Crossfit Plyo Boxes Used As Isometric Tools

Crossfit Plyo Boxes used as isometric tools:

The art of isometrics has been used in most martial arts training for centuries (if not longer) as it doesn’t give you huge muscles but tones your body as well as gets rid of those unwanted pounds while it gives you power and strength.

Apart from eating right, isometrics using this box can be hard work but you can get the best results if you keep to it and never give up.

Unlike weight training where your coach or trainer will push you beyond your limits to increase muscle size these exercises with the Crossfit Plyo Boxes used as isometric tools you do it at your pace and push as far as ” the burn ”

This “burn” indicates your muscles are now starting to work harder and burning the fat away and though you starting losing weight because of the fat loss, you are in the same motions toning your body’s muscles.

This, in turn, adds weight but not size in muscle and ends up giving you power and strength in those toned muscles.

So how and what should you do to start?

  • 1) REVERSE PUSHUP: by placing two boxes next to each other with enough space so you can place both your palms on either box, with your legs stretched out as far as possible in front of you, you lower yourself up and down and when you feel ready, hold a position at the lowest point and highest point longer each time.
  • 2) PUSHUPS: The same as the reverse pushup you use the two boxes apart just enough for you to place your hands with your palms flat on the boxes and do you pushups and the same as the reverse pushup go as low as possible without injuring yourself and once you get into it hold the lowest point of the pushup for longer periods as you go along.
  • 3) REVERSE PLANKING: like the pushups use the two boxes once again and place your lower arms this time on each box and lower body as low as you can without injuring yourself and once ready starting holding a lower position longer as you go along.

You can also use the boxes with adjustable heights so that to increase your “isometric weight” after your training gets more and more and your fat loss drops so raising the box creates more gravity which increases the weight you know lifting and you will notice the toning coming into effect as well as more power and strength in your muscles.

But most important of all. do not forget your breathing.

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