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How Acrylic Products Produced

Before that wonderful plastic seat that you are sitting on or the coffee table in your house became what it is today, it went through a fabrication process. The manufacturer had to assemble plastic materials (acrylic sheets) and thought of how to cut and shape them to produce a perfect home piece. The method in question is called acrylic fabrication.

By definition, acrylic fabrication simply refers to the industrial process of transforming simple acrylic sheets into amazing useful home products such as plastic dishware, plastic furniture, roofing materials, and pipes. In Sydney, there are different methods employed to produce different acrylic products. It depends with the manufacturer’s technology and level of creativity. The manufacturer literally transforms the acrylic sheets into whatever they feel is good for the consumer. Most acrylic plastic sheets fabrication Sydney companies often the following transformational processes:

1. Plastic Welding

This is a bending process where heat is used to join two or more acrylic sheets. It’s employed where the use of acrylic adhesives is not possible; for example, when manufacturing plastic seats and tables.

2. Plastic Foaming

In this method, the manufacturer creates foam from a mixture of polystyrene and polyurethane. Plastic foaming is employed in the manufacturing of lightweight products such as insulators, which are commonly employed in finishes of most buildings.

3. Plastic Molding

This method is used to shape acrylic sheets by passing them through different heating and cooling phases. It’s important in manufacturing plastic dishware and hollow plastic products such as conduits.

4. Plastic Extrusion

This method is primarily employed to improve the physical appearance of specific plastic products. It’s used to produce plastic sheeting materials and pipes.

5. Plastic Blending

This process is also called compounding, and it is employed when the manufacturer wants to create a product that has properties of two different plastic sheets. The two acrylic sheets are bonded to become one, and from the resulting union, amazing plastic products are created. The goal of plastic compounding is to come up plastic products that combine the characteristics of two different types of plastics in a bid to meet a particular quality. In most cases, the final plastic product is more durable than the original plastic materials. The method is mostly used to make outdoor signage.


You can only appreciate or value the plastic products that you use on a daily basis after you have understood the effort that the manufacturers put in producing them. The above highlighted are some of the process that are used to make the acrylic products that you enjoy using in Sydney.