Best Lip Gloss Buying Guide

Luscious lips are attractive. If you need a bit of help to make yours shine, then consider using best lip gloss for that instant glow. Some people prefer these over lipstick while others use both. No matter where you stand on this, you need to choose well because there are thousands of products online so it’s easy to get it wrong. Consider the following before your next purchase in order to find the best lip gloss for your needs:

Budget Range

Let’s get this out of the way first. You will be able to find this product in a wide range of prices. Some of those from lesser known brands can go as low as two dollars. That’s quite cheap. You might stumble upon a gem that actually works well but many of these are cheap for a reason. If you go for the more popular names, then you might be looking at $8 to over $20 per stick. Think carefully about how much you are willing to pay.

Application Method

These products come in a variety of packages that affect the way that they are applied. Some have a doe-foot applicator which you can use to get a small amount from the tube and spread evenly across the surfaces. Others are meant to roll-on to the lips directly which is quicker but lacks precision control. There are also products that come in a squeeze tube. You can use your fingers or a separate applicator to use the contents.

Clear or Color

Consider what you want the lip gloss for. Are you happy with the color of your lips? Do you only need a bit of shine and nothing else? Then go for a clear option for a subtle and natural glow. You can also go all out with different shades to suit your mood and your overall makeup. Some of these products have glitters and other sparkly additions as well.

Hydrating Formula

It’s one thing for your lips to look nice and supple. It’s another thing for it to be real. In some cases, the lip gloss has a formulation that actually helps moisturize the lips. Using these products will help things look and feel better from the inside out.

Length of Use

Observe how long the gloss lasts after application. Some of these are sticky so they smudge and disperse in just a few minutes. You will need to keep fixing it to look good. Others can last for much longer. The low maintenance helps you stay confident and relaxed.

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