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George Friedman: 10 Points To Remember

George Friedman is an American political scientist, author, and media commentator. He is the founder and CEO of Geopolitical Futures, a global intelligence company. In this article, we will discuss 10 points that George Friedman believes are important to remember. These points cover a wide range of topics, from geopolitics to economics. Regardless of your political affiliation or views, these 10 points are worth considering.

George Friedman’s first point is that the nation-state is not going away anytime soon. In fact, he believes that the nation-state is here to stay for the foreseeable future. George Friedman’s second point is that economic systems are not static. They are constantly changing and evolving. George Friedman’s third point is that wars are not caused by religious or ideological differences.

Instead, wars are usually caused by geopolitical factors. George Friedman’s fourth point is that military power does not always lead to victory. Sometimes, military power can be used as a deterrent instead of a weapon. George Friedman’s fifth point is that geography is destiny. The location of a country can have a significant impact on its politics, culture, and economy.

George Friedman’s sixth point is that nationalism is a powerful force. Nationalism can unite people and lead to great accomplishments. George Friedman’s seventh point is that ethnic and religious hatreds are often used by political leaders to justify their actions.

George Friedman’s eighth point is that democracy is not necessarily the best form of government. Democracy can lead to instability and conflict. George Friedman’s ninth point is that the United States is not invulnerable. The United States has many enemies, and it faces many challenges. George Friedman’s tenth point is that the future is unpredictable.

No one knows what will happen in the future, but George Friedman believes that we should always be prepared for anything. These are just a few of George Friedman’s ideas. I encourage you to read his book, “The Next 100 Years: A Forecast for the 21st Century,” if you want to learn more about George Friedman’s views on the world.

George Friedman is a Hungarian-American political scientist, academic, and author. He is the founder and chairman of Stratfor, a private intelligence corporation.

Friedman is one of the most brilliant minds of our time, and I believe that his ideas are worth considering. Do you agree with George Friedman? Why or why not? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Installing The Best Parking System Chicago Setup

Motorists face difficulty in parking at places where the latest parking systems are not installed. They have got used to modern parking system Chicago solutions so they expect a similar experience at all parking spaces. Establishing such a modern setup is not easy. Several small systems are needed. These systems have to work in unison to create the perfect parking experience for all vehicle owners. Install such parking set up at your site to ensure the best parking facilities for your building tenants and visitors. Each site requires a custom setup. The parking management company offers customized solutions based on the specific needs of the building owner.

Selecting the Right Parking Management System

The parking facility providers are faced with many choices when it comes to selecting a parking system for their site. They have to take into account the types of vehicles that will be parked, the design of the building, the space available for parking, and their budget. They have to develop the right strategies to earn maximum revenue from their parking infrastructure. Your real estate investment must provide a good return. If the demand for your parking space is going to increase or decrease in the future, you should select parking equipment that can be scaled up or down as and when needed. Do not buy anything related to this system unless you have consulted the experts of the parking company.

Different Types of Facilities

Each project area requires a different parking facility and systems. Do you want a manual setup? It is suitable for places where lots of parking space is available. However, you have to use an automated system if the space is limited and there is heavy demand for the parking space. In such a case, you have to put your limited resources to maximum use for optimum efficiency. Parking charges can be increased or decreased based on demand. Select a standard and long term solution that is easy to manage and does not require frequent repairs and maintenance.

Tackling Parking Challenges

Even after installing a parking system Chicago device, you will face some unique problems due to the site constraints and other issues. The system you install will require regular maintenance. Trained professionals are needed to manage parking resources. This is where a full-service parking company’s services prove useful. Its experts can help you with parking management and other services. They can devise plans to increase revenue from your existing parking setup.

Call now if you need the best parking devices for you Chicago property. Use the best and most appropriate parking devices.

Why It’s A Good Idea To Take Cooking And Craft Class Online

Cooking and craft class online is becoming the new normal for people the world over. This is true for students who are being protected against the pandemic, as well as older people who might want to gain new skills in their adulthood. Indeed, you can find cooking and craft class online these days that cater to people from all walks of life. Although taking these classes in-person has its advantages, more are being convinced that online classes is not a bad way to learn. In fact, it has its own benefits which include the following:

Cheaper than In-person Classes

Traditional classes are held at venues with high rental rates because of the space requirements and multitude of kitchen equipment. This is one of the major reasons why their fees are usually so steep. Another is the fact that these classes will often provide their learners with all of the ingredients necessary for the dishes being prepared. With online lessons, everyone is in their own kitchens so there is no need to pay extra for an expensive venue. Students are also using their own gas, equipment, and ingredients. The barrier to entry is lower thanks to cheaper course fees.

Wider Availability, Location Independent

Traditional classes are usually confined to the bigger cities with established culinary schools. People in rural areas and less developed towns have no access to such classes. Thanks to online learning, your physical location is no longer an issue. You can take whatever course you want wherever you might be as long as your Internet is fast enough to stream the videos. Those who need to move around for work will certainly be happier with this kind of setup. You can even choose among a bigger collection of courses.

Flexible Schedules and Requirements

Since you are going to be learning online, you can just search for classes that are offering schedules that suit your own. Perhaps you are working at an office from 9 to 5. Look for classes that start at 6 or 7pm so you can join consistently. If your schedule is erratic as in the case of freelancers, doctors, firefighters, and other professionals, then consider flexible courses such as those with recorded videos that you can download and watch at your leisure. It would be nice if you can still get some form of feedback from your instructor for your work so you know’ll what you need to do to improve.

How To Manage Office Space Effectively.




Well here are a few ways How to Manage Office Space, to be efficient and flow like lava down a volcano’s side and be bring a profitable and positive vibe to your business:

  • KNOW YOUR STAFF: by this we mean you cannot have staff that is claustrophobic working to close to others or staff that deals with very confidential information working in the open which can cause problems when information can be to easily accessed by others that are not privy to such information.
    FOR EXAMPLE: Having an HR person in the middle of an office space or in a path of “flowing staff traffic” and or salary clerks, where the information they work on is confidential. They should be placed in their own corners and preferably behind closed doors so even if the staff does enter their space” knocking first protocols” gives them time to close or cover delicate information.
  • KNOW THE AMOUNT OF STAFF NEEDED KNOW & FOR THE FUTURE: never underestimate the success of your business, so make sure you have enough space for all your staff present and future especially if you are in a business that as it grows you will need more staff.

You don’t want a situation where your business success has you end up with staff “sitting on each other’s laps” until you rearrange or look How to Manage Office Space.

  • KNOW THE AMOUNT & TYPE OF EQUIPMENT NEEDED & WHO USES IT: by this we mean if you use PC’s instead of laptops you need to more space if you have the use of printers, scanners, and or faxes (yes some companies still use these), go for the combination system that not only uses less space but you may only need one if set up through your network server or intranet, so the whole office can use it. Have it centralized so everyone that makes use of it has easy access to it.
  • KNOW YOUR STORAGE SPACE REQUIRED AND WHAT NEEDS TO BE STORED WHERE AND WHEN: know what you need storing physically, like files and other much-needed paperwork and where to store it as in information that needs immediate access stored close by and others that only need access over a longer period can be stored off-premises in storage facilities.

The Money Magazine Experience As A Mirror

With Money magazine folding up in June 2019, the prophecy that print media is a dying breed is being fulfilled. In many parts of the world, print readership is on a decline as online publications bask in glory. No worries–the publication that was once considered as one of the top seven best financial magazines–has been resurrected into a dot com.

So in the final analysis, the experience of Money magazine isn’t entirely a sob story or a tragedy. Just imagine how a caterpillar nearly dies inside a cocoon only to be later transformed into a beautiful butterfly. Old habits die hard as senior citizens cling to buying their favorite paper either at the newsstand or the vending machine by the street. It’s part of their daily routine. Like having coffee in the morning.

Unfortunately, the biggest segment of the population doesn’t want to buy a newspaper in the morning let alone read one. The vast majority would rather catch the news from their smart phones or tablets while en-route to work. So maybe there ought to be a movement, revolution or advertising campaign to bring the love for newspapers and magazines back.

However, a movement of such nature can be kind of counter-intuitive or anticlimactic, considering that many individuals are rather fanatical about saving trees by minimizing the usage of paper. For now, publications on the brink are quick to offer steep discounts for continuing to patronize paper journalism.

It’s a wise move, with usually a rather quick segue to online publication offers just like Money magazine. It’s not that people don’t read anymore. It’s just that they prefer to read when, say they are caught in traffic in order to make the most of the lost time.

And besides, paper publications like Money magazine have a handicap in that they have to go to the printing press in order to be read. With HTML, publishing is instantaneous. Also, corrections, if any can be made at the drop of a hat. So no big mishap there if a name is misspelled or even if the entire news story is erroneous.

For another, online news agencies can add as much depth to the coverage as much as they like. They can add more information on the fly and link to other sources of information on the topic. So it’s not like humanity just wants to make it all easy and convenient. At the end of the day, there are far more bytes of information or data served and an endless room for analysis on the Internet.

How To Choose The Best Dispensary In Michigan

With many dispensaries in Michigan, choosing the best one for your use can be an uphill task. However, if you equip yourself with the right information before you embark on the process, there are high chances that you will end up choosing the Best Dispensary in Michigan. To help you find a dispensary that you can rely on for quality services, we have provided you with essential factors that you should consider.

The Location

Although the location may sound of less importance to many people, the truth is that it can have a great influence on the quality of the services that you are going to get. The rule of thumb here is that you should always avoid those dispensaries that are located away from you as they will make you spend more than you should. Also, remember that the deep you go into the mountains, the more expensive the cannabis products become. Therefore, for you to avoid any kind of inconvenience, you should check and compare prices.

Quality of the Product

The quality of the product is another critical factor that you should never overlook. Some cannabis investors get into the business not because they want to offer quality products, but because they want to make fast money. Such people may not pay attention to giving you quality products, and those are the types that you should avoid by all means. Checking the methods that the dispensary uses when preparing their products is one way to tell whether or not the quality is incredible.

The Atmosphere

It is always good that when you are purchasing for cannabis or other related products, you do not feel uncomfortable. This, however, can be hard to come by if you are working with a company that does not work towards offering a conducive environment. The type of dispensary that you choose depends on your preferences and the amount of money that you intend to spend on the whole thing. If you have money, you can go for a spa-like location where you will get a privilege to enjoy other benefits.

The Reviews

Lastly, before choosing a Best Dispensary in Michigan, you should consider the reviews. The reviews are essential because they are going to give you insights on what you should expect if you choose to make use of a particular dispensary. If a dispensary does not have positive reviews, that what that simply means is that there are chances that such a dispensary is never dedicated to offering quality services.

Top 3 Reasons To Use Organic Bamboo Sheets

The quality of sleep you enjoy is directly proportional to the quality of bed linen you choose. The body needs to feel comfortable and at ease to enjoy restful sleep, and sheets made with organically grown bamboo can help ensure that. Organic sheets made from bamboo fibre are natural and environment friendly. They are sourced from bamboo that is grown in a manner that does not harm the soil or the ecosystem. These sheets are soft, durable and comfortable. Here are three key reasons to invest in organic bamboo sheets.


Organic bamboo sheets are expensive, and with good reason. They are high quality bed sheets that are soft to touch and breathe well. This means that the sheets do not trap excess heat. Instead you will feel comfortable irrespective of the season. Since the sheets are made from organic bamboo and not blended with synthetic fibre, like conventional bed linen often is, it offers a better feel against your skin. Natural fibres are always a better choice as compared with synthetic ones. The many advantages that bed linen made with organically grown bamboo offers you make it an excellent choice for you and your family.


The things we choose to surround ourselves with, including bed linen have a strong impact of the quality of life we enjoy. Unknowingly, we often make choices that increase the chemicals that our bodies come in contact with on a daily basis. Bamboo that is grown organically does not use fertilizers or any other synthetic chemicals, and the fibre sourced from it is naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial.
These sheets are not as absorbent as conventional ones, and thus, do not retain moisture or body oils easily. This makes this bed linen unfavourable to dust mites, which cause allergic reactions. This kind of bed linen is recommended for children and adults who suffer from allergies and skin rashes. The sheets breathe well and facilitate better sleep, which in turn affects your life experience.


Good bed linen must have some basic qualities. They should be comfortable, and durable. People spend at least seven to eight hours in bed. Often they turn and stretch out, and it is vital that your bed sheets are strong enough to take the wear and tear they will undergo. Linen made from bamboo is strong and resilient. This is because the long fibres of the bamboo are stretched down the length of the sheet, and not woven and intertwined with smaller fibres. This makes your organic bamboo bed sheets strong and durable, and an excellent investment. You can expect to use your sheets for a long time to come.

Tool Boxes For Utes

Do-it-yourself (DIY) enthusiasts frequent home improvement stores for supplies in preparation for their spring home projects and clean-ups, which usually start over the Easter weekend. They take advantage of robust tool boxes for Utes, which are available at great prices.

Silicone should not be used as a sealant, but only to finish off a project. Silicone comes in two applications: Acid and neutral curing. Acid curing is cheaper, but can only be used on smooth surfaces. Neutral curing silicones are not easy to find and are expensive, but will stick to porous surfaces such as walls and the grout in-between tiles. Water eventually slips in underneath silicone and it should, therefore, be reapplied on a yearly basis.

Alternatively, open man-made board edges can be pre-edged at a manufacturing shop or you can buy the edging and stick it to the open sides with contact adhesive. Make sure you do this properly so water will not be able to penetrate the wood. Another way to seal open sides is with varnish or a sealant.

This can be applied with a brush. Yet another option that was discussed is using fibre containing roof waterproofing. Although it may be unsightly, it will last a very long time and can be used in unseen places, such as under the sink or against the wall.

Remember to keep children and pets out of the work environment and put tools away as soon as you have finished the job. Disconnect all electrical appliances by removing the plug lead from the wall before you work on them. Ladders are a leading cause of DIY accidents. Always lock the ladder into the position and never lean it against guttering or downpipes.

Think state-of-the-art appliances would make your home a truly happy environment? According to the principles behind neuroscience, luxury furnishings are not what make you feel good in a space, it is the smaller things that have a big impact on your mood.

Or buy a bench-height table so you can face the room and cook. Add stools too. A Canadian study found the more eye contact people had during group conversation the more they participated. Surround yourself with plants. A US study has found that they improve mood. Plant some good looking and great tasting herbs in a pot in the kitchen.

Providing a space for friends to kick back while you cook will make it the heart of your home. A couch or bar stools means they can be part of the process. Use outdoor fabrics.

To get rid of broad leaf weeds, an organic weedkiller over the affected areas works miraculously. Use your tool boxes for Utes to store items safely.

De kweektenten van Secret Jardin

Veel hobbykwekers verbouwen liever niet een hele kelder of zolder voor hun project. In dat
geval wordt er vaak een kweektent gekocht. Kweektenten zijn namelijk op te bouwen waar je
maar wilt. Mocht je eens wat research hebben gedaan naar kweektenten dan ben je
ongetwijfeld de naam Secret Jardin tegengekomen. Toen het merk in 2006 op de markt kwam
duurde het niet lang voordat veel kwekers een kweektent van hen aanschaften, en het is
eigenijk ook wel te begrijpen waarom het nu nog steeds een van meest populaire namen op de
markt is.

Secret Jardin denkt overal aan.

Secret Jardin levert hoogwaardige producten die telkens weer verder innoveren, en zijn geschikt
voor zowel een kleine hobby-projectje als de serieuze ervaren kwekers. Zij zijn niet voor niets de
marktleider in kweektenten. Er is voor ieder wel een juiste tent van geweldige kwaliteit te vinden.
De tenten zijn vaak in hoogte bij te stellen en de frames zijn gigantisch stevig zodat er flink wat
gewicht van de apparatur aan kan hangen. De stof van de tent bevordert de gelijkmatige
verspreiding van termperatuur en vochtigheid. Verder reflecteerd de binnekant gigantisch goed en is
de bodem van de kweektent waterdicht. Allemaal zaken waardoor je weet dat deze tenten de
optimaalste op de markt zijn om in te kweken. De ritsen en naden van alle kweektenten voelen zeer professioneel aan, en de bodems zijn waterdicht.

Verschillende compartimenten

Veel van hun kweektenten hebben verschillende kamers met verschillende niveaus. Zo hebben ze
tenten waar je meerdere projectjes naast elkaar kan uitvoeren. Van groei tot bloei-periode: beiden
zijn vanaf nu gewoon mogelijk in dezelfde tent! De verschillende compartimenten in de tent zorgen
ervoor dat ze beiden hun eigen ding kunnen doen. Erg gemakkelijk en erg voordelig. Mocht je nou
al een tent hebben met maar 1 compartiment, er zijn ook opties nog een compartiment bij te kopen
en deze er aanvast te ritsen. Zij hebben hier erg goed over nagedacht.

Andere producten

Naast kweektenten verkoopt Secret Jardin ook allerlei ventilatieproducten, verlichting, controllers
en andere accessoires. En als je dan toch al een tent van ze hebt, is het niet verkeerd ook andere
spullen van hen te hebben zodat alles goed past en op elkaar afgestemd is. Veel van deze kweeksets
zijn bij elkaar gebrachte materialen voor een bepaalde basis opstelling. Het is belangrijk goed in te
schatten hoeveel jouw project nodig gaat hebben en of de kweekset die je aanschaft jouw plannen
wel aan kan. Je kunt bijvoorbeeld eens kijken naar de aanschaf van een compete set. Het voordeel
van de aanschaf van een gehele volledige set is dat alles op elkaar aansluit en op elkaar afgestemd
is. Geen gedoe met aansluitingen of slangen die niet passen, en het is makkelijk een koolstoffilter,
ventilator, afzuiger en wat al niet meer op te zetten.

Buying Office Supplies In Dubbo

When looking for a reliable supplier of office supplies, there are numerous factors that you have to consider. This is because there are many suppliers of office supplies in Dubbo, so you have to compare all of them to identify the best one for your needs. The good news is that the best suppliers have a strong online presence, so you can find all the information you need to make an informed decision online. This means that you only need to put your internet searching skills to use if you want to identify the right supplier.

Types of Office Supplies

You may need office furniture for a new office. This includes a bookshelf, cabinet, comfy seats, an office desk and a jacket hanger among other types of office furniture. You may also need electrical appliances, such as a computer, fax machine, printer, scanner, photocopier, guillotine machine, UPS and toners among others. Obviously, you will need writing and printing materials. This includes; branded printing papers and pens. You will also need personalized calendars, notebooks and diaries among other types of office stationery. Whatever your needs, be sure to hire the most reliable supplier to supply the items you need.

Factors to Consider

i) Cost

Obviously, cost is a key factor to consider in business. Therefore, you will need to obtain quotes from all the firms you have shortlisted and compare the prices they have quoted for the different items that you require in your office. This will enable you to identify firms that have competitively priced office supplies. These firms should be given priority consideration.

ii) Product Quality

While you may need competitively priced products, you also want quality supplies for your office. After all, using low quality office supplies will affect your brand reputation adversely. Therefore, you have to take your time to assess the quality of products offered by a given supplier. If a firm only supplies low quality products, you should avoid them.

iii) Reputation

It is always important for consumers to learn more about the firms they hire to supply products and services. Working with trusted firms that have a great track record with their clients will ensure that you get the highest quality products and services. Therefore, you should read a number of reviews and client testimonials before making a decision. This will help you to make a decision that is well-informed.

iv) Guarantees

Before selecting any firm, you must make sure that they are able to deliver quality products. In fact, they should guarantee to deliver the requested items in a timely manner. If they fail, they should be willing to compensate you.