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5 Tricks For Getting The Most Out Of Recently-Installed Solar Panels

So, you have been reading solar panel reviews trying to see how you can get the most out of them? Well, if you have recently installed solar panels, you should try to capitalize on their power. For starters, it’s quite commendable for taking such a decision. The truth is that you can significantly save on electric consumption with solar panels. However, you have to be strategic about it. Here are 4 tricks you can use:

Maximum Use During the Day

During the day, the sun is at its optimum. The amount of solar power generated is usually higher if compared to the nights. So, if there’s a perfect time to use solar power freely, it has to be during the day. This is the time to charge your phone, power bank, and laptop. It’s also the time to power your washer and AC.

Save Up

It doesn’t make sense to have an appliance like an AC unit powered on when no one is at home. In this case, the unit uses up your solar power for no reason at all. Thus, you should learn to program it to turn on when you are at home and off when you leave. Turn off bedroom lights and television if you are not using them. You should also strive to shift your usage more to daylight hours when the solar panel is producing maximum energy and minimize evening consumption as much as possible because your solar won’t be producing energy. The other way to save up is through energy-efficient appliances like LED lights.

Smart Management

Nowadays, we have solar power tracking apps like Powershop which can help you monitor all your daily solar energy consumption. This allows you to know what time you use more power and which devices are the biggest consumers. At the end of the day, this helps you to manage your consumption.

Clean UP

When you read most solar panel reviews, homeowners complain of reduced solar power after some time. A lot of times, it’s because of the collection of dust, droppings, and leaves on the panels. The accumulation blocks sunrays from hitting the panel. This reduces solar power generation. So, you should learn to clean up at least once a year.

Generally, solar panels are a great investment at home if you looking to save on electricity bills. Nonetheless, you may not get the most out of them if you are not aware of the above tricks. You need to put them into practice and wait to see your electricity bills drop consistently.