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Key Qualities Of A Suitable Reticulation Contractor

So often, garden and landscape owners are duped into signing an agreement with contractors who eventually perform a shoddy job or leave it half-way complete. While it is unfortunate, part of the blame lies squarely on the owners. If you are planning reticulation work in Perth, there are important qualities that you should have in mind before hiring any company. They should help you weed out phony contractors from the professionals.

For inspiration, the following are some of things that you need to keep in mind when hiring a reticulation contractor in Perth:

1. Ask about Products and Equipment in Use

Irrespective of who disguised they are, inexperienced contractors will be easily discovered through asking them to explain the procedures they would put into play in getting the job done. Professional contractors will readily and clearly explain the process of reticulating your yard or garden from the first stage to the last. In addition, they will effortlessly let you know the equipment that is required to complete the job. If there is any beating around the bush, close the door on them.

2. Customized Design

Every garden or yard is different from all others. Therefore, a professional contractor should offer you a design that is customized according to your needs. For example, you may need to water various parts of the yard or garden for different amounts of time. You may also need to water just a part of the property. Whatever your needs, the contractor should be able to explain how they will be fulfilled. Do not hesitate to ask them to provide you with ideas on the best design for your garden or yard and why they consider it so.

3. Warranty and After-sales Services

Don’t assume that the company you hire for your reticulation work in Perth will be there to look after your repair needs and other services that you may need later. Ask them what they offer as after-sales services during the hiring stage. In addition, ensure that their response to any emerging problem is swift. Remember that reticulation equipment and components may fail and you may have to foot heavy repair and maintenance bills simply because you did not ensure warranty and guarantees.


Like all other industries, reticulation is full of people who pose as professionals in order to get their hands into your pockets while providing nothing in return. At best, they will give you a half-done job. Fortunately, there are genuine companies offering reticulation work in and around Perth. You just have to find them. Hopefully, the above highlighted tips will help you find a good contractor.