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The Brighter Side Of Pole Dancing

With the mention of pole dancing, what jumps to the minds of many people are all kinds of vices including stripping in public, sex, and drugs. However, there is more (or less) to it. Thanks to advents such as Caringbah pole dancing classes, you can be a pole dancer and remain as virtuous as any other person. Put in another way, there are many reasons for training to be a pole dancer other than entertaining nightclub goers for payment. Among the greatest is enhancing your fitness and keeping your health in top form.

1. Improve your Flexibility

Pole dancing involves various forms of physical exercises round an upright pole. They include acrobatics, performance art and dancing. While training to be a pole dancer, you will learn that the flexibility of your body is essential. It may seem difficult at first but you will soon learn to stretch your body to impossible limits.

2. Burn Excess Fat

Some of the available options for shedding off excess fat is dieting and working out in the gym. Nevertheless, they are hardly enjoyable. On the other hand, pole dancing is fun. While it will involve a lot of sweating, you can lose as many as 800 calories in one hour. The good part is that it is so involving and enjoyable that you won’t even realize how hard you are working in order to lose the fat.

3. Strengthen your Muscles

If you think that you need many hours in the gym lifting weights and involving yourself in other intense activities to achieve a toned up body, you are wrong. Pole dancing will help strengthen your muscles in a less painful and tiring way. Your dancing classes Caringbah trainer will guide you through activities intended to strengthen your muscles in readiness for handling the pole.

4. Fights stress and depression

Whenever you work out, your brain releases endorphin, a potent hormone that helps you feel happy and enthusiastic. Exercising through pole dancing is, therefore, an excellent way of fighting depression. Women, especially those who have just given birth, can benefit immensely from pole dancing as it helps them get back in shape and lose unnecessary weight around unwanted areas.


While it remains a viable means of earning an income for many people, pole dancing is no longer the indecent game associated with strip clubs. It is fast becoming a ready alternative to various kinds of workouts. In Caringbah pole dancing courses or classes are offered to people who would like to gain more confidence, improve their health and keep fit. In addition, it is one of the best ways of improving your social life.