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A Guide To Body Armor Plates

Body armor plates are a personal body protection system that is designed to protect the wearer from bullets and shrapnel. They have been used by military personnel for decades, but have only recently found their way into civilian use as these plates can now be purchased at many different retailers.

In these plates, the goal is to stop a bullet from penetrating and causing harm. This can be done by slowing down or stopping the projectile in its tracks. Body armor accomplish this feat through two means:

  • absorbing impact energy from projectiles
  • disrupting bullets that make it past the first layer of protection

These body armor plate techniques are known as “threat neutralization” because they do not directly attack an attacker’s body but rather ignore them entirely. In contrast, active defense measures such as pepper spray would work with threat deterrence to prevent threats before they happen. Both strategies have their place depending on how far away you are from your opponent and what type of weapon he/she has access to!

There are many materials, but which plates are best?

  • the ceramic type plates
  • the steel type plates
  • the titanium type plated

The answer to this question is that it depends on the threat level of your environment. For example, if you’re living or working in a warzone where guns are widely used then heavy-duty steel type of plates may be better for you because they can stop up to six times more impact energy than lighter weight ceramic body amour meaning they’ll last longer and protect you from higher caliber rounds! On the other hand, if there’s not as much risk associated with firearms and instead most threats come from knives and blunt objects like bats and pipes then lightweight Flexi plastic.

These types of plates are usually rated up to NIJ Level IV which means they can stop rounds from .30-06 APM II sniper rifles, M80A body armor-piercing bullets, and 12 gauge steel shot projectiles! In addition, most plates have an ergonomic shape that will fit your body contours for maximum comfort while still providing the protection you need which makes them great for use under clothes too.

In conclusion, what type of body armor plate you should get depends on where you live or work as well as how much risk there is associated with firearms in your environment so it’s important to do research before making a decision.

E-mail Inbox Security: What You Need To Know

It is said that with the rise in cyber security threats, we are all at risk of having our e-mail inbox hacked. E-mail inboxes contain personal and corporate information such as private messages, financial information, and customer data. With this high level of importance on your e-mail account comes increased responsibility to take steps to protect it from hackers. This article will outline some easy ways you can make sure your e-mail is secure against hackers!

How can my account be hacked?

One of the most common ways that e-mail accounts are hacked is through hackers guessing users’ passwords. Hackers often use dictionary words, names, and other easy-to-guess terms to gain access to your inbox account. You need to create unique password letters, numbers, and symbols that hackers do not easily guess. When you choose a password, it’s better to create an unusual one rather than using common words or phrases like “password123,” try something like “$h!eel0gG$.” Also, make sure all your online accounts have different passwords so they can’t be hacked into through another account. Keep in mind that there are many free apps available that enable users to manage their different passwords more conveniently.

Easy ways to have e-mail inbox security:

  • E-mail inbox security starts with the user and their password.
  • create unique passwords that are not easily hacked into.
  • be aware of your surroundings when you’re online to minimize risks for hacking attempts.
    Evernote is a great app that provides users convenient access to all their notes and information from mobile devices, computers, or even e-mail where ever they may go! Evernote also makes it easy for its users to manage multiple accounts at once through this one platform, including but not limited to Microsoft Office 365, Google Drive & G Suite, Box, Dropbox, etc.
    Who can help me to secure my mail?
    Evernote provides a list of E-mail providers and how Evernote can be used with each one.
    Is there a cost for this service?
    Evernote is free to use, and there are Evernote paid plans for those who need more storage or features.
    What are some key points to remember?
  • E-mail inbox security is essential to be aware of given the recent rise in hacking activities.
  • Different passwords for different accounts, choose a unique password over a common phrase or word. For example, instead of “password123,” try something like “$h!eel0gG$.”
  • Free apps are available that store your online account information securely on your device. Avoid using numbers and symbols when creating passwords*
    With this information, you now have a starting point to begin protecting your e-mail account.

How To Perform A Cyber Security Audit

What is a Cyber Security Audit?
A cyber security audit is specifically designed to be a detailed analysis and examination of your company’s IT infrastructure. It Identifies threats, vulnerabilities, and weak practices within your infrastructure, revealing weak spots and increasing threats. Laws such as the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) can levy heavy fines if there is any breach that causes exploitation of personal data. Cyber Security Assessments should be able to detect and remove any malicious scripts or codes that are using infected remote servers to send out spam, send out a mass email or even cause general errors on your system. You need to be fully aware of what is going on with your system and not allow a situation where your personal information is compromised.

How does Audit help?
The objective of a cyber security audit is to make certain that a business is safeguarding its most valuable and critical information. There are many benefits for businesses that involve incorporating a cyber risk management strategy into their daily operations. These include reducing the risk of system and staff compromise. It reduces the need for backup copies of data that may compromise the system, identifying weak areas, and reviewing all risk management policies and procedures to ensure that they are maintaining data security and are meeting legal requirements. A full and in-depth audit will identify and highlight any areas that could be at risk, allowing you to implement preventative measures and improve your security posture.

Secure Company Information Systems
The creation of a cyber security audit and risk management plan will provide you with a structured method to monitor and analyze the health and safety of your company’s information systems. These plans will address how to reduce the risk of an attack, identifying weak spots, develop processes to counter any threats, and develop a response to any activity which may be harmful or disruptive to your data protection. They will also consider the recommendations made by an outside independent organization. The report of a cybersecurity audit can provide an independent judgment on the effectiveness of your risk management strategies and determine whether your organization is making the necessary adjustments to its business models to minimize the risk of attack and downtime.

Cyber Security Risk Management Plan
A cyber security risk management plan will help you take advantage of the global business environment developments. It will allow you to monitor your company’s current and future cyber security risks and determine how to reduce these risks. Through this process, you will have an in-depth knowledge of what types of attacks are likely to occur. You will understand how to defend against them, mitigate the damage, and deal with the consequences of any attacks that may occur.

Duties Of Pandemic Response Security Guards

Since the onset of the pandemic, businesses have been wrestling with the new normal and trying to figure out ways in which they can continue to operate safely. One of the most critical parts of current operational protocols is the use of pandemic response security guards. These guards are given several duties that are meant to improve identification of infected persons, isolating them, and preventing the spread of the disease. They work tirelessly on the ground to make sure that the health protocols are followed.

Mask Enforcement

For example, they make sure that the people entering a shop, office, or facility are all wearing masks. They check whether it is good enough to pass the minimum standards. They see whether the wearer is using them correctly by covering the nose and mouth. It seems to be so trivial but a lot of people are unhappy about following this recommendation due to personal beliefs or inconveniences. Others may be happy to comply but they still make mistakes with their usage. Guards provide gentle reminders for the benefit of everyone.


In cases where conflict arises due to disagreements and hot tempers, guards should be able to de-escalate the situation by talking calmly to the people involved and hearing out their grievances. They should be trained to refrain from the use of violence and impose the rules through patient but firm enforcement. When necessary, they must possess the physical abilities to restrain those who would take aggressive action that would endanger others.

Distancing Implementation

Guards also implement social distancing guidelines such as keeping people 1 or 2 meters apart when lining up at the grocery or getting their vaccines. They need to remind customers about positional indicators on the ground that tell them where to stay as they wait. This avoids overcrowding and reduces the chances of virus spread, along with the face masks.

Temperature Checks

Guards may be tasked with getting the temperatures of each person getting inside of establishments to see who has a fever. Those with symptoms may be asked to step aside and see a doctor just to be certain about their condition. This protects others from possible infection.

Remote Security Solutions

Pandemic response security guards may also provide businesses with remote security solutions such as the installation of CCTV cameras at strategic areas. This will help the guards monitor the situation remotely so that they can cover a large facility with smaller numbers.

Computer Security Specialist – An Overview Of Career Options

The average salary for a Computer Security Specialist who has not yet earned their Professional Security Officer certification is $67,454. This is the highest salary that is reported for this position across all the fields of Computer Security. An entry-level Computer Security Specialist will typically make an hourly wage of between forty-five and fifty dollars an hour, depending upon the number of supervised hours required to work each week. An experienced Computer Security Specialist who has a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology Security or Computer Engineering will often earn a higher starting salary, with the average annual salary ranging between seventy-five to one hundred and fifty dollars per year.

Highly Skilled Profession

Many different factors affect a Computer Security Specialist’s salary. This is a very challenging career path because there is a lot of responsibility. A Computer Security Specialist must be able to think on their feet and analyze data and code. A Computer Security Specialist must also be familiar with different programming languages. Other computer security specialists are trained in high-security programming languages.

Job Requirements

The most important skill for a successful Computer Security Specialist is their ability to think on their feet and perform calculations quickly. Another important skill that comes into play is a strong sense of analysis. Computer Security Specialists can analyze large amounts of data and code quickly by performing their mathematical calculations and determining the best course of action for any given set of circumstances. They are required to read all types of material on computer security and stay up to date with the latest security awareness guidelines. The number of computer security specialist jobs available in today’s economy is increasing rapidly due to the rising demand for qualified personnel in this field.

Relevant Education

Many colleges and universities offer courses to teach students about computer security, information systems security, computer networking, computer laws, and the allied universal. India is an emerging nation that sees an explosion in the number of graduates taking courses in computer skills and allied universal technologies. The government is also encouraging Indian immigrants to return home to bolster the country’s economic base. This is an excellent choice for people who wish to obtain training in computer security. For those who wish to work internationally, with a multinational company or a small firm, Indian-trained computer specialists are often chosen over others simply because they are very tech-savvy and have vast experience in the field.