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The Case For Kraft Paper Straws

Plastic straws have been around for ages. People are used to having them in every drink from fruit juices in a box to iced coffee in restaurants to cocktails in bars. Plastic is cheap, light, versatile, and long-lasting. It last so long, in fact, that it doesn’t breakdown and pollutes the environment wherever it goes. The way that plastic straws have endangered marine life is well-documented. It is for this reason that many are trying to move away from this material. There are two emerging alternatives: reusable metal straws and disposable kraft paper straws. In this article, we discuss the case for the latter.

Safe and Eco-friendly

Kraft paper straws are safe. They are made of natural fibers with no plastic added. There are no toxic materials either. Even the ink used is rated as food-safe. You can dip this in your drink with confidence as it will not alter the taste or composition. Once you’re done, you can throw it away without guilt. It is an eco-friendly option that will decompose as it should. It will not cause mounting polluting on land or sea. If you really want a disposable straw, then this is probably the greenest option right now. It’s a great choice for restaurants and bars. It can also be used for house parties and big events.

Lasts for a Long Time

A lot of people are wary about paper straws because the first attempts were not particularly impressive. They were thin and light so they easily got soggy after just a few minutes of exposure to liquids. However, manufacturers have learned from their mistakes. Just like everything else, paper straws have improved tremendously. You can find products that are able to last for quite a long time in water and other drinks. Some people even report reusing them multiple times with proper care. Do check the reviews to see just how well different products perform in real-life testing.

Useful for Arts and Crafts

You don’t have to be organizing a party or running a food business to be interested in these straws. If you like making arts and crafts, then you may consider buying some of these as well. Their cylindrical shape is ideal when creating miniature models of posts, trees, towers, columns, and other objects with a similar mold. Straws with a thick wall can even bear a bit of weight which is great for stacking several of them. The only limit to its use is the imagination.