Benefits Of Residential Assisted Living

Life as a senior can be challenging but there are plenty of people who can help make it more comfortable. Arrangements can be made to suit the needs of loved ones. They could, for instance, opt for residential assisted living. These are facilities for elder care that are located within residential neighborhoods instead of being isolated like exclusive senior communities. Being in these provide the following benefits:

Fixed Cost

The monthly cost is a fixed price so everything is simplified. No matter how much care a person needs, the expenses will stay the same. This is good for the residents since they will usually require a greater amount of attention as time goes on yet they will not have to pay more for the service. They will always get at least three meals per day. Their laundry and housekeeping will be taken care of for them. The cost also includes cable and other utilities. This should also cover all of the activities that are available for them to participate in while inside the home.

Staff Ratio

Those who have been in a nursing facility will notice the difference in staffing. There is a better ratio of staff to seniors in an assisted living home. This means that there will be more professionals out there attending to the needs of the residents. Each person will get more time and attention. No one will be ignored and needs will be addressed in a more timely manner. They tend to be happier because of the higher level of care. They will also be healthier overall.

Cozy Home

Since they will be living in actual homes, the place will be smaller than the typical nursing community. The latter will usually require residents to walk long distances for different types of activities such as eating in dining area and so on. This could be a problem for those with mobility issues that will only worsen with time. Inside a home, distances are fairly short from room to room. They may not even have to use stairs at all. The garden is just right outside the front door.


Another good thing about this type of setup is that residents can have a bigger say when it comes to their room arrangements. They may choose to share their space with a roommate or have the room all to themselves. The former can provide valuable companionship while the latter gives them greater privacy. It is up to each individual to decide what is more important to them. Learn more about residential assisted living to find out if it’s for you or your loved one.

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