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How To Become A Fashion Model

Being a fashion model can be a dream for a lot of kids around the world. There is a lot of glamour, notoriety and money that comes with being the best of the best, but people are quick to overlook the struggles many people go through in the very beginning.

So, how to become a fashion model? Here are a few tips on getting started, moving up in the industry and more.


This is a simple question that needs asked. Why do you want to become a fashion model? The answer is pretty basic, but can tell a lot when it comes to pursuing the job.

Being a fashion model should only be pursued if a person is truly passionate about it. Without being passionate, chances are a person is going to probably burn out before they reach the levels they want to reach.

Focus on Confidence

One of the most important traits to have as a fashion model is confidence. Without confidence, it is nearly impossible to have success in the industry. A person should feel confident in how they look, how they act and their brain.

Grow Individually

In today’s world, a potential fashion model needs to be able to grow their brand by themselves. That means using social media and connections to really reach new levels of success.

Every time you appear on social media, you are crafting your appearance to the outside world. Do not take that lightly. What a person does as a youngster can come back to bite them in the future if they are not careful.

Start Out Small

Experience matters in the industry, and so does making connections as much as possible. If a person can make connections, they have a chance of really growing in the near future.

There is no job a person should feel that they are better than in general. At the very beginning of being a model, be eager to work and eager to gain a name in the industry. It will really help out in the future when trying to look better.

Be Optimistic With Casting Calls

Are you about to be turned down by a casting call? Chances are, yes you will. It happens to everyone. A person must learn how to deal with rejection before really having success with modeling. Fashion models are very good at what they do, but even the best are going to struggle initially. Just don’t take rejection too personally, and things will mostly be alright for the most part when that job finally comes through.

What It Means To Be One Of The Top Hair Models In Melbourne

Ever considered a career in modelling your hair? It is possible to get paid modelling from the neck up and alongside other benefits you have always dreamed of. You just need to know how to work your way into becoming one of the top hair models in Melbourne.

Who Does a Hair Model Work with?

One of the perks of being a hair model is the ability to work with just about anyone in the beauty and fashion industry. You get to work with various top photographers in various local and exotic locations. You also get to make friends with hairdressers and makeup artists who can be strong connections to your next paid gig. More benefits come in when you get approached by magazines, fashion houses, and haircare companies.

How Do You Establish a Career as Hair Model?

Most hair models in Melbourne will start off with pro-bono projects. The money is not coming in yet but there is still an upside to volunteering your modelling services for free.

The production team you are working with often offers to pay for all expenses including meals, accommodation, and transport for the period you are working with them. You also get your own professional model portfolio which you can use to demonstrate your modelling skills. As you volunteer in more unpaid projects, you get to build professional contacts who will refer you for paid job or hire you in future.

How Much Can a Hair Model Earn?

Hair modelling is treated just like any other modelling job. There are days when you will be in a photo studio doing beauty shots and other you will be gracing the runaway. You are considered a professional in what you do. Accordingly, like any other job out there, you are entitled to decent annual revenue.

In the early stages of their career, most hair models will be paid per job or by the hour. Hourly rates may range between $10 and $20 while a single job could earn you around $225 in day; and sometimes models can even earn up to $10,000. On average, the annual salary for hair models is estimated at around $20,000 to $60,000 per annum. You only have to be willing to start small before making it big as a hair model.

As you can see, it is possible to travel the world and earn a good income while working as a hair model in Melbourne. As you advance your career as a model, ensure you have an experienced agency representing to help you score the lucrative deals.

How To Get Started With Modelling

A career in modeling can be rewarding when approached the right way. There are many people making a living out of modeling as more companies search for individuals to represent their brand.

Unlike it was the case a few years ago, there is now more demand for all kinds of models. Plus size, hand and feet modeling Are just some of the new categories aspiring models can take advantage of and earn from modeling.

Male and Female Modelling in Melbourne

Getting started in modeling may seem easy to most people who are very confident about their looks. However, it takes more than just looks to become a model. For instance, Melbourne may seem to host more than enough modeling agencies, yet there are more struggling models in the region. The reason for this is mainly due to the fact that there is a demand for individuals who not only showcase their beauty but also understands the product they are representing.


It is important that you have realistic expectations when approaching modeling as a career. To avoid disappointments, be prepared for them. One of the biggest mistakes people make when taking a shot at modeling is expecting to make money as soon as they get started. The truth is, without proper connections, it might take months before you can start earning from modeling. You are therefore advised to keep your day job while pursuing this as a career.

Approaching Modeling Agencies

There are many ways you can approach modelling agents in Melbourne. You can send an email or simply visit their physical office with your details. However, in order to stand out among the many aspiring models competing for the same spots, you’ll need to be creative with your approach. For starters, it is important that you have a background in modeling before approaching any agent. Experience will improve your chances of getting picked up as it indicates how passionate you are. Luckily, you don’t need much to gain experience. Participating in fashion shows and having your own following on social media won’t cost you a thing to add to your portfolio. If you have certificates from previous modeling shows, make sure you keep them safe for the time you approach agents.

Modelling School

While you can equally make it in the modelling industry without necessarily going to school, it helps a lot to have this in your resume. You can equally take online classes or simply watch YouTube videos on most of the things that pertain modeling.


Pose on as many photographs as you can whenever you can. There is no better way to sharpen your skills that to constantly practice. Poses and cat walking are particular hard to master without practice. You can share your pictures with friends and relatives to get their idea on what works best for you.

How To Become A Fashion Model

If you want to be successful with your career, it’s important that you understand how to become a fashion model. Why? Because it will give you an instant advantage over your competition. Many people fail simply because they don’t educate themselves about how it all works. As a result, they give even though they may have a fair chance to succeed. Here are key guidelines to help you get started.

Focus on learning

Everywhere you go, within the industry, you have an opportunity to learn something new. Don’t every see people as not important. Anyone who is part of the industry can give you some inside knowledge. You’ll be surprised at what you discover if you show people care and respect.

The most important thing is to keep getting exposure. If you’re not yet familiar with the cat walk, join a class. In fact, you should take some lessons just to see what you can learn. You never know what is going to give you that extra edge.

Be the hardest working model you know

If you are searching for an agent, be relentless. Don’t just wait for an opportunity. Make that opportunity happen. As mentioned earlier, you want to meet as many people as possible. Ask questions, and do all you can to improve yourself.

You should also try to attend as many auditions as you can. No project should be too small when you are starting out. Again, you can always learn a new technique or strategy that will move you forward.

Be clear on what you want

There is no denying that becoming a fashion model takes a lot of effort. You may also come across people who don’t encourage you as much as you want them too. Every successful model has gone through that.

Yet, when you know what you want, nothing will stop you. Keep the picture clear in your head. Adjust your course as necessary but do not give up on yourself. You are the only one who can make this a reality for yourself.

With time, you will gain enough experience to know each step you need to take. You will build up confidence. Remember, being a professional is one of the most important aspects of this job. Take what you do seriously and make sure you deliver results when someone takes a chance on you.

Don’t worry about mistakes. You’ll make a few – that’s how humans learn. What matters is that you pick yourself up and keep going. Follow this advice and one day you will wake up a successful model.

The Rates That Aspiring Models Should Expect

Although the internet has opened a plethora of opportunities for models you would never have dreamed of 30 years ago, the Australian modeling industry is still very competitive. Accordingly, you need the right people to connect you to the best-paying gigs. Just like you would not want to go into a courtroom without an attorney, you shouldn’t try to represent yourself as a model in Australia. This is what top modeling agencies in Australia do. They have branches in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Perth. All the four branches are led by an effective management team that is known to promote commercial modeling not just in Australia but globally too.

The agency has flexible terms for the rates, and it’s important that you know them before joining the agency. Here are the basic ones:

1. Service Charge

Most model management agencies charges you a 15% flat rate on your total earnings. This is with respect to modeling for clients outside the agency. Often, this applies to part-time models. It is a great package for beginner models.

2. Hourly Rates

The agency allows full-time models to negotiate standard packages for the number of hours that they model. In such cases, the rates are either on a full-day or a half-day basis. If it happens that you do overtime, the agency is able to cater for the expenses.

3. Special Usage

In case your images are to be used in special promotions, for example, on posters, magazines, display card, billboards, and social media, you are entitled to extra rates. However, these rates are negotiable before signing the contract.

4. The Model’s Meal

When taking new catwalk lessons for upcoming gigs or just modeling for a client outside the agency, he or she (the client) is responsible for your meals. The client books what you eat and drink for the full-day shoot.

5. Tax

The agency is not the employer of the model but just the intermediary. According to the Australian Tax Office, the end user (the client) is responsible for the model’s tax commitments. In this case, you can’t hold your model management agency responsible for your tax obligations. However, the agency can negotiate on your behalf.

6. Travel Expenses

The agency offers hourly rates for trips made 10 km outside the city’s GPO. But as always, you are allowed to negotiate the allowances before agreeing to the contract.

When it comes to the modeling rates, Australian agencies have some of the most flexible rates. Everything about the earnings is clear and you just need to understand the terms first before signing the contract.

Advice On How To Become A Hair Model

When people think of modelling, they tend to think of fashion models or glamour models. However, hair modelling is a popular form of modeling. If you want to learn how to become a hair model, then follow the below advice.

Consider Training/Classes

Although not required, you should consider enrolling in a modelling course, preferably one that focuses more on modelling hair. Courses can teach you how to pose for shoots, how to maintain your hair, what to eat for hair health and how to portray yourself in photos so the shots come out perfect. You’ll even learn how to create a portfolio and how to submit it to those looking for hair models.

Promote Yourself

Aspiring models, including hair ones, should promote themselves by sending out their portfolios and resumes to modeling agencies, as well as to casting directors that are calling for auditions. Individual agents are good to contact too. A portfolio can help make or break a career, so make sure you create an eye catching portfolio that includes professionally taken photos of your hair. Include info on your composition card that relates to your hair, such as length of it, the color and the texture of it.


Those who want to model for hair gigs will want to go on as many auditions as possible. Open-calls are the best places to go, and you can find them via modeling agencies and talent agencies, as well as marketing agencies and photographers. Another good resource to turn to are hair product manufacturers and brands. They may have info about auditions and modeling opportunities on their websites.

Consider An Agent

Consider getting an agent because they will do the work for you in regards to contacting casting directors and other professionals involved in the industry. An agent might be able to book you in for gigs without having you audition for them. Research various agents and try to find ones that have plenty of experience with hair models.

As a rule of thumb, try to contact a few agents per week. The more you contact, the more of a chance you have of piquing the interest of one. Make sure you always read any contract you’re about to sign because you want to know exactly what you’re getting yourself into. If everything looks legit and you’re happy with it, then go right ahead and sign the contract.

Do you want to become a hair model? If so, then keep the above advice in mind. It will help you get a step closer to becoming one.

6 Misconceptions About Being A Commercial Model

While being a commercial model certainly does have its pros and cons, it is not all glamour and glitter as many people tend to believe. Like any other profession, commercial modeling requires hard work, perseverance, and immense amount of strength (physical and mental). Yes, commercial modeling too, like other profession, has its dark side. The following are top 6 misconceptions about commercial modeling:

1. You can eat normally: Believe it or not, not all commercial models lice on sticks of celery and an apple a day. Majority of models actually eat normal healthy diets, and can even enjoy milkshake and burger.

2. Models are not always paid for shots: Becoming a professional model does translate to starting earning immediately. If you are still new and trying to build up your experience, there are a lot of shoots that you won’t be paid. In others, you will be compensated in trade, either with cloths or photos.

3. Photos are not always glamorous as they appear: There are a lot of things that goes behind any photo shoot than what the finished pictures present. As a model, you may be required to work on a really hot or cold day wearing wrong types of cloths for the day or the season. You can also have over 100 outfit changes and pose in really uncomfortable positions to get the shots as directed by your modeling agency.

4. Models rarely keep the glamorous cloths: Despite having an opportunity to wear awesome, expensive, and glamorous outfits, commercial models unfortunately don’t get to keep the cloths. Sometimes you may be lucky to keep a piece of clothing, but it rarely happens.

5. You may not have gigs also the time: Many people believe that commercial models just have photo shoots on a daily basis. Well, this is not the case. In reality, many commercial models (apart from supermodels) sometimes find it tricky getting regular bookings. There are seasons when you will not get any gig but just castings.

6. A commercial model can be any age: Many people believe that you must be young to be a commercial model. However, there are different types of modeling, and if you have the right looks, there are a lot of opportunities out there for any aspiring model—even mature people. It’s never too late.

Final Thoughts

All in all, modeling is like any other career out there—it is not for everyone. However, with hard work and perseverance, you can make it work for yourself and prosper at it. You just need to be yourself.

Female Modelling In Melbourne

Female models are often thought about as supermodels. However, there are a number of other types of models who are not necessarily household names but are making a massive income. For example, some work behind the scenes as showroom or fit models. Others work as commercial models with suppliers, manufacturers, airlines, pharmaceutical companies, fitness companies, automobile manufacturers and so much more. Below are some of the categories that represents female modelling in Melbourne:

Runway/Catwalk Model

These models are typically between 5 feet 9 inches and 5 feet 11 inches tall. They are required to have precise measurements of no greater than 34-inch bust, 23-inch waist and 34-inch hips. This enables them to fit into the garments designers show off to their clients. Models are hired by designers to fit the clothing in their collections; the clothes are not made to fit the model. Well, unless it is an established supermodel the designer wants to wear his or her creation.

Fashion (Editorial) Model

Fashion or editorial models fall into this ‘high fashion’ category. They are the models that are featured in fashion magazines. They also work for renowned fashion designers like Giorgio Armani, Marc Jacobs, Prada, Valentino and Gucci.

Typically, female editorial models are very slim and between 5 feet 9 inches and 6 feet tall. The measurements are normally 34-inch bust, 23-inch waist and 33-inch hips. The “complete package” presented by the model will be looked at by modeling agencies when determining whether they actually fit the role as editorial models. As such, you should not be discouraged if you do not exactly meet these stats.

Commercial Model

In this category, the models can be any size, any height and any age. They can do everything that is not usually associated with high fashion. These include ads for food products, housewares, technological devices and travel industry commercials.
Petite Model

Generally, petite models are 5 feet 7 inches tall or under. They do not typically work the runway; however, they are frequently booked for lingerie, swimsuit and parts modeling. They are also popular as hand and foot models as petite models typically have smaller glove and shoe sizes.

Plus Size Model

The market for plus size models has developed into a significant aspect of the commercial and fashion model industry. A number of the top fashion agencies have divisions for plus size models and many plus supermodels have emerged in the last few years. They are typically determined as being size 12 and up, although size 12 is not considered plus size in the real world.

Why Study At An Online Model Institute

Becoming a fashion model may be easier said than done. However, it can be done. The abundance of information out there about fashion modeling could leave you overwhelmed. However, there are a few simple steps that you can take to ensure that you learn the tricks of the trade. You should learn all you can about the industry. To get your foot in the door, however, you complete a few basic steps.

You should start by taking some snapshots. It doesn’t have to be fancy. You must include face shots, both smiling and not smiling. You should also have shots of your face from both the left and right side. This goes for your body shots as well. You need pictures of your body from the left, right and back side. Full length photos as well. Ladies should wear form fitting clothing like skinny jeans and plain tops. Men should do the same. However, when it comes to male models, fitness plays a vital role. So you will have to take some snapshots of yourself shirtless and preferably wearing a speedo. Ladies who feel comfortable can also send through photos of themselves in bathing suits. Whether it is one of two pieces swim suites is irrelevant.

You also need to get evaluated by a professional scout. Your passion or interest in being a model was probably sparked by your good looks and tons of compliments from family and friends. However, there is much more to being a fashion model than simply good looks. You will need to get evaluated sooner rather than later. Also do not invest too much money into your interest, until you are sure that you are what the industry is looking for.

Try to get as much exposure as possible. Some agencies may only represent certain types of people, such as high profile models, children, plus sized or petite models. You should not get discouraged and if one agency does not want to represent you, simply move on to the next. Not everyone is going to recognize and appreciate your talent, however, you should keep going until you find an agency that does. Try to approach agencies that have lots of experience and ones that have connections with many other agents in other markets. Overall speaking being a fashion model may nit be easy, but it is definitely worth it. One of the best things you can do to become more familiar with the industry and learn all the ropes is enroll yourself in an online model institute. This will put you one step ahead.

Tips On How To Build An Irresistible Modeling Portfolio

The most important thing you can do as a model is shooting your portfolio. This portfolio will open up doors for you and if you are lucky enough, you might end up on the cover of a major magazine one day. But the portfolio needs to be more than great. If it is not, your modeling career will never get off the ground. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is rushing ahead and putting together a couple of cool pictures of yourself in the portfolio. In this article, we will give you tips that will help you build a modelling portfolio that is simply irresistible. Here are some of those tips:


Identify the type of modeling you are going to do

The first thing you need to consider is the kind of modeling you are going to do. You need to be realistic about this because, if you are plus-sized and have an appetite, chances are that you are not going to make it as a fashion model. However, whatever kind of modeling you choose to do, always have in mind that the industry and clients are the ones who will decide the kind of job you are going to do. Do your research and be honest as possible with yourself about the kind of modeling that will suit you. Doing this will limit the chances of rejection and ensure you do not waste your time and money.

The number of photographers to work with

It is important that you work with more than one photographer when shooting pictures for your portfolio. Working with a number of photographers ensures that you have a variety of looks. Also, you will gain the experience of working with different photographers as opposed to one. Remember that different photographers have different working styles and personalities, therefore, the sooner you get used to variety, the better.

Picking the right photographer

You also need to know how to pick the right photographer. The best way to go about it is to search for the best commercial advertising photographers on Google. These are the best photographers because they are the ones who shoot the pictures for advertisements. These photographers understand what the industry needs, therefore, are better suited to helping you build an amazing portfolio.

Do not use modeling agencies photographers

Most modeling agencies are after your money; therefore, using their photographer is not a very good idea. If you do some digging, you may find out that their photographer is not a full-time one. The photographer may possibly be paid an hourly fee, which means that the more models he or she photographs in a day, the more he or she earns. Such a photographer does not have enough time to do a good job on your photos.