Different Ways To Use Photo Frames

Many people enjoy being in a home with a lot of displayed family and friend photos, but struggle with how to display them themselves. Photo frames can be used and displayed in a number of ways to achieve different looks and warm up spaces in a number of ways. From gallery walls to unique monochrome approaches to displaying pictures and mantel displays, enjoy these ideas of different ways to use picture frames in your space.

Gallery Walls

Gallery walls are a huge trend in home decor and have been gaining in popularity over the last decade. To achieve the look of a gallery with pictures, it’s quite simple. The key is to make sure the pieces in your gallery all have some connection to each other so it doesn’t appear disjointed and oddly matched. If you are doing a photo wall, make sure your pictures are united either by subject matter or by frames. While eclecticism has its place, if not executed well, it can just end up looking like a flea market. If you are using color photos, make sure your picture frames either match or flow together. A good rule of thumb is to keep the style of your frames similar, and then the frames themselves can be different. For example, if they are all different colors but all a rustic farmhouse style, they will look connected and work well in a gallery wall.

Monochrome Look

Many people choose their gallery walls to have a monochrome look. Thic can be achieved either by using all black-and-white photos or by using all the same color frames. This is good for a cleaner more modern look. For a space that is contemporary, a monochrome look is uniform and crisp and makes a great look for displaying photo frames.

Mantel Displays

Any space with a mantel is just aching for pictures to be displayed upon it. Mantels are often the heart of the home, which makes it an ideal high-profile location upon which to display those treasured pictures of family and friends. When it comes to displaying frames on a mantel, the key is to stagger the sizes. You don’t want the frames to all be the same size or it just doesn’t look to scale. Also, make sure the photos displayed seem to match the look and size of the mantel. If the fireplace and mantel is tile-faced and modern, the photo frames have to have the same look. If the fireplace is rustic, use rustic frames. Stagger the sizes so you have a good variety, rather than a straight row of the same size that will look too uniform.

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