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A Quick Guide On Sharpening The Oboe Reed Knife

The secret to enjoying making oboe reeds is having a sharp knife. It can be hard to scrape off the cane with a blunt knife. But before we even look at what tool you need to sharpen the oboe reed knife, it’s important to understand the tool better. The blade features an edge that protrudes on one side. It’s called the knife burr and it’s what cuts the reed cane in a scraping motion. So, what you target when sharpening the knife is the burr.

The Sharpening Goal

When sharpening the knife, you target any of these two goals:

• To create a new cutting edge

• To refine an existing cutting edge

The first option is ideal when you’ve used the knife for long and the cutting edge is blunt. The second option, however, applies when doing routine sharpening. In this case, you are doing it for maintenance reasons.

The Sharpening Guide

The sharpening of the oboe reed knife depends on the grit (fineness) that you are targeting. In most cases, you use a sharpening stone that has a specific grit value. The more the grit value, the finer the sharpening. Therefore, the grit can be categorized into two:

• Coarse Grit: This applies when you don’t want the knife to be very sharp. The sharpening stones, in this case, have a standard grit value of 300 to 600 or an extra coarse grit value of 600 to 1000. A good example of a standard coarse grit stone is the Indian stone while that of the extra coarse grit is the ceramic stone.

• Fine Grit: This applies when you are targeting a finer cutting edge or you want to create a new cutting edge. The sharpening stones have either a standard grit value of 1200 or an extra fine grit value of 4000. You can use the diamond stone or the Japanese water stone for standard fineness or the pocket stone for extra fine grit.

However, it is important to note that above grit values are general guides only. Generally, grit values and number vary greatly. Nonetheless, the values should help point you in the right direction of what numbers and names are referenced to. The grit numbers and name may also depend on the type of stone that you are using as well as how abrasive the material is.

With an evenly sharp knife, it’s generally enjoyable to make oboe reeds. The knife ensures that you use minimal energy and you enjoy the experience. In the end, this translates to an effectively assembled oboe instrument.

Guide To Campaign Monitor Reviews

Artificial intelligence (AI) is driving campaign monitoring for digital marketers. These autonomous systems, are today able to learn for themselves and interact not only with Internet users, connected objects but also with other Intelligences artificial.

The development of the AI will be the key element that allows an ever deeper and more personalized exchange with Internet users. This technology is behind many other trends that will transform digital marketing, such as voice assistants, advanced analytivs and predictive marketing. The goal is to reach a level of ultra-personalization of web browsing and a directly proactive behavior of brands vis-à-vis their prospects and customers.

E-merchants will be able to offer their customers products directly related to their tastes and consumer habits or offer them additional services (delivery, payment) adapted to their lifestyle. These techniques will streamline the purchasing path and have a significant impact on conversion rates and basket abandonment.

Brand ambassadors in the form of influencers is an interesting option at a time when Internet users tend to resist advertising messages. Word of mouth has never been more important for brands. Think about creating an ambassador program to gain visibility.

The flagship content is video. The production of video content must be at the heart of your content marketing strategy. Smart content improves your image and attracts more users to your offer. 90% of users say that product videos are a decision-making aid.

Artificial intelligence is one of the fields attracting huge interest and investment by tech giants. Many companies in the field of technology are jostling to secure a pole position in robotics and artificial intelligence (AI). Some firms have gained considerable ground in the quest for superiority. Its latest advances and announcements make it clear that the its name is now synonymous with AI.

More recently, the leading search engine launched an AI research center in China with the aim to tap into the country’s extensive skills base. As with Android, it aims to take advantage of the Open Source philosophy and has released various parts of TensorFlow with open source licenses. This allows interested parties to freely use the libraries that essentially enable users to experiment with deep learning projects.

In this type of development, artificial intelligence and Campaign Monitor Reviews go beyond the gross calculation of traditional computers. Experts say there is a need for much more to calculate. The machine must be programmed to work almost intuitively.

This can make a lot of sense in robotics for robots to understand their environment and respond to unexpected changes. The same applies to branches, such as scientific research that need to discover new advances faster

Guide To Network Infrastructure Management

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) provides a viable communication solution for local governments. It enables employees to maintain fluid contact both internally and externally. It comes as no surprise that it has become indispensable. The technology continues to transform communications through newer products. However, the constant development and improvements are creating challenges for users, including local government. It is increasingly becoming difficult to keep up.

Some technologies like television, legacy communication systems and automobiles accelerated for a number of years before settling. The rate of changes for these products eventually became more manageable. With VoIP, the rate of changes seem self-accelerating. New features contribute to the emergence of more powerful, next generation capabilities. For many organizations, including local governments the rapidity of change creates complexity.

On another level, public entities are under pressure to improve operational efficiency while lowering costs. A combination of tightening budgets and public pressure mean local governments need to find viable communication solutions and network infrastructure management

On-premise versus managed VoIP systems

Opting for managed VoIP for local governments is a sure-fire way to avoid the complexity, short lifespan and high cost associated with on-premise VoIP. Managed solutions typically come with supplemental capabilities like simple-to-use conferencing, unified communications and more. When switching to the service, you simply buy phones that are pre-configured. This eliminates the need to bring in technicians. Maintenance or system management is handled through an online portal.

Unlike on-premise solutions, managed VoIP involves lower initial cost since the system is hosted elsewhere. The option provides flexibility by allowing local government employees to use the phone anywhere. All you need is an internet connection. Managed VoIP for local governments allows automatic upgrades to features. This helps simplify the process for users. In most cases, the solution also eliminates the need to upgrade the router. The system’s voice gateway falls under the service provider’s network.

On the other hand, on-premise VoIP costs local government substantial amount of money to maintain and manage. It requires in-house technical expertise and resources. Many organizations opt for managed solutions to avoid the need to maintain a complex communication infrastructure.


Managed VoIP for local governments is a smart choice when you regularly add more users to the system. The additions can be implemented with a few clicks on the service provider’s online portal. Conversely, premise-based VoIP requires users to install additional phone system and network equipment. In addition, software upgrades are needed and the entire process may lead to operational disruptions due to delays.

On-demand support and training — end users and administrators receive technical support when needed. Expert VoIP project managers handle system implementation.

Guide To Custom Explainer Videos

For many years, video marketing has been considered the preserve of big brands and large budgets, today it is no longer the case. Indeed, production costs have decreased significantly in recent years and there is no need to be a technical expert to know how it works. According to Cisco, 74% of internet traffic will feature online video. In addition, 51.9% of professionals recognize custom explainer videos as the content with the best return on investment.

In addition to the dynamic imagery it offers to the brand, video dramatically improves conversions. The average conversion rate of a website without video is only 2.9% against 4.8% for a site using video.

Attractive and modern, video is the perfect medium to deliver interesting and detailed information about a product and win the trust of consumers. In reality, it has the power to combine sound, image and audio to bring to life stories and create real emotional connections between the viewer and the brand. But, like any content, it must be relevant, calibrated and attractive for the user to watch to the end.

When you manage to bring visitors to your site, you only have a few seconds to catch their attention before they lose interest. Also, identify the audience you want to reach and make sure the video is relevant to them, provides value, and responds to a need. It will spend more time on your website interacting with your brand. Do not try to put everything in one video, choose a simple subject and measure in impact.

Proceed to optimize the message based on your feedback. Experts estimate that if your video has many drops in the first 20 seconds, that means you need to change it or shorten it.

The video allows you to modify the user experience and to offer content that is different from what people are used to seeing. Thanks to mobility and social networks, video reaches a much wider audience. These social platforms are indeed real digital sites on which the videos are most diffused and where all targets and prospects are now.

Excellent way to spread your message, these social networks will help you to make you known and will increase the reach of the message by sharing the video. The latter offers brands the opportunity to mix with their audience, develop a stronger relationship, and tell the story of your brand where customers go.

Both entertaining and attractive, mobile video guarantees a high and growing engagement rate. Moreover, more than 65% of the videos seen on Facebook are on mobile. For this, the video must adapt to all mobile and non-mobile devices.