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How A Fulfillment Center Can Help You Ace Your Bivvies And Shelters Inventory Management

Are you an e-commerce merchant in UK and you find it challenging to ship and store your bivvies & shelters merchandise? What you miss in your ranks is a fulfillment center. This is a third party that outsources shipping and warehousing solutions on your behalf. A UK fulfillment center can link your brand with your customers. This means that you don’t have to directly manage your inventory. For this reason, you can be able to concentrate on the other things that affect your online business.

Common Inventory Problems

There are two major problems that affect inventory management:

• Overselling: At times, you may be in a situation where you have more orders than what your inventory can fulfill. This is what is commonly referred to as overselling. In such a case, you are provided with only one solution: to write back to the customers and inform them that you are out of stock. An oversell can damage the standings of your e-commerce if angry customers leave bad reviews.

• Stockout: A stockout applies when merchandise posted on your website is totally unavailable. In short, you are selling something that is not there. This may leave the customers really disappointed in your business or brand.

How a Fulfilment Center Addresses the Problems

Before the merchandise is stored in the warehouse, the UK fulfillment center managers that you choose to work with have to review each product to make sure that they are the correct ones and are in good condition. They can also track the flow of your bivvies & shelters merchandise from the manufacturer to the consumers. It’s also the role of the fulfillment center to ensure that the stock is sufficient to match the demand. In case you are running low on stock, the managers of the fulfillment center will inform you so that you can facilitate the injection of more stock. This ensures that you don’t suffer an overselling or a stockout. The center also gives you the space to scale up your e-commerce without affecting the stock supply.


Generally, there are a number of channels that your merchandise has to go through in the online market. To avoid inventory setbacks, you need the help of a fulfillment. As an ecommerce merchant, fulfillment centers enable you to outsource your warehousing and shipping needs. This relives your online business of the necessary physical space to keep your bivvies and shelters products, allowing you to run your e-commerce store smoothly and efficiently. As a guide, before opting for an outsourced UK fulfillment center, it is highly recommended to ensure that the center can integrate with your current ecommerce software to make it easier to track your clients’ orders.