Duties Of A Landscape Contractor St Louis

Functional and exquisite outdoor spaces are created or refurbished by landscape contractor St Louis experts. They do this by building hard landscaping features like decks, paths and patios and through the installation of flowers, lawns, trees and shrubs. These contractors offer their services to commercial and residential costumer alike. Therefore, they bring function and beauty to places like homes, shopping malls, hotels, office buildings and public areas like parks.

Below are some of the roles undertaken by a landscaping contractor during a project:


During the design phase of the project, clients get recommendations from the contractor regarding the kind of landscaping that would meet the needs and requirements of the client. They also have discussions on how different areas around the yard will be used. In addition, the homeowner and the contractor will discuss the preferences of the homeowner as it relates to styles. An assessment of the space will follow to determine if the desires of the client are realistic.

landscape35003The contractor will then measure the outdoor area and take note of environmental and physical factors. The factors include climate, prevailing winds and natural features such as slopes or water drainage. When designing large-scale projects, the contractor may collaborate with a landscape architect. This professional would typically prepare proposals and create detailed drawings for the project. On smaller-scale projects, the contractor could use a design-and-build approach. This simply means he or she will do the design work and use their own resources to complete the project, without help from an architect.


During the planning phase, the contractor will decide on the materials that will be used in the project. They will get estimated costs for the material and provide the clients with a comprehensive estimate that will cover labor and materials. In addition, the contractor plans the logistics of the operation during this phase. This is done by instituting the sequence of work and ensuring materials are ordered and delivered to meet the schedule. They will also contact any subcontractor needed to complete specialized tasks like electrical work and creating water features.


The construction phase is a significant aspect of the duties of a landscape contractor. Foundational work is carried and this includes the installation of irrigation systems and the laying of drainage systems. The landscape may be reshaped with terraces or slopes and special features like ornamental gardens, fountains, rock gardens and ponds will be created during this phase. Contractors typically erect fences and build walls to create external and internal boundaries. Furthermore, they build patios and paths and erect sheds, decks and other structures.


The planting phase typically signals the near completion of the landscaping project. Architectural plants, trees and shrubs are strategically positioned and planted around the space to create natural features. These plants are also intentionally placed to safeguard the home from the direct impact of the sun and wind. This results in a cooler home in the summer and a warmer home during the winter. Trees can also help to reduce the cost of energy. Additionally, lawns may be laid or reshaped during this time and new planting areas could be created by moving existing hard landscaping or plants and by reworking the soil.


Maintenance programs are recommended by landscape contractors to ensure the outdoor space they create continues to look and function as intended.

Landscape contractor St Louis professionals have the knowledge, experience and creative genius needed to transform an ordinary outdoor space into an extraordinarily exquisite work of art.

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