Buying The Mad Honey Nepal

If you are tired of carrying the regular honey and getting the same flavor of syrup for most of the brands that are accessible in the market, you should check out the sweet selection of mountain honey prepared by the Mad Honey label. Mad Honey Nepal is an extraction of the syrup in Nepal and has a distinct flavor that people now prefer to have instead of regular honey. This honey is a particular classification of mountain nectar and comes in a deep color that is either a dark amber color or deep yellowish tone. Unlike other classes of honey, the honey flavor is pleasing, and if you like the sweets to entice your taste buds, you will choose this label. You can find this stock at the endorsed honey online website where you can buy this item in quantity or can start with a small purchase to taste the honey and see if you like the different palatableness or not and then go for order in bulk.

However, some controversies are surrounding the use of this honey as the nectar comes when the bees consume the pollen of rhododendron flowers, these result in the bees producing the honey that when consumed in quantity may lead to hallucinations. One of the reasons why the product initially got the name mad honey was due to the mirage impact it carries. However, the consumers are launching high demands of the Mad Honey Nepal, and the local traders buy the raw honey from the local people who climb the mountains to harvest the mad honey.

The honey carries a variety of rhododendrons, namely the Rhododendron luteum and Rhododendron ponticum, that contains grayanotoxin, which can cause tense physiological responses in humans and animals. Depending on how much a person eats, reactions can range from delusions and a slower pulsation to temporary insensibility and unconsciousness. However, the product is not on the list of the banned item, nor there are any requirements of carrying any prescription to buy the product.

It is easy to buy the product online as the Nepal Brand is famous, and more people place online orders to purchase the product. However, one must take this honey in limited quantity, and if there are any signs of irritation, they should not take the nectar without the consultation of a doctor. Regardless of the controversy surrounding the product, the sales volume have been impressive with more people favoring the mad honey over the regular brands and a majority have not reported any medical issues or hallucination on using the syrup.

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