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Easy Ways To Customize Your Own Large Office Desk

Many large office desks come with a large price tag, and they can be challenging to customize. However, there are many simple and inexpensive ways to customize your large office desk without breaking the bank! This article will show you easy ways that even the most novice handyman can do themselves.

Easy Ways to Customize Your Office Desk

Desks are trendy in homes with large rooms because they take up a lot of space and can be challenging to move around. Many people will purchase these types of desks online or at department stores for anywhere between $500-$4000 depending on the size and design criteria, such as add-on features like additional shelving units, bookcases, drawers, etc.

  • Paint the desk a different color to match your style or decor. You can use some paint samples for this! Tape them on top of the large office desk, and you are done. No need to even sand down, prime, etc.; slap it on there!
  • Add knobs to desk drawers instead of handles if you prefer metal knobs over silver pulls. This easy upgrade will take minutes but make all the difference in appearance and function (knobs don’t break off!)
  • Swap out drawer hardware – If you want/need more than just knobs, consider swapping out drawer hardware altogether with something simpler like rope-handled baskets or hooks for keys which also double as great storage bags.
  • Use clips to hang a large piece of art for a simple, beautiful, and inexpensive way to spruce up your walls. You can also use desk clips with mirrors or even family photos!
  • If you love the idea behind using desk clips but don’t want anything permanent on your wall, then try this instead: Cut out some pretty paper that matches your color scheme (or stick with white if it works!) into squares that are large enough for you to grab onto at the top edge of each one. Next, take hinges from old picture frames which match in size and screw them into each corner on the backside where they meet halfway along their length – be sure not to screw too tightly so as not to break the paper. Then, attach large office desk clips to each corner of your picture frames and hang from nails or large screws on your wall!
  • Desk floor mats are a great way to keep your feet warm in the wintertime as well as protect those hardwood floors you work so hard for! These large office desk floor mats have an adhesive backside that can be placed anywhere but remember not everyone is going to want one – especially if they’re going into a co-worker’s home someday! You might also try adding a rug large enough for two people by their desks to help them stay warmer during the cold months while still looking professional.
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How To Manage Office Space


  • KNOW YOUR AMOUNT OF STAFF: How to Manage Office Space, problems comes in when the company or manager underestimates the amount of staff needed to run the business successfully and rent a space to set up shop that is too small and you then end up with problems that can not only make you run at a loss but can destroy your business. So always make sure you know exactly how much staff you need for the start-up as well as for growth in the future. It might sound silly or expensive but in the long run it will pay for itself.
  • KNOW YOU SPACE AVAILABLE: Just like knowing the amount of staff, knowing the space required is just as important. As not only do you need to accommodate the space for the staff but also for your equipment and furniture needed.
  • KNOW THE TYPE OF WORK OR BUSINESS: You should always know what type of business or sort of company you are going to be running in the space you want to use as that can make a huge difference as everything needed, staff, equipment and or furniture will all account for not only the space required but also the placement of the equipment.
  • KNOW YOUR TYPE OF STAFF: Knowing your staff is very important as you need to know any special types of needs or abilities as well as possible disabilities that will affect your office space and placement for equipment and or furniture.
  • KNOW YOU OFFICE TECHNOLOGY: Know everything you need to know about the technology needed for your office. This will help when it comes to having to place certain equipment and or furniture in certain areas for maximum effect and reliability as well as for maximum access to your staff that will need it or use it and not affect the working time turn around.
  • KNOW YOUR OFFICE NEEDS: Lastly, make sure you know what the office will need as once again you must know what and you need it and can be placed to the advantage of the staff using it to maximize production and minimize downtime which can cost the company money.

How to Manage Office Space ,So to set up and or run an office is not just walking in and directing traffic, all of the above should be considered from start to finish.