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Installing A Glass Privacy Screen In Soldiers Point: A Quick DIY Guide

The material that you use for your privacy screen in Soldiers Point has a lot to stay about your taste. It can either promote the design of your home or break it. Thus, it’s important to pick contemporary and fashionable designs.

Apparently, no material is as trendy and physically-appealing as glass. A glass privacy screen allows you to view your backyard or pool form a distant, more so when watching your kids play or swim. The panels also come in attractive colors to upgrade the design of your home. What’s more, glass privacy screens don’t corrode or rust and doesn’t need painting, oiling, or others forms of maintenance. An occasional hose down is all you need to keep your privacy screen looking good.

Contrary to what many people believe, installing glass privacy screen is not complicated and you can do it yourself. Here is the guide to follow.

The Preparation Phase

Start by assembling the materials that you need to fit the fence. They include:

• Glass panels

• 2 gates (one for the entrance and the other for the exit)

• Hinges and latches (to attach glass panels)

• Supports (brackets, caulk, bolts, and screws)

• Posts (mini-posts and spigots/main posts)

• Concrete footing/thick slab

• Hammer drill

• Base plate

Once you have the above supplies, the other things to consider in this phase are:

• The regulations: You need to research the legal requirements that govern the installation of privacy screen in Soldiers Point.

• The layout: You have to determine how much space the privacy screen will occupy.

The Installation Phase

You should follow these steps:

• Prepare the site by digging sizeable trenches.

• Place the thick slab/concrete footing to the position of the mini-posts.

• Screw firmly the base plates on the small posts.

• Mark on the plates the position of the anchor holes

• Using the hammer drill, make anchor holes on the plates. The holes should be dip enough to penetrate the concrete footing (about 80mm)

• Fix the spigots/main posts to the mini-posts and apply caulk for support.

• Bolt the posts to affirm the anchorage.

• Mark where the fence centerline will be and screw the end brackets.

• Position the glass panels on the mini posts carefully.

• Install the gates by attaching them using the hinges and lathes.

With these simple steps, you can be able to install any type of glass privacy screens in Soldiers Point that is modern and attractive. In case you are not sure of how to choose the supplies, you should talk to an expert.