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How Should Aluminum Wheelchairs For Seniors Look Like?

When age catches up with you, there is little you can do. It reaches a time in one’s life that walking becomes almost impossible and thus the need for a mobility aid. In such a time, one may need a wheelchair. Wheelchairs for the elderly are supposed to be lightweight. Aluminum is one of the lightest materials known, and it is often used to make lightweight wheelchairs for the elderly. Moreover, the material is durable and thus guarantees a long-serving wheelchair. Aluminium wheelchairs for seniors mostly come with two giant wheels on the rear sides for stability and movement and other two small-size front wheels for propelling and turning. In most cases, the wheelchairs are self-propelled but there is also the option of pushing them.

Recommended Features

Besides being lightweight, a good aluminum wheelchair for your senior should be:

• Foldable: It’s important that the aluminum wheelchair allows you to fold it when in transit. It should be able to fit in the trunk of your car.

• Comfortable seat: Since the senior is bound to spend a majority of his or her time on the wheelchair, it’s imperative that the seat is comfortable. If not, you should look for high-quality cushions and have them fitted.

• Lengthy push handles: If you or the caregiver will be pushing the wheelchair, the handles should be high enough for easy propelling.

• Detachable leg rest and armrests: To carefully carry the senior out or onto the wheelchair, the armrests and leg rest should be removable.

• Reachable brakes: The senior should be able to reach the brakes easily. He or she should not struggle to find where the brakes are positioned.

• Accessories: The wheelchair should come with supportive features such as a cupholder, back support, oxygen bag holder, extra cushions, seat belt, and backpack among others.

Which Seniors Can Use the Wheelchair?

An aluminum wheelchair suits the following elderly individuals:

• Seniors who risk falling when using regular mobility aids such as the walkers.

• Seniors who can’t walk due to an underlying condition or spinal injury.

• Seniors with decreased strength, flexibility, and endurance.

Final Thoughts

If used right, Aluminum wheelchairs are beneficial mobility equipment. They enable the seniors to move freely indoors and in most outdoor terrains. Therefore, a wheelchair with the discussed specifications is a must-buy for your senior. It will help them a big deal. Like any other item out there, to get the most out of an aluminum wheelchair that you purchase, you need to buy from a reputable store or distributor.