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Finding The Best Swing Bands For Hire

Every city has dozens of bands that perform at special events to entertain guests. Most of these bands have original songs while others play popular songs by popular musicians. Whatever the case, hiring a band to entertain guests at an event is a great way to add life to a party. Since there are many bands for hire in the city of Sydney, you have to carry out your own research to identify the best bands for your needs. By shortlisting the top-rated bands, you can easily narrow down your search and pick the right band for your party needs. The following are a few simple factors to consider when searching for the best swing bands for hire:

i) Experience

The more a band performs together, the better they become. When you listening to music played by an experienced band, you will realize that it differs greatly from music played by newbies. Therefore, you have to compare the years of experience and number of events a band has performed at. Bands with a lot of experience playing swing music at live events in Sydney should get priority consideration.

ii) Music Genre

Music bands usually play different types of songs. For instance, you will find rock bands, swing bands, reggae bands and the likes. If you are a fan of swing music, be sure to hire a band that has been playing swing music for a long time. Ideally, you should check out online videos of the band performing your favourite swing music pieces.

iii) Rates

The rates charged by different bands should be compared. This is because you want to get the best possible value for money. While the best bands may charge a premium, a comparison of rates quoted by the top-rated bands will help you pick the right band for your entertainment and budgetary needs.

iv) Availability

The best music bands in Sydney are usually fully booked on weekends as well as during the holidays. Since you may be planning to have a party on a weekend or holiday, you should check the availability of the bands you have shortlisted. Only bands that are available to perform on the dates you have selected should be given any consideration.

v) Reputation

You have to carry out some research on the reputation of the shortlisted bands. Some bands are known for putting up a great show while others have a bad reputation in the industry. By checking how different bands have been rated and reading reviews, you should be able to identify the most reputable band to hire.

Quick Pointers For Hiring Swing Bands For Celebratory Events

The band that you hire for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s day, a wedding, or even a graduation party can make or break your event. Swing bands for hire are quite popular because they offer a wide-range selection of entertainment. These ensembles cover a diverse range of sounds and can elicit different moods by mixing blues, jump jive, lindy hop, rock and roll, plus jazz.

Simply put, swing bands are excellent for any kind of private event. Even so, hiring a reliable band that will not disappoint on the special day can be a tough task. It is why you should consider the following pointers before selecting any ensemble for your event.

1. Figuring out a Band’s Quality

There are so many bands out there that over-promise and under-deliver. You can pre-vet a band by looking at how it presents itself. Here are some things to look for when hiring a band:

• A Great Demo CD: Make sure that your ensemble’s music is in time, in time, and well produced.

• The Photos: A great band will always have decent photos to boot. Band brands that lack nice photos might also skimp on many other important things. A band that cares about its customers knows that presentation really matters.

• Testimonials and Customer Reviews: By reading genuine reviews about a band, you will easily know how it performs.

• Equipment: Professional bands use only quality instruments. When vetting bands, take note what kind of microphones, amplifiers, PAs, and general instruments they use.

2. Planning for Your Band

Once you have a band in mind, the next major step you should undertake is to plan for/ with the ensemble. Most great bands are highly sought-after, which is why you should talk to your selected band as soon as possible. Here are a few things you ought to cover in the planning stage:

• Space: Figure out if your venue has enough room to accommodate the band and its equipment. Ideally, every band member should have 1.5 meters across of space.

• Cost: Agree on the performance prices before-hand to avoid any disputes during your special day. The cost of a band depends on its quality, size and experience.

• Timelines: Get to realize an ideal period for each performance so that you can accommodate the band in your event’s program.

Live swing music is usually infectious, which is why so many people prefer swing bands for hire. People of all ages enjoy the music and no one in your event will feel left out. Make sure to employ the tips above to make the most out of a swing ensemble.

How To Make The Most Out Of Your Android TV Box

Android boxes are becoming popular every year. According to Google, this smart TV boxes now have millions of users. The android technology has advanced so much so that you can now build it into high-end TVs like Sharp Aquos, Philip OLED, and Sony Bravia. If you have recently bought an Android TV Box, it is important to realize ways to utilize it fully. Consider the following pointers:

1. Add a Gaming Controller

The Android Box is quite handy for gaming enthusiasts. The technology comes with a ton of fun games that you can play. Even so, playing with the TV’s remote control makes it quite tedious. The best part is that you can pair up a Bluetooth-enabled game controller with your Android TV box via ‘Add device’ in the menu. An Xbox One controller or a PS4 pad will work just fine with your Android TV.

2. Use Voice Control

Most Android TV setups come with a dedicated microphone button that increases the device’s usability. You can use this button to easily open apps, look for actors or shows, change settings etc. Voice Control is the best way to multi-task when using your device.

3. Enable Google Personal Assistant

Google Assistant has been a great fit for phones and other hand devices. For starters, Google Assistant can help you do a lot of things with your device including finding information online, controlling your music, opening apps on your phone, playing content on Chromecast and other compatible devices, reading your notifications among others. Luckily, you can now enjoy a similar experience with your TV. All you need to do is go to the devices menu on your phone, select your TV, and allow ‘Personal results.’ Just try it out and see for yourself the array of TV services you’ve been missing.

4. Load Extra Apps

The Android TV Box usually has fewer apps when compared to an Android phone because it’s for serving the big screens. However, it is possible to add many more apps in the Android TV’s Play Store thanks to Google’s open-source approach. The only limitation is that you can only add apps that are compatible with your TV. Some apps are only usable on phone.

Android TV boxes are a great way to experience movies, games, music, apps, and all the Google service that you love right on your big screen. Getting the best Android box out there is not enough. You ought to know how to use it well. After unboxing and installing your device, start by incorporating the pointers above.

Funny Clean Comedians For Corporate Events

There are two types of corporate dinner, one where all the participants know each other and the one where they meet for the first time or barely know each other. In the latter case, entertainment during the dinner will help break the ice and make the participants known to each other. In the event that everyone knows each other, it can often happen that there is a cold situation in a formal atmosphere and the animation will be apt to warm up the evening and make it more convivial.

Another important aspect to consider is to make the dinner memorable by presenting funny clean comedians with a strong comic and emotional impact. The event will be so desirable to participate in future dinners and probably in the company will be discussed in the days to follow. In this way, the event will be seen as an obligation to participate in questions of form but will instead be perceived as an expected and desirable moment.

Finally, you must keep in mind that often companies are looking for team building activities that are often not possible for logistical reasons: in fact, team building activities involve more days and trips that may be difficult for participants due to time constraints. Many types of entertainment, including funny clean comedians for business dinners also perform this function for guests, thus combining business with pleasure in a logistically more affordable solution.

Memorable event

There are many ways to liven up a convention. Among the games for corporate events the quiz show is one of the most engaging. In my opinion it remains one of the most effective types of corporate dinner entertainment from the point of view of guest involvement, team building and loyalty to the company.

A moment of the show quiz during the entertainment of a company convention. Each team is then given an electronic keyboard with the chosen name. Between one course and another there will be the various matches where, on one or more sheets, multiple-choice questions will be projected.

The questions are general knowledge and have varying degrees of difficulty. Each question will assign a score to the teams and the computer will decide the winner at the end of the game according to the ranking. In addition to the questions there will be tests of skills to always play with the keyboard.

Another important aspect for a successful night is to leave the comedy actors or comedians in a way that they know how to comment in a fun way, that they always have a joke and that they can give the right rhythm to the same.

The business theater is ideal for creating a playful and recreational moment at business meetings, promote a more transparent communication between company and employees and stimulating employees to awareness and reflection thanks to the ironic representation of their stories.

How To Get Cheap Sports Tickets

Watching games live allows you to see your favorite players up-close and cheer them on. You will see every detail of the drama unfold before your very eyes. You will hear the deafening roar of the crowds and soak up the intense atmosphere. It certainly beats watching alone in your living room. On the other hand, tickets do cost money especially if you are supporting popular teams. Here’s how you can get cheap Lakers tickets:

1. If you are planning to watch a lot of games, then buy a season pass.

Rather than buying tickets for every game, save yourself time, effort, and money by getting a season pass. You should be able to watch most of the matches on their home court with this single purchase. Sure, it can be a pretty hefty investment but it is still a bargain when you calculate the per game cost. It is just like shopping wholesale for the products that you frequently use. The more you buy, the less you have to pay for each item. If you live near the Staples Center, then this makes a lot of sense since you can always catch the games.

2. Buy your tickets at the right time to catch them at their lowest.

If you are only planning to watch key matches, then the season pass is out of the question. You can instead make sure that you time your purchases such that the prices are at their lowest. Most people might think that ticket prices are static but they are actually quite volatile. They can go up and down depending on the demand. Sales open early so you should be able to buy months ahead. Values will slowly rise as the date approaches and fall right on game day itself as sellers try to empty their inventory. Waiting until the last moment can be risky as you might run out of tickets to buy.

3. Compare prices between multiple ticket sellers to find the best deal.

Another trick is to check the listings of various online sellers. They may all be selling the same tickets for the same events but some might publish lower rates than others. Always shop around and compare before taking the plunge.

4. Join the fan club for perks like prime seats at low cost.

If you are really into the Lakers, then you might want to join one of their fan clubs. These have connections that allow them to get prime seats at a low cost. Get this and other perks when you get into the clubs.

5 Incredible Reasons Why You Might Opt For Party Bus Hire In Sydney

One may think that taking a taxi to a party is the only way left. Maybe you’ve a reason for that, but unfortunately, that is incorrect. You can opt for a party bus hire service and get the experience you love. Here is why you can go for party bus hire Sydney:

1. Party Supplies

You see, when you are at a party with your friends, you need something to drink or eat. So, a bus has enough space for that. You can bring all that you need for your party on the bus. And you’re good to go.

2. It’s Cheaper to Share Travel Cost

In most cases, it’s cheaper to share expenses especially when you’re having a big party with your friends and colleagues. Typically, you spend less than you could have paid if you were to travel alone in different cars.

3. No Additional Fees

The most disturbing scene is to have your van apprehended by the city cops for illegal parking or may be trying to find some parking space for your van with no avail at all. Here, a party bus is a perfect way out. Once you have paid for the bus hire service, no more charges on the road will be incurred. They’ll ensure you reach the venue safe and sound. You’ll also get back home relaxed.

4. Luxury Guaranteed

There is nothing more satisfying than cruising down the highway while dancing to some great tunes and drinking with your allies in the party bus. For sure, with the LED disco lights, the state-of-the-art sound system and a stylish interior, you are good to switch to party mode. So, with a bus for the party, you experience that extreme comfort which makes you wish for nothing more.

5. A Professional Driver Chauffeurs You

During partying sessions, many people love hired buses because they’ve a designated driver with them. You see, here you’ll not be drinking and driving as you move from one bar to the other. These drivers keep you safe and are very committed to ensuring that you reach back home well.

Your party needs safety and a sober driver. So the most important choice you can make while planning for a party is to hire a bus.

Final Thoughts

With these genuine reasons, anyone planning to have a party can’t afford to ignore party bus hire Sydney offers. Yes, you’ll enjoy that luxury you have been longing for, you won’t incur any additional fees, party supplies will be allowed, and a driver will take you there plus bring you back home safe. And Sydney has many companies that offer bus hire services.

Hire A Pink Party Bus In Sydney

Whenever you want to host an amazing party with your girlfriends, you should always think about hiring a party bus. This will ensure you have the privacy and space you need to party comfortably. You can dance, drink, watch movies and do anything you want inside the party bus without having to worry about privacy or having the party stopped by the police. To find the best pink party bus in Sydney, you need to create a shortlist of firms that have these types of buses. The ideal party bus hire company should have a wide range of buses on offer. They should vary in sizes, designs and features to suit the needs of different types of clients. Below are some of the key factors to consider when looking for the right party bus for your needs:

i) Bus Size

You will obviously find many bus hire companies and each one of them has several pink party buses. Since you have invited a specific number of guests to the party, you should spend some time looking for a bus that can comfortably accommodate you and your guests. Just check the carrying capacity of the bus as specified by the bus hire company before making a decision. You do not want to rent a bus that is either too large or too small to comfortably accommodate your needs.

ii) Bus Shape or Design

Some party buses look like modified school buses while others have a modern or state of the art look. Depending on your taste and personal preferences, be sure to choose the right bus shape before making a decision.

iii) Features

It is crucial you check the features that come with a bus. This includes the size of the dance floor and flat screen TV as well as the size of the mini bar and power of the music system. You want to hire a party bus with a large dance floor, powerful music system, disco lights, fully-stocked mini bar, soundproofing and comfortable seats among other things. Basically, you want a bus that will give you the best value for money.

iv) Fees

Party buses are normally rented out on a daily or hourly basis. Since you may need the bus for the entire day and night, be sure to choose a firm that charges the most competitive rate for their buses. Simply ask different bus hire companies to give you their quotes for the buses you want and do a comparison. This will enable you to identify the most affordable party bus to hire.

3 Essential Things You Need To Know About Bus Hire For Formals In Sydney

One thing that you’ll vividly recall in your entire life is your school formal. You want to make it as memorable as possible. You really want to get the maximum enjoyment from every moment.

So, how do you get the most enjoyment from every minute? Or how do you get the party rolling? Here you need to get bus services that will give you an unforgettable experience. Yes, with your group of between 10 and 40 people, you can go for bus hire for formals in Sydney and book your event ride. With that crucial step in place, you’ll arrive at your school in style.

You see if you think your parent dropping you to the party is the only way, then you’re wrong! A regular bus with the best music and classic interiors will grace your grand entry. Here are three things you’ve to know about bus hire for formals in Sydney.

1. What are the services you can get from a hired bus?

Most bus hire companies will provide you with the following:

• The bus will pick you from the location you agree.

• They drop you off to your formal event location.

• You’ll be ferried back when the party is over.

• The attendants offer you the kind of music of your preference

• Attendants may also take some photos of you upon your request.

• You’ll be served with drinks. Note that alcohol will be served to those over 18 years of age only after revealing their ID copies.

2. What are some of the features of the buses for hire?

Here are a few features that will provide a luxurious experience:

• Impressive 55-inch led screens

• Free WiFi

• Fine lounges

• Cell phone charging ports

• A fantastic mirrored ceiling

• Free water

• Customized music

• Karaoke

• LED disco lighting

• A red carpet laid on arrival

3. How Much does it Cost?

Bus hire prices vary depending on location. Also, the number of confirmed attendants on your formal party should be considered. This factor is vital in such a way that if you’re thirty invited individuals who will attend the party, you split the fees amongst yourselves. So everyone gives a share of the costs, which is a more affordable option. The more guests you have, the cheaper the ride.

Up to this point, you’re well informed about your entry to your school formal. It’s important to consider hiring a bus that will give you the exceptional services. You’re only required to inquire about the services you’ll get, the features you prefer and the cost. With this, your party will be lit.

Nightclubs In Prague -How To Enjoy A Night Out In Prague

Prague is one of the best party cities in Europe. You can dance the night away at many cosy spots and forget your problems for the night. Both the entrance fees and beers in Prague are moderately priced, making it a great place to party.

There are many different nightclubs in Prague that someone new to the place would have a difficult time selecting a nightclub to be spending time in. Most of the nightclubs in Prague are known for their live music performances and their good food. However, what makes a club really special is how it makes you feel as an individual. A quick search on your favorite search engine will reveal a wide range of popular nightclubs in Prague. However, this is not to say that all the club’s appearing on the first page are the best or that those in lower ranks in search engine are the bad ones. You therefore need to do some homework before making a decision.

Read Reviews

When reading reviews on nightclubs in Prague, look for any complaints left by previous visitors. For instance, you want to avoid any clubs that seem popular with violence. Find out what people feel about the bouncers and waiters at the place before adding it yo your list.


You want to visit a club that makes you feel right at home. The theme, layout and furniture in a nightclub will play a major role in ensuring you get the right experience. For this reason, go through pictures of the venue and decide whether it is right for you or not.


Some clubs play all kinds of music while others specializes in a specific genre. If you visit a nightclub that specializes in your favorite type of music, you are likely to come across like-minded people. If you decided to go to one that plays all kinds if music styles, then you’ll come across a diverse group of people to socialize with.

Get in Early

If you find a good nightclub to be spending some nights in, make sure you secure your spot early enough. Most nightclubs in Prague sell out early on the weekends and holiday seasons. Getting in early helps you find a good spot to seat and dance when you get into a club.

Have a Designated Driver Ready

If you intend to party hard, it is only wise that you consider safety. There are all kinds of taxi services you can use after a busy night out. These will ensure your night starts smoothly and ends even smoother when having fun in Prague.

How To Hire A Comedian For Your Event

No event is ever complete without some sort of entertainment. Whether it’s a wedding or a corporate event, you want your guests to have a wonderful and memorable time.

You’ll have plenty of options to work with when choosing entertainment for your event. You can hire live bands, dancers, Djs or comedians.

How to Hire a Comedian for Your Event

Comedians make a living out of making people laugh. They can turn an otherwise basic event into a fun occasion that will remain in the memories of your guests for days to come. There are all kinds of comedians you can choose from. You can choose between headliners and corporate comedians. The headliner comedians are able to attract more people as they are usually popular and more skilled. However, such comedians will charge more for their services than corporate comedians who either work part-time or haven’t had enough exposure.

Know your Audience

Before choosing a comedian for your event, consider your guests average; age range, profession, level of education, industry and gender. This way, you’ll be able to determine the type of comedian to choose.

Clean or a Little Controversial?

Most comedians are known for their “strong language” which most people may find offensive. Once you’ve understood your group’s demographics, you’ll be able to determine their tastes and expectations. You can either vet your comedian on the language to use or simply find a family friendly comedian that is suitable for your event. If your guests can handle the heat, then don’t shy away from hiring the more controversial comedians as they are able to break barriers ensuring everyone has their fun.

Do a Background Check

One thing you want to find out before hiring a comedian is just how funny they are. A good way to do this is to check out videos of their previous performances. If you find their style funny, then you can bet your guests will love them too. Comedians are usually cheery people who get a long well with anybody. When you contact a comedian, determine whether they make you feel comfortable from the get go. Hire a comedian that is not only friendly and attentive, but also comfortable to be around.

Book Early

Finally, it is important that you book a comedian a few weeks or months prior to your event. Comedians are usually busy with gigs that run throughout the year. To avoid last minute rush and to ensure you get your hands on a skilled professional, start your search early and secure their services as soon as you can.