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In programming jargon, a plate of spaghetti means a poor quality software coupling too strong and the source code being difficult to read. For the most critical modules, their seamless availability may be based on a strategy of redundancy physical instantiation.

The abstraction is aimed at reducing the overall complexity of software by reducing the number of modules. It can also bring uniformity of software that increases usability by making it easier to learn and use.

Concealment is to completely separate the technical details of the software functionality on the principle of the black box, to improve maintainability, portability and interoperability. Testing activities are often equated with its enforcement activity. However, even if this phase is the most important because it allows the detection of defects, other activities can be practiced to improve the relevance of the activity execution.

Planning or organization defines the strategy that will be implemented throughout the testing phase by an IT management company NZ. Conception. This activity consists in writing tests that will be represented. It defines for each test run what will be: pre-requisite to have to perform the test, the actions that will be undertaken and the results that are expected.

Execution. This activity is strictly speaking a software test. If unusual behavior is detected during this phase, it is reported in detail. This activity will synthesize the test phase when it is complete. It describes all the events that occurred during the test and can sometimes make recommendations about the quality of the tested software.

Unlike the previously described activities that follow a chronological order, this activity is carried out concurrently with the design and execution. It allows to provide information about the progress of each activity. For this, the indicators are used .

The most common are: the number of test cases designed on the number of tests provided, the number of tests performed on the number of tests planned or constructed, the number of tests failed or successful on the total number of tests planned.

Structuring instructions and data makes it clearly visible in the source code, it outlines the organization of instructions and manipulated information, which improves maintainability and facilitates the detection of bugs.

Many programming languages support or require writing source code according to the principles of structure, modularity and concealment. This is the case of structured programming languages and object oriented programming. Unlike the literature on code, user documents are usually quite distant from the source code of the program and simply describe how it is used.

Backupify: The Reliable SaaS Backup Solution

Businesses accumulate a large amount of information from daily transactions and internal operations. This needs to stored according to specific industry standards. It also has to be cared for to prevent shocks that could endanger the entire organization.

Software as a Service or SaaS has become a common work tool in enterprise environments today thanks to their multiple benefits. These include scalability, quick deployment, affordability, and advanced features. On the other hand, SaaS can also be vulnerable to various types of problems. Getting the data backed up from time to time is a smart move as it prevents potential headaches. Companies use providers like Backupify as a cost-effective solution in achieving the following:


Since the data is backed up by a third party organization, there will be less worries about outages, breaches, and corruption in the main network. Everything stays protected no matter what happens. The integrity of the data will not be compromised. It is basically the same as having an external drive to hold a duplicate copy of the files in your laptop. Even if something happens to the computer, you can rest easy knowing that you still have the drive intact.


Important data might suddenly go missing due to corruption or accidental deletion. This can cause panic if there weren’t any backup solutions in place. It can take a while to recreate it. Money and effort may have to be poured in as well. Sometimes there isn’t any time for a do-over because of tight deadlines. Thanks to Backupify, there is no need to be stressed up as the missing files can be restored in a snap. Old versions can be retrieved as necessary so that work can go on without missing a beat.


Backupify has a system that protects data from external and internal threats. Clients can be confident that their files will be safe from potential attackers. Any attempt to infiltrate their system and get information will be futile thanks to the built in layers of security. Suspicious behaviors will be detected immediately and dealt with accordingly. The attackers will be traced and holes will be plugged right away. The security measures will only get better in time as attacks are studied and resolved.


Backups are also a necessity in many industries as laws and regulations call for them. Companies will simply have to comply in order to continue their operation and avoid hefty fines. Backupify maintains a fully compliant system that businesses can rely on. Learn more about Backupify pricing and compare it with similar online services.