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Employment Discrimination Weston And How It Can Affect Your Career

We work hard to climb up the social ladder and make something of our lives. However, many times we come across obstacles such as discrimination in the workplace that hinder our careers from progressing. There are many employment discrimination Weston cases happening each year, but you do not have to be a victim in any of them.

Employment discrimination can happen in a number of ways. The obvious ones are discrimination by race, age, gender, or office sexual harassment. We also have those unfair office treatments that are subtle but still harm our career and well-being. Here is a quick overview of some common unfair treatments at the workplace that often go unreported.

1. Sexual Orientation Discrimination

Although we live in a sexually-liberated world, some employees are paying dearly at the workplace because of their orientation. Luckily, laws protecting the LGBTQ community exist and they should protect you even at your place of work. These laws carry the same rules and penalties as other forms of workplace discrimination.

2. Pregnancy Discrimination

Pregnancy is a beautiful point in life as you get to have a family of your own. Unfortunately, sometimes expectant mothers get discriminated against because of their current status. You do not have to be left out of a major deal or denied an opportunity to head a big project because of your pregnancy. You also deserve your maternal leave days and financial compensation while you are away nursing your newborn.

3. Disability Discrimination

Evident or perceived disability should not be a reason why you cannot advance in your career. As long as a person’s disability does not get in the way of them performing their duties, they should not be left out of a hiring or job promotion. Employees should only be cautious about employing someone if they are able to prove the person’s disability is an actual hindrance to their performance at work.

4. National Origin Discrimination

Employees have a right to employment and the benefits provided at a workplace regardless of their nationality. Sadly, there are employers who hire, promote, fire or compensate their employees according to their national origin. This is wrong under state law and an employee has a right to complain to respective authorities about such mistreatment.


You do not have to bear the burden of discrimination because of your disability, sexual orientation, national origin, or familial status. In case you face any of the above highlighted types of discriminations in the work place, don’t hesitate to consult an employment discrimination Weston expert today and find out what rights you have as an employee.

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