Gaming For Newbies – A How-To Guide

If you are new to full gaming pc setup, this article is for you. It covers all the basics of getting into a gaming pc setup, right from selecting hardware components to assembling it. The full gaming experience consists of the following features: RAM, GPU, CPU, monitor, keyboard, mouse, headset, desk, and OS storage. We will also discuss setting up your gaming pc setup and configure it for optimum performance.


The first few steps in setting up a gaming pc are deciding on your budget and what kind of gaming experience you want. Do you want an immersive VR experience or just something that can play games well? When you decide on this, you can narrow down your setup components. It is crucial to keep in mind that a full gaming setup costs between $1000 and $2000, depending on the quality of parts.


The next step is to select what kind of processor you want. There are three main choices which are Intel, AMD, and Ryzen processors. We recommend an I series processor because it has better single-core performance than the other two options with a slightly higher price tag than equivalent AMD or Ryzen models. You should also decide whether that extra money for the I series is worth it if all you do is play games casually and don’t need high multi-core performance – this will help determine how much RAM you get as well since having more RAM increases CPU efficiency! With storage drives becoming increasingly inexpensive these days, it makes no sense to skimp here if you want full speed in full game PC Setup.


Choosing things like a mouse, keyboard, monitor, and headset is vital if you want a full gaming pc setup. For peripherals, it’s best to focus on items that are comfortable and reliable rather than fancy-looking ones because they’ll be with you for a long time! You don’t need anything costly. However, make sure your mouse is ergonomic, has enough buttons for all the things you might like to do in a complete game PC Setup without having to press multiple keys at once or having one button do different things depending on where over the surface of the device it is pressed. It would help if you also considered what monitor(s) work well with this hardware; some people prefer multiples displays while others find them unnecessary. A good starting point would be two monitors.

Building Your Own Gaming PC Setup Step by Step Guide

The first step is choosing your pc components. You can find these online or in a store that specializes in gaming components. Once you’ve selected these parts, buy and install them in the following order. Put together the motherboard standoffs before installing the motherboard by screwing into place with screws provided with the motherboard (be careful not to overtighten) – this will keep everything stable inside while building and prevent damage during installation. Then ensure you’ve selected and attached the pc water block to your CPU. This will mean you need thermal paste, which should be applied before attaching the CPU bracket that comes with your motherboard (don’t forget this step). When putting on computer fans, make sure they’re firmly connected as well – otherwise, problems may arise later when trying to boot up for the first time. The following step would be to attach your graphics card (if you have one) too – this will require an additional power supply connection from your PSU to be made. Finally, it’s time for a full computer monitor and keyboard/mouse!

To conclude, full computer gaming is a lot more involved than just buying the full comp parts and putting them together – but if you’re willing to put in some work, it can be really rewarding.

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