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4 Rare Tips For Selling Personal Training Services In Sydney Fast

If you are personal trainer in Sydney, and you are thinking of ways to boost your income, knowing the secrets to selling your services fast could be the most important thing that you need to forward your business and increase your client base. For inspiration, here are some of the strategies that you can employ:

1. Turn your clients into ambassadors

If you are struggling to get bookings for your services, find a few people who are willing to join for free and make them your ‘ambassadors’ for your program. Tailor all your marketing materials around these people, including your testimonials, photos, videos, and progress notes. In the end, you will have social proof which you can use to your benefit. Many people want to know that their peers or people like them have tried your services and succeeded. By weaving your ‘ambassadors’ into a story, your persuasive effect will be even stronger.

2. Sell results and not packages

Once you get a hint of what your clients want to achieve, strive to give them idea of your plan—how you aim to help them achieve the results. This doesn’t have to be perfect though since you are doing it on the spot. Physically chart out how your plan is suited to get them the results that they need.

3. Embrace objections

To sell personal training in Sydney fast, you need to know how to use objections to your advantage. Ask your potential clients questions like, “What are your thoughts about the plan?” and listen carefully to what they say. Then try to tackle the objections carefully while the client is figuring whether to work with you. By being proactive at this step, your clients will bring a few objections, but after they sign up for your program, they will begin to figure out solution on their own. So, allow them to talk their mind. Money is usually the biggest objection, so always strive to sell value before you bring up money issues.

4. Back-up your experience with certification

Knowledge is everything and running a successful personal training business in Sydney requires particular skill sets. For instance, to convincingly sell personal training fast and in any capacity, it is critical to have certification and the knowledge of the body functions.


Use the above highlighted ideas to make your personal training marketing more effective and attract more clients to your business. By using social proof, embracing objections, selling results, and backing, your experience with appropriate certification, you will show potential clients that you are qualified and ready to help them find success—that’s what most people looking for personal training services in Sydney are after.