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6 Tips For Saving Ink When Printing Images In Bulk

Often, printers are judged by how great they print images and not texts. However, you spend more ink when printing images than what you use when printing texts. Most printing firms that offer bulk imaging services know what it takes to use less ink on images and so should you. At times, it’s more of adjusting your printer than replacing it. Here are 6 tips that you should begin with.

1. Pick Your Images Carefully

It’s costly when you print images that you may never use. So, before you print your bulk images, you should first assess them to determine if they are perfect for printing. This protects you from wasting both the ink and paper.

2. Lower Color Saturation

If you saturate your images with too much color, you’ll use more ink. Therefore, just lower the color saturation when printing colored images so to use less ink. For starters, color saturation is essentially how much color you are using in an image with regards to background.

3. Consider Black and White Printing

If the images do not require the use of colored ink, you should use the black and white printing mode. It’s cheaper to refill a black and white cartridge than a colored one.

4. Go for Grayscale Printing

If you want some color in your images instead of making them black and white, you can use this mode. You can switch to Grayscale by changing the printing mode of your printer. The images will have a higher resolution than the black and white types. The only thing you need to be careful about is the fact that most printers tend to use ink even when printing monochrome to make the black richer. Accordingly, when trying to use this trick to save ink in your photocopiers in Dubbo, ensure that your printer’s settings that instructs the printer to use color ink is turned off.

5. Reduce the Dots per Inch (DPI)

Normally, the more the DPI, the higher will be the image resolution. However, this comes at a high cost since more ink is used. Nonetheless, if you reduce the DPI at the printer’s setting, you can reduce the ink usage significantly.

6. Shrink Your Images

A big-sized image will use more ink than a small-sized one. This is why most people with personal photocopiers in Dubbo will reduce the image sizes before printing them to save on ink. If size is not an issue, you can also do the same. This will help you to not only save on the ink but on printing papers too.

You generally don’t have to use much ink to obtain quality bulk images. The above tips are evidence that this is possible. You can copy them at home and be able to save your printing costs.

Online Custom Word Art Generator Tools

It is not economical to hire professional graphic designers for small jobs. Small businesses, professionals and individuals who need only a few creatively designed text objects can manage with custom word art generator tools. There are standalone applications for this purpose. The small applications can be downloaded and used in the computer. There are apps specially designed for use in smartphones. Most people in need of creatively designed texts now take help of online word art generator tools.

A word art generating utility helps create different variations of designer texts. Users can create as many word art objects as needed. The text can be customised to suit specific requirements. The program allows the user to change the size, colour, format and effect of the fonts. The interface is graphical and intuitive so even a person without any previous knowledge of word art generator tool can use it. Once the required text and data has been submitted, the user only needs to press the Create button to receive a creatively designed text in the required format and with the required effect. Applications for this purpose can be downloaded for free. This type of program is generally lightweight and does not hog memory resources.

Most online custom word art generator tools are completely free to use. These websites rely on advertising and affiliate marketing for their revenue. Only a few such tools require users to pay a small charge. Paid applications have more features. Such programs are suitable for small businesses and commercial entities that regularly need custom word art objects. They can reduce their cost of hiring graphic designers for creatively designed texts.

Custom word art generating tool is now used extensively by people using social media sites. Users of these sites are always looking for unique text designs and effects to convey their message in different and creative ways. They do not want to spend money on word art designing services. Website owners often need such designer text objects to embellish their webpage contents.

A custom word art online tool is quite easy to use. The user only needs to write the text that requires designing. The next steps involve selecting the type, size, colour, style, design and effect of the font. There is a preview button that shows how the text will be printed with the selected options. If everything is right, the user can click the Create button and get instant 3D text. Some of these tools may require payments for downloading the word art file. The files can be edited using the same online tool or other word art programs depending on their file format.

Tips for Emplyee Retension

020614-N-0552D-001 San Diego, CA (Jun. 14, 2002) -- Mr. Stephen C. Dunn, Deputy Comptroller for the U.S. Navy's Space and  Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR), recently received the prestigious "William A. Jump Meritorious Award for Excellence in Public Administration.”  U.S. Navy photo by Corinna Duron.  (RELEASED)

The Benefits of Employee Retention

One of the best reasons that a company wants to retain its work force is to save money. Heavy employee turnover is expensive. It takes time to hire new employees, get them trained and integrated into the company. Productivity also takes a backseat when a manager or department head has to focus on replacing employees.

How to Retain Employees

To retain employees, a company needs to treat them well by offering a comprehensive benefits package. This includes health insurance, life insurance and dental and vision care. A pension fund, 401(k) or other types of retirement plan are also necessary.

There should also be financial incentives that include regular raises, bonuses and stock options if the company is publicly traded. Another way to keep employees happy is by offering a chance for career advancement. You can provide training to acquire new skills, tuition reimbursement for continuing educations, and promotions for exceptional work. Promoting from within also helps employees to feel they will be rewarded for their hard work.

An open-door policy encourages communication at all levels. Employees want to feel heard. They should be encouraged to share their ideas and suggestions on how to improve certain aspects of the company. Employees should feel they can ask questions and talk to their managers. The managers and department heads have to make the effort to listen to their staff members, but also let every employee know what is expected of them. The company can also have an employee blog or newsletter that keeps employees apprised of the company’s goals and accomplishments.

It’s important for companies to acknowledge that their employees have lives outside of the office. Other policies to implement to keep the best employees include telecommuting or other flextime options. This helps employees to work remotely part of the time or to work the hours that suit their lives better. Some companies offer an in-house day care, fitness center or discounts to local gums. Still other small perks to add are free coffee or tea throughout the day and casual-dress Fridays. Even having dry cleaning pick-up and delivery is a perk employees will appreciate.
Companies realize that employee retention is part of running a business. By starting programs and establishing policies geared towards improving work life and keeping employees productive and satisfied, they don’t have to worry about losing a valuable asset.