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Paying For Australian Immigration Fees

Australia offers plenty of opportunities, a high degree of freedom, and a safe environment. It is no wonder that the immigration office processes thousands upon thousands of applications each year. There are quotas set to limit the influx to manageable rates. Applicants have to pass multiple requirements in order to get a foot inside the door. They will also have to shoulder substantial Australian immigration fees. The amount will depend on the type of visa that they are applying for, as well as other considerations. It is safe to say that the whole thing will not come cheap. Make sure that you are financially prepared for this endeavor.

Base Application Charge

The base application charge will vary. This can range from hundreds of dollars to several thousands of dollars. For example, parents of an Australian citizen may join their child permanently if they pass the requisites like the balance of family test, good moral conduct, good health, age, and so on. They will also have to pay between $325 and $2370 depending on the specifics of their application. Even higher fees may be charge if the basis of the application rests on compassionate and compelling circumstances. Temporary visas are also available.

Medical Examination

Since one of the requirements is for the applicant to be of good health, they will have to undergo a medical examination at an accredited hospital for a thorough checkup. They will, of course, have to pay for this from their own pockets. There may be a number of options so they can call up these different locations for information regarding cost. The immigration office may ask for additional documents or tests depending on the results just to clarify things.

Police Check

Another requirement is good moral character. This is difficult to evaluate on a qualitative basis so the best solution is to prove that you have not broken laws in your own country or wherever you have been living in for the past year or so. The local police department can provide certifications to this effect. Just submit this along with the other documentary requirements. The fees will depend on where the applicant is coming from and should be paid locally.

Certification of Documents

Every document should be certified. Those that are in a foreign language should be translated to English by an accredited service provider in order to be understood by the evaluators. The cost will depend on the volume of documents and the necessity of translation.

Other Possible Costs

There are many other possible expenses during the course of the application. If a person has tried and failed before, then it might be a good idea to hire an immigration lawyer. The whole process could flow smoother, common pitfalls can be avoided, and the application might have a higher chance of success with their legal assistance.