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Benefits Of Taking A Cryptocurrency Trading Course

Many people may feel intimidated by the complex terminology and technical analysis required when investing in cryptocurrencies. However, with the right cryptocurrency trading course, anyone can learn how to trade like a pro. Here are some key benefits of taking a course:

Developed strategies:

A good cryptocurrency course will teach you how to develop your strategies based on your needs and preferences. This knowledge can be invaluable in avoiding common pitfalls and making profitable trades.


Having developed solid trading skills, you will be confident in making informed decisions about which cryptocurrencies to buy and sell. This confidence may help you overcome any hesitation or fear of investing in this new market.

Improve Skills:

For those looking to take their trading skills to the next level, a cryptocurrency trading course can provide a great way to do so. These courses typically cover various topics, from fundamental analysis to technical analysis.

Find a Course to Match Your Skill Set:

While many different cryptocurrency trading courses are available, each one offers its unique set of benefits and advantages. This means that no two courses are exactly the same, allowing students to learn in a way that best suits their individual needs.

Building Investment Strategies:

Additionally, a trading course can help you build your investment thesis and strategies. By doing this, you can ensure that you are making informed decisions when trading cryptocurrencies, which is important for any investor.

Finding the Best Cryptocurrency Trading Course

In today’s cryptocurrency world, trading is a big part of the game. And if you’re looking to get ahead in this rapidly evolving marketplace, finding a quality cryptocurrency trading course is important.

Fortunately, there are plenty of options out there. But which one is the best for you? Here are some key things to consider when choosing a course:

  1. Level of Training: The first factor to consider is the level of training offered by the course. Some courses provide minimal instruction, while others go into much greater detail. If you’re new to trading and don’t have a lot of experience, choose a course with more intensive instruction.
  2. Time Commitment: Another key factor to consider is how much time you’re willing to spend learning the ropes.

Here are some of the best courses to check

  1. Cboe Cryptocurrency Trading Academy: The Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) offers this course. It is one of the most comprehensive trading programs available, covering both technical and fundamental analysis. You will learn how to trade different cryptocurrencies, as well as how to set up your trading account.
  2. CryptoTrader University: This course is offered by CryptoTrader University (CTU). It is designed for beginners and covers all the basics needed to start trading cryptocurrencies.

Reasons For Taking Cryptocurrency Trading For Beginners

When cryptocurrency trading first started, it was tough to find a way to even purchase Bitcoin. The process was somewhat complicated, and very few knew how the system worked. Fortunately for those looking to enter this market, it has grown exponentially in recent months as cryptocurrencies have become more mainstream. News firms such as Bloomberg inc run stories on crypto daily now, indicating how much the industry has grown over time. New investors are looking into entry points into this lucrative market with this popularity increase. Those who have been following it for years want to share their knowledge with others who want to participate. This article focuses on several key reasons why people believe that taking cryptocurrency trading for beginners is a smart idea.

The Technology Behind It Is Growing Every Day

In our modern age, technology has grown by leaps and bounds. Many would argue that it’s growing so quickly that we’re on the brink of a new type of tech revolution that could be bigger than anything we’ve ever seen before. With this growth in technology comes an increase in understanding for just about every aspect of how it works, which makes the cryptocurrency market a very lucrative one to get into today because there’s still a lot to learn about this industry. This explains why some beginners are willing to spend their time learning how exchanges work, what wallets are necessary, and find out more about different coins like ADA, for instance. This knowledge will only continue to grow as time goes on, making this market equally exciting for veteran investors and new ones alike.

The Media has loved Bitcoin.

It didn’t take long after Bitcoin came onto the scene for it to capture the media’s attention. Many people saw it as a way to get rich at one point, even if they had no idea what they were doing when investing in this specific coin. For those looking to enter crypto trading now that there are more choices than ever before, Bitcoin is still the most well-known cryptocurrency out there, making it a safe choice because of its demand alone. Those who have never participated in cryptocurrencies before may want to start with something like Bitcoin rather than choosing more niche offerings simply because it is more widely known and will be easier to find information on than some of the newer coins in the industry.

The Community Is Growing By Leaps And Bounds Each Day

It’s true that getting started with cryptocurrencies can be a bit overwhelming, particularly if you’re new to this type of technology. Fortunately for those looking to get involved with crypto trading, however, there are plenty of communities out there where these types of people congregate and share their ideas. These groups often do everything from teaching newcomers how different exchanges work so they won’t lose money when using them, which is an invaluable tool in the crypto world because technical problems constantly happen with exchanges, to sharing information about unique coins that may not appear elsewhere online.

In conclusion, taking cryptocurrency trading for beginners is a smart idea because of the many benefits that this industry has to offer. As the technology continues to grow, there will be more entry points into crypto trading than ever before, making it easier than ever for those who aren’t already involved with this type of currency to get involved now.

Ethereum News: Issuers And Users Of Ethereum

Ethereum is a cryptocurrency and a platform for decentralized applications that run on a custom-built blockchain. Ethereum has been around since 2015, but many people don’t know about it or how Ethereum works. Ethereum is an open-source software project with contributors from all over the world. Ethereum is used to pay for transactions made in its own currency called ether, which was worth $1,000+ at one point in 2017. In this article, we will discuss some of the Ethereum news that you need to know!

The first thing you need to know is that Ethereum is the name of a platform for building decentralized applications (apps-). Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin proposed this feature in 2013. Ethereum was initially described by Vitalik in his white paper “A Next-Generation Smart Contract and Decentralized Application Platform”

The technology behind Ethereum allows multiple computers to run software that produces consensus on which transactions are valid, meaning there’s no need for an intermediary like a bank or government. This form of distributed computing uses blockchain technology along with smart contracts – computer programs that execute when conditions set forth are met. These contracts can be used to enable peer-to-peer trade without third parties while lowering costs associated with overhead and removing censorship risks.

Ethereum functionaries use the term “ether” to describe Ethereum’s tradable cryptocurrency. Ethereum is not a security, but there are concerns about its use in illegal activities because it uses the same technology as bitcoin – blockchain.

Ethereum news often covers Ethereum development updates and upcoming features of Etherium. There have been reports that Ethereum is trying to expand into China despite government resistance through an alliance with Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.’s Jack Ma Yun

Decentralized applications (Dapps) also known as “smart contracts,” running on top of Ethereum can transfer funds or provide utility without third parties like banks or lawyers involved which makes Dapps more efficient than centralized services. Many new projects involve using blockchains for identity management, digital rights management, supply chain tracking, asset registry, and other purposes. Ethereum is also being tested by Microsoft as a decentralized basis for cloud services

Ethereum’s market capitalization has grown from $700 million in January 2017 to over $45 billion, making it the second-largest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin.

Ethereum continues to attract big investors and recently secured nearly $200 million of investment through planning an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) that allows companies/projects to pre-sell their crypto coins before actually launching these new ventures.

Although Ethereum was not designed specifically with use cases involving illegal activities or money laundering, its ability to create smart contracts on top of the blockchain makes it easy for scammers and hackers to take advantage of users who may be less tech-savvy than others.

Ethereum is currently trading at around US$450 per Ethereum coin. Ethereum is a popular cryptocurrency, and it has been used as the foundation for many other cryptocurrencies because of its unique features.

Latest Bitcoin News In May 2020

It has been a turbulent year for Bitcoin, as well as other cryptocurrencies. The last twelve months saw BTC’s high go past $12,000 in July 2019 which got people excited about another rally that might rival the previous all-time record. However, the exact opposite happened in the months that followed. Bitcoin had to crash down around $6,500 before Christmas, dashing the hopes of a recovery before the end of the year. Everything looked bleak then with people afraid to touch anything. However, 2020 would add new twists and turns to the story. The tremendous volatility should be good for experienced traders who know how to take advantage of opportunities.

Pandemic Effects

Bitcoin briefly went past the $10,000 level in mid-February in a big rally that started in January. However, it could not sustain the streak and the price went down again after that. Just like other assets, it suffered a heavy loss in March when it spiraled down to levels it hasn’t gone down to in a while. It even breached the $5,000 level which was a major turning point. This set up the stage for a V-shape bounce although the right side of that chart is not as steep as the left. As equity markets recovered, the BTC rallied along thanks to improved confidence from traders.

Stubborn Barrier

In fact, latest Bitcoin news got very close to its 2020 peak early in May. This time it was not able to cross the 10K threshold. A few close calls and no cigar. Some analysts were even predicting a breach of the 11K level but so far this has not transpired. The market simply moved sideways, seemingly waiting for a definitive sign before making a decisive move in either direction. Given all of the recent movements, this seems to be the great psychological barrier that needs to be overcome. There is too much pressure to sell whenever the coin moves to this ceiling. There is not enough buyers coming in as well.

Future Prospects

As for the latest Bitcoin news, the indicators show a good future ahead for BTC. The bulls are holding the price above the $9,000 resistance level and this trend might hold for a while longer. The problem is that the support level seems to go lower by $100 week-on-week. Unless the chart breaks the barrier, the price could fall significantly with some predicting the $6,000 mark by the end of the year. This is not hard to imagine given market volatility during the pandemic.

A Brief Intro To Crypto Trade

Cryptocurrency trading, or crypto trade, is basically speculating cryptocurrency price movements through a CFD (contract for difference) trading account or selling and buying the underlying coins through an exchange. A CFD is essentially an arrangement done in the financial derivatives trading realm where the disparities in the settlement between the closing and opening trade prices is paid in cash. No securities with CFDs or physical goods are delivered.

Cryptocurrency CFD Trading

CFDs trading are basically derivatives, which facilitate speculating on movements in cryptocurrency price without having to own the coins underlying. With crypto trade, you can go long or take the ‘buy’ position (if you believe the cryptocurrency would go up in value) or sell or go short (if you believe it would fall).

Both products are leveraged, which means you only have to deposit a small amount – referred to as margin – to get complete exposure to the market underlying. Your loss or profit would still be computed as per your position’s full size, so leverage would amplify both losses and profits.

Trading Cryptocurrencies Through an Exchange

When you purchase cryptocurrencies through an exchange, you are buying the coins themselves. You must set up an exchange account, set the asset’s entire value to take a position, and keep the cryptocurrency tokens with you in your wallet till the time you are ready to sell.

Wallets exist to safeguard your cryptocurrency. The wallet has your public address and private key, which help with storing, sending, and receiving cryptocurrencies. A private key basically offers you the authority to send and access your money. A public address is where other users would be sending you money.

These exchanges come with their unique steep learning curves since you must learn the technology at work and how data is interpreted. Several exchanges also limit the amount you could deposit.

Cryptocurrency Markets – Working Mechanism

Cryptocurrency markets are regionalised, which means there is no government or any central authority issuing or backing things. Instead, operations are carried across a computer network. However, you may buy and sell cryptocurrencies through exchanges and have them stored in your digital wallets.

Unlike fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies exist as a shared digital ownership record, stockpiled on a blockchain. To send a unit(s) of cryptocurrency to another user, you must send them to the digital wallet of the particular user. The transaction is considered complete only if it has been checked and added to blockchain via a method referred to as mining. Also, this is how fresh cryptocurrency tokens get created normally.

How To Make Money From The Crypto Market

Many shrewd investors are embracing the crypto currency market because there is big money to be made in this market right now. Trading on crytocurrencies is a great idea because this industry is still relatively new. This means you can invest your capital and get a decent margin if you know the rules of the game. Below are some smart ways to make money from margin trading crypto.

Study the Market

In the business world, it does not pay to rush into any investment. Before investing in the crypto market, you should take time to study the market. The same investment principles work for stock trading, Forex trading and crypto trading. Look at the trend and establish whether you are looking at a downward trend or an upward trend. Study price movements and figure out the best time to enter the market.

Exit at the Right Time

There is no reason to stay too long in any market. The trick to making money from margin trading is to have an exit point in mind before you invest. This means you are targeting a particular profit percentage. Once the market hits your anticipated target, you can take profit and enjoy the margin. This way, you are not likely to lose your capital.

Choose Your Trading Time

A smart investor does not trade every day. This is the first thing you should know when you are trading cryptocurrencies. Sometimes, the market is flat and you cannot tell whether you are looking at a rising trend or a falling trend. When the market is fuzzy, the best move is to stay away and just watch the market from a safe distance. When the market gets more predictable, you enter and make a large profit. This is how the gurus trade and this is how you should trade.

Follow Your Instincts

The crypto market is not an exact science. Sometimes, all the indicators tell you to enter the market. The current news indicates that this is the right time to trade. However, your gut feeling tells you not to trade. The point here is that you should not go against your gut feeling. Follow your instincts and stay away when you smell danger for some inexplicable reasons.

Have a Fallback Position

In every business, it pays to have a “Plan B’. Do not place all your capital in just one transaction because the unexpected may happen without warning. Invest carefully, increase your capital when the time is right and always for a safe but decent margin. This is the secret of margin trading crypto success.

Why Cardano Will Top The Cryptocurrency Chart In The Near Future

Cardano, a famous blockchain product, continues to excite its shareholders with its recent roadmap for the future. Even their competitors are getting shivers when they read the roadmap. Cardano is promising more and better releases before the end of 2018. Surely, the cryptocurrency must be one of the most hopeful blockchains in the world today. But, are there any pieces of evidence to justify this claim? Well, there are reasons to believe that they are currently setting the trend, and it’s just a matter of time before they top the performance list. Here are the obvious justifications:

1. Decentralized POS

In September, Cardano released decentralized POS (Proof of Stake) tokens for its stakeholder. Since their launching, the tokens have stirred excitement in the staking community. The tokens are easily delegated to the Cardano staking pool as investment. This clearly shows that the cryptocurrency is dedicated to give the stakeholders a powerful and practical decentralized database.

2. Multi-Signature System

When a blockchain merges with the banking sector as Cardano did, many people wonder how issues to do with the joint accounts will be solved. To handle the challenges, Cardano is currently implementing a system for multi-signature transactions. The system will be activated when both parties agree. At the moment, the implementation is at 35% but Cardano promises to complete it before the end of the year.

3. Paper Wallet

There are rumors that Cardano will move to paper wallet and that they’ve partnered with Genesis Vision (GV) and so payments via the cryptocurrency will be enabled through GV. If the rumors are really true, stakeholders should expect to keep their Ada coins longer offline.

4. Incentive Scheme

On the roadmap, Cardano mentions an incentive plan for rewarding the best performers. In this case, participants for the Cardano staking pool should expect more returns from their tokens. However, they will need to perform at a higher level to reap better returns. This means putting more stakes in their block contributions. Nonetheless, the plan is still being evaluated carefully as there will be people that will try to take advantage of uneven rewards and compensations. Although the implementation is still down the road, it is signifies a good intention on the part of Cardano developers.


Looking at the above-listed points described on the Cardano roadmap, it’s evident that the cryptocurrency is on course to top the cryptocurrency chart soon. The prospects are higher and 2018 is the stepping stone to their inevitable elevation. When it happens, it will be a win-win for the cryptocurrency and for the stakeholders.