Detailed Breakdown Of Australian Immigration Fees

Australian immigration fees fall into three major cost areas, including the cost for Visa application, the price for relocating and cost for settling. Permanent residence Visas cost up to AUS $ 3,700 for the first applicant, but the process also attracts a skills assessment fee ranging between AUS $ 300 and AUS $ 1,050. Each additional visa applicant aged above 18 years pays about AUS $ 1,800. Charges for other applicants aged below 18 years old rage between AUS $ 900 and AUS $ 1,000. Migrants also have to pay about AUS $ 500 for document translations.
Applicants for a state-nominated visa should further apply for the state government nomination after their visa request is granted. This application may be free or cost no more than AUS $ 800. On average, each applicant also pays AUS $ 20 for clearance and additional fees for PTE, English tests and medical examinations tests if required. Australia’s department of immigration needs migrants to pass strict medical tests. A single medical test costs about AUS $ 275 payable directly to a radiographer or the local doctor carrying on the tests.

Individuals encountering problems with Visa registration may seek the assistance of registered immigration agents at a small fee. Agent fee is not constant since the agents set charges for themselves. The law requires such charges be reasonable and fair. Although agent fee varies, it lies within a certain limit depending on the visa application type, level of service needed, time is taken for the application process and the experience of the agent. For instance, agents charge AUS $ 150 – AUS $ 550 for a bridging Visa and AUS $ 990 – AUS $ 2,500 for a skilled graduate visa. Migrants should ask for receipts and written notes for all transactions made with agents.

Moving to Australia also attracts costs for air fare, visa validation, and shipping if needed. Air fare depends on where one is coming from. However, individuals should ensure they have double the standard fare since one has to travel to Australia twice before taking the residence. On the first visit, authorities verify the visa from which the client may settle in the country or come later once verification is through. Migrants wishing to bring along household goods may incur shipping costs in the range of AUS $ 5,000 – AUS $ 10,000 depending on the country of origin.

In addition to Visa application and travel costs, migrants should budget for settling expenses. This varies depending on the assets required, such as accommodation, daily transport, and household goods. On average, settling fee is AUS $ 15,000 for a single migrant, AUS $ 20,000 for a couple, and AUS $ 30,000 for a family of three. A typical Visa application process takes about 8 to 12 months to complete.

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