enough to help them sleep better every night. However, this same characteristic makes cleaning a major pain. With a blanket cover, most of the dirt and stains stay on the outer layer. You can remove the thin and light cover every week for washing without stress.

Enjoy a Skin-friendly Fabric

If you are not all that happy with the fabric of your bamboo weighted blanket cover, don’t throw it away just yet. Maybe you can use a nice and soft cover to improve its feel. This will prevent waste while giving you the other benefits mentioned earlier. You’ll begin to love hugging your blanket and keeping it close to your skin even if you’re sensitive. A bamboo blanket cover will feel cool and smooth to the touch even on hot days.

Change Blanket Color as You Wish

Are you tired of seeing white all the time? Maybe you want to get a splash of cover in your room. The blanket dominates the bed so its color can have a massive effect on the overall feel of the space. It can be expensive to keep changing weighted blankets with your mood but it’s not a problem with covers. These are much cheaper so you can get several of them. Buy whatever looks good without guilt.

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