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Detailing Of The Exterior Car Trim: Best Guide

Vehicle maintenance increases its life expectancy, giving you quality service for a long time. Car parts replacements do not come cheap, and the way to avoid it is by taking good care of the vehicle through regular maintenance. One essential vehicle part that drivers forget is the exterior trim. Cleaning it goes beyond washing the outside of the car, as we shall see shortly.

What Is Exterior Car Trim?

Exterior car trim comprises bumpers, window/door seals, trim, headlights, and wheel wells. Besides plastic, some parts also consist of rubber and vinyl. Many manufacturers use them to add aesthetics, flexibility and increase the function of the overall car design. Caring for the car involves the use of a Exterior car trim to eliminate the elements that cause degradation and aging to the exterior trim, such as the direct sunlight.

Exterior Car Trim Maintenance

Here are several tricks that a car owner may use to restore and prevent the vehicle’s exterior car trim from premature aging and degradation.

Undress it to Sparkle it

The first step is to remove old residue. Contrary to what many people believe, soaps and waxes do leave behind residues on the car. It would help if you regularly clean the vehicle’s exterior to remove all residues using a suitable wax remover and a microfiber. Some waxes and sealants usually leave a chalky appearance if it dries on the surface. Ensure that you use appropriate car wash products with a wash mitt to remove all residue thoroughly.


You can use a special trim conditioner to restore the exterior car trims. The market has the best of them that renew and refresh the car parts and restore the dark coloring. You achieve this by adding some trim restoring solution to microfiber and applying it to each trim area. Restoration of the faded exterior car trim is almost immediate after the application.

Treat and Seal

If your vehicle has an outstanding trim and mold detail, you can prepare the car from elements that might cause degradation. After a thorough wash and dry, you may address the sparkling trim and molding around the vehicle with a quality trim conditioner that seals the materials, giving protection from wax, decries, and other harmful chemicals.

Wrap Up

Consider it a job well done when you perform all these maintenance tricks on the exterior car trim. Some of the benefits of the added detailing include:
• The vehicle’s appearance improves
• Wax and other cleaners no longer dry on the vehicle’s surface
• It saves the car owner money that might have been used on trim replacement