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Tips To A Successful Batch Cooking

Batch cooking is where one decides to cook meals that should not be eaten at the moment only but can cover a week or two. It entails cooking more than one regular pot for your family; you cook various pots, each with multiple meals stored in a freezer or a refrigerator for the future. If you want to try this for the first time, it might be confusing, and thus you might need some hacks or tips to go about the process; here I what you should consider to make it a success:

Choose your favorite dishes and their recipes.

Various dishes freeze and reheat better than others; therefore, you should consider such foods when choosing the recipes, go for the sauciest and easily re-heatable ones like the curries, stews, soups, pasta dishes, chili, bolognese, among other food of such kind. In this case, you should be able to identify the foods that freeze well and those that do not; you should avoid cream-based soups and some types of noodles; if you would want such meals to consider freezing them separately, the cream soup and the noodles or rice.

Consider freezing the meals in airtight containers.

You should store the dishes in air tighter containers; they might be made of glass or plastics; where you can’t find these, you can opt for aluminum trays with lids. Storing the dishes in plastic containers means that you will need to add more effort to placing baking paper pieces or the freezer separator sheets before putting the lid back. This prevents the occurrences of freezer burns that majorly make your food get discolored and even change the texture and taste.

Prepared dough and pastries

They include pizza dough and pie shells, they are among the top dishes that work best when stored in the freezer, and you can freeze them and later cook them into the best desserts. However, you can also freeze cooked muffins and cakes, but you should not add the icing effect on them as you are considering their storage. Biscuits and cookies can be frozen while raw; prepare the dough and store it waiting for the preparation time.


Batch cooking can be the most uncomplicated cooking you can sacrifice to do for a day and enjoy your work hard and sacrifices later. The frozen dishes can be quickly defrosted then reheated; this makes all the other cooking work and processes more manageable. You should not be worried about planning on nutritious meals for your loved ones; you will have everything sorted at the start.