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How To Wear Vintage Shoes With Your Pretty Vintage Dress

For most ladies, the dress is the most important outfit. For this reason, they end up putting more effort into choosing the attire and they forget its accompaniments. Why is this so? Some argue that it’s because the dress is the most noticed wear. Others think that it’s because the dress defines the style of the wearer. But frankly, a pretty dress can only be prettier if it’s worn with an equally pretty pair of shoes. In fact, when dressing up the vintage style, you need to give the footwear the same attention that you give the dress. As you shop for vintage shoes, you should have these ideas in mind.

1. You Can’t Go Wrong with Feminine Flats

If you are looking for a classic look, a pair of feminine flats will go well with your vintage dress. Flats are generally not attention-drawing but really cool when worn right. You can either go for pointed toe design or just rounded flats. The designs are great for enhancing the 1950’s vintage vibe.

2. Try the Creeper Platform Shoes

If you are not a fan of flats, then you should go for a pair of creeper platform shoes. Just like punks, creepers have found their ways onto runways in the recent past. In fact, they have gone more mainstream since the days when they were being hunted down in famous boutiques in New York. Even celebrities like Rihanna are sporting them, albeit with their won fashion takes. If you want to add unique vibe to your vintage dress, therefore, you can never go wrong with creeper platform shoes.

3. Consider Classic Navy Footwear

Sometimes it’s difficult to settle on a particular color of vintage shoes, more so when your dress has multiple-colored patterns. With a pair of classic navy vintage shoes, you are able to play safe. You’ll not appear out of fashion in them.

4. There is Class in Leather

There is something special about leather shoes. They are the highlight of the vintage style. You’ll appear like someone with class in leather shoes regardless of their design. Whether you choose boots, sandals or wedges, they will demand more respect provided they are leather.

5. Don’t Forget the Clarks

Lastly, consider adding a pair of Clarks to your collection. Clarks are historically known to be vintage shoes. They are great at adding a 1970’s vibe to your look.

While there are so many vintage shoes online, it’s important to know what will match your vintage dress. As you do the shopping, always have the above points in mind. They’ll help you find your perfect footwear.

Why You Should Buy Vintage Shoes Online

There is more to shopping than buying an item. You want shopping to be a wise investment of your time and money. You can be stylish when you shop for your vintage shoes online.

You Can Find The Shoes You Want

When you shop in shoe stores and department stores, you are limited to the shoes they have in stock. This can be difficult enough when you want to buy a modern style, but virtually impossible when you prefer vintage items. Online shopping is much different.

When you shop for shoes online, you will find the exact style in your size. Instead of settling for styles you do not like, or the wrong size, the shoes you buy will be perfect.

You Can Save Money

Comparison shopping is easier when you do it online. When you browse various websites and compare products on the websites, you will find the best value for your money. You may even find discounts and coupons to save more money. Online shopping helps you stay within your budget.

Shopping Is Convenient

With all the other advantages to shopping online, convenience is important, too. You can browse, choose a pair of shoes, and place an order, all from the comfort of your own home. You do not need to take time to drive to local stores, and wait in line. An online store is available at any time of the day or night.

The convenience makes shopping fun. When you are not in a crowded store, you can take all the time you need to look at shoes. Whether you are looking for one specific style, or are not sure what you want, browsing websites can be an enjoyable experience. You will surely find at least one pair of shoes, and may even decide to buy more than one pair.

It is so convenient, in fact, that you will see shoes for other people in your life. Whether there is a holiday or special event coming up, or you only want to surprise someone with a unique gift, shoes can be an appropriate option. Your recipient will be happy with her favorite style of shoes.

Shopping can be a great experience for so many different reasons. All you need to do is make a selection, place an order, and wait for your shoes to arrive. There is no easier way to acquire the shoes you want.

Vintage shoes online can make your life easier. When your shoes arrive at your home, you will appreciate this new option for shopping. You will love your new shoes.